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But not too long

"Three lives you shall have of me. No more, no less. Three and we are done. So a girl must ponder." He kissed her hair softly. "But not too long."

The most ADORABLE THING EVERRRRR besides kittens and bunnies.

Arya Stark & Jaqen H'ghar from A Song of Ice and Fire.

My tablet is still a bit retarded, so it's traditional art this time. With a touch of photoshop.
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It really is very sweet!
clockworkporcelain's avatar
Jaqen is the only character I could see an older Arya with (I headcanon her as ace/aro but I could get on board of this ship).
Fyrebeam's avatar
Oooh all the textures AND THESE TWO!! Amazing job!
I ship them. Cute
hellou4's avatar
I love this :aww: Wee need MOAR of Jaqen!!!!
That's a really disgusting word to use.
talisath's avatar
Jaqen is one of my favourite characters from the books, though he only makes an apparence in one of them. And I love the guy that played him on the show. Like your picture, too. Great coloring.
RoseLoveCry's avatar
This is a so sweet kiss :love:
Red-Teared-Poet's avatar
I remember how bad I blushed when I read this LMAO XD
Chexednut's avatar
He is one of my favorite characters because he is so mysterious.
Nadyanilo's avatar

This is pretty, I love the textures :D

And his hair is amaaazing :D
kaithel's avatar
Arya&Jaqen~~my favorite couple~
Awesome art!!
Ramsay-Bolton's avatar
Did I say you already that I love your's Jaqen hair?
Silvanne's avatar
Sweet! I love them! They're my favourite characters along with tyrion <3
AnimaKatana's avatar
cute! I think they have a cute fluffy friendship.
Roxas4ever's avatar

This is one of my favorite scenes as well, and you captured it perfectly :heart:
isouru's avatar
Arya & Jaquen shipping!! I love this couple!! >w<!!!

The textures of the picture is very pretty, I liked the colour
lady-voldything's avatar
I don't ship them, but thanks :D
KimMina's avatar
I really like the texture on the background. Also Jaqen's hair looks amazing. Whole scene is very touching... Great artwork!
Kyouki-san's avatar
Such a lovely drawing :heart: Gawd I love these two!!
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