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(click to see the whole thing) Welll... I needed an avatar/icon on a forum, and I wanted to draw a moving one. So I drew this. It's Antonin Dolohov, in the newspaper, after he escaped in 1996. If you wait for like 5 seconds, he'll blink his eyes ;D
This should belong to scraps, though. Because well, it's a bit sketchy 'n wonky. But since I haven't posted a deviation in ages, I just put this one in the BIG GALLERY Y0.

Drawn in photoshop, animated in imageready.
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© 2006 - 2021 lady-voldything
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O.o he´s alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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wauw! vet cool, dat'ie knippert! hoe doe je dat!
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het te animeren stukje op verschillende lagen maken (dus hoe je ook een tekenfilm maakt), en dan importeren in imageready en er een gif van maken
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ohja.. weet je misschien ook hoe je er een .gif van maakt? het animeren lukt mij.. maar het lukt mij niet om er een .gif van te maken.. hij kan alleen op een photoshop bestand.. ik denk dat ik dan ik dan iets verkeerds doe.
ah! He is blinking!
He is so much handsome;d
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...:paranoid: moving right along... ^^;
really nice pic, i like it a lot :) and it flipped me out when I realized it blinks :XD:
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This ones cool, his eyes are blinking, right? :aww:
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*O* dolohov!!
I like this one, great!:heart:
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The blink is cool!
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shit! he blinked in the same time I do! ...again! that's unfair :lmao:
seeeeexyyyyy ;D
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