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Death Eaters

Okay, so recently I'm into the Harry Potter series again, due to a working experience assignment and the fact that I'm once again active in our little HP-MSN-RPG.
And I haven't drawn Death Eaters in aaaaaaaaaaaaages, so here you go; Evan Rosier, Igor Karkaroff, Antonin Dolohov and Augustus Rookwood. (set during the first war)

This is also a little protest towards people on, because we have a little game where there's a list of characters and you have to vote characters up or down, you probably know how it works.
So what do these people do? They vote Karkaroff down because they think he's 'stupid'. Now I understand we can't all like the same characters, but come ón. Karkaroff is hilarious. Constantly throwing fits, spitting in front of Dumbledore's feet, favouring Krum above all his other students. If you can't appreciate all that, I'm sorry, but you have no humour at all xD

And moving on to Dolohov; people actually vote him down because he's a 'random', 'uninteresting' Death Eater. Well excuse me, but I think you need to reread Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows xD He's in ur Ministry hacking Hermione up with his fancy purple spell, and he's in ur school killing off Lupin. I can understand you may not líke him, but he's certainly not uninteresting, random ór boring.

Then Rookwood, people vote him down because 'he doesn't do anything'. Well if he didn't do anything, Karkaroff would have never been released, Voldemort would never know how to remove the prophecy from the Department of Mysteries, the entire battle there would have never gone on, Sirius would be alive, Harry would never know about the prophecy and Fred Weasley would be alive as well.
At léast vote him down because he's responsible for 2 deaths. Or better yet, don't vote him down at all, because he's a lot more interesting than your ridiculous little hogwarts students that don't do anything.

And Evan I just threw in because :iconjalf: plays him in our RPG and I drew him for her :]

Character designs of Evan Rosier and Augustus Rookwood are inspired by :iconmadcarrot:'s designs for them.

Done in photoshop.
(lol@pastel backgrounds, by the way; it can't all be dark and gloomy 8D)

And :iconblacks-bitch:; I'll draw Reggie for you some other time xD
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This is soooo amazing, thank u so much for this beautiful piece <33 very well done  Draco and Voldemort Hug XD 
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Before I read this I thought, It was Malfoy not Rosier and Snape not Dolohov.
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I wonder if wizards use muggle cigarettes, I don't think the wizarding community would make them. 
Loveless-Yokai's avatar
I think I've fallen for Evan Rosier, Antonin Dolohov and Augustus Rookwood in this pic. Igor Karkaroff,the man I find hilarious just looks totally pissed which is so like him^^
And I agree with your speech.I'd marry most of these guys butI am super crazy anyway
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How could Dolohov be uninteresting? Even his name implies danger! Oh and nice job :D
Cubo5's avatar
Fantastic! I really like the look on Rocky's face.
P.s. I totally agree with your little "speech" ;)
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I love the way you painted them, expecially Evan and Augustus! <3
Kaigaazuko's avatar
How aristocratic D.E they are.
I envy those who like accepteable characters. Do they even know how hard it is to pretend to be interested in Teddy Lupin and Oliver Wood when all you want to do is talk about is Crouch Jr. and Dolohov? You have like 84654992 discussions about your faves, my faves get almost none despite being so much more interesting than good-looking quidditch players and random students. It’s not faaaaaair
ChocoCoatedLemons's avatar
I'm with you! Dolohov and Rookwood are two of my favourite Death Eaters XD

In order, it'd be Bellatrix, Lucius, Rookwood, Macnair, Dolohov.

Your artwork is awesome - the style is great, and the colours work very well together.
D-Avalon's avatar
question, why does rosier always end up looking like lestat?
I really enjoy your interpretations of these guys, especially Dolohov, who I always imagined--different. I think that's changed a bit now.
Don't make it look like they're in a boy band. They're death eaters for Gods sake. They kill and torture anyone who gets in their way!
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sweet zombie Jesus

fukkin' FAVED
memberofthestars's avatar
Evil needs to stop being so sexy
Hermy-one's avatar
NIIICE. Ha I always though 'Rookwood' was a cool name. But I pronounce it Rue-kwood. You did a great job bringing these minor characters to life. I sorta like Antonin best, and Karkaroffs snear is lovley. I seen madcarrots stuff, you guys are awsome at death eaters.
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This is an amazing drawing! I like your style very much. I want to be a Death Eater! 8-)

Yeah, Karkaroff is quite funny I agree. The others are just neutral to me.
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Yesyesyesyes :love: Lovely ;)
Edward-Oldwall's avatar
I once got into an argument with a friend over why Rookwood should be considered the coolest Death Eater. The guy was the ultimate insider spy at the Ministry and would have got away with it if Karkaroff had more of a backbone. He also tricked Ludo Bagman into thinking he was working for the 'good' guys. Albeit that seems to be as easily done as said. :nod:
lady-voldything's avatar
Yep, I agree with you
Moghendhim's avatar
Your Rosier just makes me weak in the knees. Well done!
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