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Actually Happy

'I told you, my father hasn't come here since our family was actually happy. And that was a long time ago.'

Because the world needs more Fire Nation Royal family-fanart. D<

Ahahaha and I ttly suck at anatomy. Sorry guys, it's about time school starts again so I can start paying attention in model drawing class. Not that those models look anywhere near as fine as Ursa and Ozai. :/

Done in Photoshop.
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3 out of 4 at least.

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Zuko, just run into the water

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Ozai did supposedly at some point try to be the ideal husband/father for his family. Considering the megalomaniac he ultimately becomes, that's reasonably commendable.
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I get the feeling that Ursa's love may have slowed down both Ozai's evil plans and Azula's descent into madness.  Of course, even she couldn't stop those things on her own.
Well, lets back up a moment. Iroh is noted to be a ladies man. So was his father Azulon. Zuko has charmed girls in the past as well. Despite his issues, I actually do think Ozai has a ladies-man side as well, and yes, had his moments with Ursa.
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ACTUALLY happy? Really? Ursa never loved Ozai. But the picture is very nice! Firelord Ozai Emote Azula GiF Ozai 
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What a strange family >.>
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i know they are so weird, i bet when ozai sleeps, he snores, and it probably sounds like a motor boat
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:) that I can hear it! Oh that would be terrible lol :)!
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I love everything about this.

Yes to all of it.
some of the family being happier than others.  :)

superb art. 
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Ozai is sooo hot! *¬*
Family is definitely happy. Unfortunately zuzu was never part of it really.
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wow ursa and ozai are hooooot!!!!!!!!!!
LOL por zuzu!
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poor zuzu...LOL
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If you read "the search" you will see that scenes like that never happened :(
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LOL @ Azula chasing Zuko..
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Favoriting this JUST for Ozai's Abs of Destiny...
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Poor Zuko :( !!!
Bad Azula, Bad Girl!!!!
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Roflmao. Zuko and Azula in the background of an otherwise pretty emotional scene? YESH.
lmao for "zuzu" and azula in the bg.

I forgot Zuko had said that; so they were actually happy at some point?!? 0.o Hard to believe..

I think their bodies look smokin and u got their faces so accurate its awesomeness.
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LOL, Azula and Zuko xD
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