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Dragonball mememememememe

I've wanted to make this one for a long time xD

original: [link]
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Poor Panny, what has Toei done to you..oh well she's just Toei's bastard child
Iki-Fujisaka's avatar
Goes to fav for hating Pan.
erinmh1's avatar
HEHE!! HAHA!! LAWL!! i <3 the last panel! is that u or the person who owns that avatar there?
Oracle-of-the-Stars's avatar
Haha Raditz is left out XP
Jellybubblebean's avatar
lol, yamcha awsum!:O
luffy12356's avatar
question 8 was really funny :laughing:
Kidachei-San's avatar
This is awesome! I love your style ^^
supersaiyancecilyS's avatar
I love it!!! it is funny!!!!! I love the hats you gave them!!!!!
hirokada's avatar
Cool! I love the colors, the background, and the funny expressions/drawings! ;)
o0-amja-0o's avatar
great job! gotta say, my favorite parts are the *hand* insertions and yamcha =P finally someone listens to him.
Wargames50's avatar

I <3 the funny hats you make them wear and #s 3 and 4 cracked me up! XD
meerle's avatar
mini geldwensende Malou lijkt ook eeecht! :D
Pan is 'n irrante kutkoter die verliefd is op trunks GRRRR!!!
is die kale nappa...ja toch?
hij is vet ja haha
BH-Ouji's avatar

LOL no she isn't, she treats Trunks as her uncle

You're just jealous of her super saiyan swagger ;)

JJJawor's avatar
Nice and I like your sense of humor. Ghost Bardock wouldn't beat Ghost Nappa (DB ABridged proved that point xD).

Even so I'm a huge fan of Bardock (like him the most) ... BTW : Good drawings and colors - keep it up !
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Shiranui's avatar
Oooh, Radditz... :drool:! Haven't seen him in a while and I nearly forgot how pretty and handsome he can be (he's nothing against Vegeta though ^-^ ).

Anyway, I really love them in your style, they all look gorgeous (Cell, omg :3 ).
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Buuya's avatar
Now now... Chiaotzu's fulfills the 'someone needs to be blown up in this episode, but we don't want to kill off a well loved character yet' function :D

Uh, this is great btw. Saiyans in funny hats :wow: :heart:
lady-voldything's avatar
Very true, imagine the damage to the awesome characters if Chiaotzu wasn't there to take the blows D:
PrinceZarbon's avatar
this deserves to be tagged just for the Zarbon in the end; best character hands down.
lady-voldything's avatar
Zarbon is gorgeous <333
PrinceZarbon's avatar
Yes, yes he is. Also the primary reason why I even like DBZ.
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