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Deathly Hallows: Peacocks

v DH spoilers v

'He always did himself well, Lucius. Peacocks...' Yaxley thrust his wand back under his cloak with a snort.

Aaah~ I love this part XD It's hilarious. Haven't drawn Snape in YEARS, by the way.

Done in photoshop.
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Hermy-one's avatar
His face lol, mildly impressed by the over the topness, a bit wtf, and amused, prefect blend
ianxfalcon's avatar
Just gotta say, I love your Yaxley. He was always my favourite Death Eater, and you make him look cool; both handsome and strangely evil. Great job... can I have him?
Featherpool's avatar
I was think perverted things when I read that part. XD
VampiresKissBetter's avatar
I Lolled so much in this scene xD Your snape is cool, btw...
ElvisJesse's avatar
I LOVE YOUR SNAPE!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!! ***fans self***
Zuurkool's avatar
haha you must really like those peacocks. Well done, very funny and nice pic!
Araverta's avatar
Wonderful ^^ I love this part, roo x) fav
otakuAera's avatar
......... *whispers* yaxley had blonde hair, didn't he? ....

or am i thinking of the Carrows (possibly)?
lady-voldything's avatar
You're thinking of Mr Rowle, the "big blonde" Death Eater :)
otakuAera's avatar
oooooohhh .... the one they met in the pub in .... "Tottenham Courtyard" (?)
otakuAera's avatar
OH i'm good! XP ...... *whispers* i read the book twice (thus far) .... i half wanna read it again, but i have school work to do :ohnoes: :skullbones: XP lol
lady-voldything's avatar
haha love it. there's nothing like really ridiculously rich people with peacocks. :-D
Lalikaa's avatar
Heh. Love the expressions^^
Tifa-the-Strange's avatar

Dun kill teh pretty peacock :XD:

This part made me laugh when I read it.

Great job :D
Sindaannun's avatar
hihi the expression of the peacock is so funny, don't know if that was intentional, but it really is funny!
newvagabond's avatar
I loved that part. Made me lawl. xD You did it well!
Podgi's avatar
ha! i liked this scene
lonegunga1's avatar

Though as a zoo employee, I was miffed that the white peacocks were referred to as "albino." They're NOT albino!- peacocks come in white and in colour. >_<!!!
rickmanlover24601's avatar
OMG I loved this scene! You did a gorgeous job of drawing it. The contrast is great and I love their expressions. :D
GraphGear1000's avatar
I find it VERY strange that all of the Death Eater's Patronuses are "cute" animals instead of a snake or a friggin spider
nikooru's avatar
OMG 0.0
I was PRAYING someone would draw this!

This had me laughing longer than any part in the whole book. >.>
XdolohovX's avatar
I love yaxley :D
Great art, I loved this bit in the book :boogie:
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