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ASoIaF mememememememe

Please excuse the crack. ;D

My tablet is working properly again, yay. :D

Original: [link]

Edit: My opinions have changed here and there, so I will redo this meme at some point.
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Yay Jaime's the best :heart:
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Ramsay's letter was the highlight of the fifth book, I read it like five times and couldn't stop laughing :) 
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I love how Rhaegar sparkles. XD And Ramsay and Gregor's bro fist had me screeching with laughter. XD
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Firstly- YES. I want back my Aeron! xO And a PoV of Euron might be interesting..! Other than your depiction of the Greyjoy bros, my favourites here must be Bran-in-the-Tree, Ned with baby Jon (he just looks so... "ohshitwhatdoIdonow"! And the little death skull above Lyanna... so... innapropriatly funny! :XD:), and the wonderful Ramsay's armor! As in, Ramsay's wonderful armor. I'd never use that word abot that bastard! :x

Lyanna looks stunning too, even though she's dying...

Oh, it's all just too funny! But at least I tried to pick favourites! xD
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I searched so many memes and no one yet sent Ramsey Snow to Euron Greyjoy.

He would be a Reek with tongue cut and without eyes. Ramsay is just bad sadist, while Euron is a joker.
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Gregor and Ramsay. Oh yes.
Rhaegar: "im beautifull"
Lyanna and the rest of us: "Hell yeah you are"
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Love the Greyjoy brothers portrait at the end of this! Wow.
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XD i love your memes, they're too funny!
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I fully agree. More Victarion is needed.
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But not Aeron or Euron? Really? :D
Or Asha and Ree- I mean Theon, for that matter...
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More Greyhoy as a whole xD
Hastur66's avatar
Harr, I agree! Ahooooy Matey! 
What is it `bromance`? )))

Ramsay/Mount -OMFG, WTF????!!!!!

So, why Ramsay is active? The Mount is bigger and at least much more stronger.
lady-voldything's avatar
A bromance is a romance between bro's. :D
What does it mean "bromance"?

Are you sure, that Ramsay would be active? The Mount is bigger and at least much more stronger...
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"You and me could write a bad romance!"
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Jolly adventures yaaaay!
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I also really disliked Lysa. I felt bad for her, but still-the woman was crazy. Also, I've started saying "thanks the gods" and "seven hells" because of reading the books : P I noticed you did the same
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Greyjoys are awesome!
Because We. Don't. Fucking. Sow.
Ramsey x Gregor hehehe this is awesome
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I need to do this....
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