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Avatar: The Last Airbender's personification of ANGST: Zuzu!

And that's why we love him!

Done in photoshop.
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Imawerecat's avatar
Dontcha mean...

AANGST????? *gets stabbed*
thats-a-moray's avatar
Part of me wants to say that, yes, Zuko did angst a lot. But he also angsted well.

On the other hand... La la la la 
CookieNine's avatar
It's spelled, "Aangst"
RosyInk's avatar
Oh yeah. Most definitely. :heart:
BritishGentleLady's avatar
:iconrlytearplz: I think I love you for making this...
spectrum-sparkle's avatar
This picture sums up everything I end up finding on Deviantart.
Thou-Macsen-XDLOL's avatar
I love this. But you know what I love more? This is the first thing that pops up when you type in 'angst' XD
lady-voldything's avatar
LOL! Awesome, thank you. :D
Soscla's avatar
You mean.... Aangst? xD
DelpheneLightfoot's avatar
It would be Aang if it was Aangst... but I love that you said that!
Jewel1324's avatar
That is hilarious!
SongOfSummer's avatar
Every time I look at his face I giggle.
SwampFoxTheThird's avatar
This needs to be my wallpaper. Naow. :P
firelilyofthephoenix's avatar
this made me laugh. you gotta love zuko and his angst xD
WarriorLoverInc's avatar
This is made of so much win it should be outlawed! :rofl: I love it, totally a :+fav:.
everythingfan3000's avatar
This was the first thing that popped up when I searched "angst"
Icon made by ~AcidKitty3
Jemmameg's avatar
gotta have that teen angst...
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