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Adventures on the Iron Victory

Victarion has the best time on his voyage to Meereen.

The Iron Suitor, A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire)

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Victarion knows the wisest path in life is to be amazed by the little things.
Let´s make it a kids cartoon: Victarion´s Wacky Adventures on Sea! 
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Yeah, bold piglets made my day :XD:
Evelius's avatar
BOLD PIGLETS! least they're not Italic.
Hastur66's avatar
Is there any wonder this guy is my favourite character?! :XD: Well... Almost, at least! Surpassed only by his brother and nephew! ;)
fernwhen's avatar
I laughed so hard when I read about the part with the monkeys.
ARShinoda's avatar
oh gods I love this :'D
wikigiuli's avatar
d'aaagh, i HATE victarion so much! such an A-hole!
Pongii's avatar
Laughed so hard at this! x'D
Perfect, so damn perfect!
...And the maester with his chain... :'D Seriously, you just killed me with this comic, using humor.

..and I love you for doing this.Love 
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Haha, I love this! Victarion is one of the only Greyjoys I like (aside from Asha). :)
RainFreckles's avatar
ahaha, this is great! i never noticed how amusing that part was^^
Redcandle17's avatar
Oh, Victarion. This is amusing and oddly endearing.
Marliv's avatar
He just can't help to see troubles wherever he turns XD
alcanis-ivennil's avatar
It is known that the demon monkeys are totally Euron's spies.
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