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And we all know what happens next, don't we?

Jokerzula and Zuko-Face in the Crossroads of Bu- Destiny.

Done in Photoshop.

Oh and the backgrounds are homemade screenshots, because I'm really that lazy.
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:iconazulaplz: "Now we're talking."
So I guess Ty Lee is Harley Quin and Toph is Batman.
marriedtoarmy59's avatar
Oh my gosh this is perfection.
jabba7's avatar
Would've been nice if you had Azula say, "Now were talking" at the end.
JASON9000's avatar
Ha! This is great!
LongLiveLink's avatar
best. comic. EVER :iconfufuplz:
Casey-Sasaki's avatar
The ending actually made me laugh.
Choc-Marshmellow's avatar
LillyRoseCraft's avatar
LOVE!!!!! 'nuf said.
TheYellowSpaceCadet's avatar
Wow! This is awesome!
RunningOnChocolate's avatar
Hilariously brilliant!
MattiasStenberg's avatar
You know, I usually don't like when people mix Avatar with Batman (no offence), but this one was hilarious!
CowAlchemist's avatar
This. is. amazing.
tykat92's avatar
I think this is one of the most epic crossovers I've ever seen 8D
Aven-Cloudchaser's avatar
Very nice crossover!!
XxCyanideMelovexX's avatar
She looks good as Joker~ :D
Kaos111's avatar
Do you ever think the Dark Knight directors ever watched Avatar b4 they made their movie? XD
swan-swan's avatar
"Mmmm, now we're talkin'!"
Spurfy-Sora's avatar
PERFECT. Azula is definitely unbalanced enough to be the Joker, and Zuko's scar...well, that's pretty obvious. And, by the way, you did a fantastic job with Azula's look.
insanityblob's avatar
I was SO making this comparison in my head while watching the movie! And apparently, I AM NOT ALONE! :D :D

Great job!
Otacon144's avatar
[link] You think as I do.
lady-voldything's avatar
except I don't like naruto xD
Otacon144's avatar
Oh, details, details. :P
IndigoWolfe's avatar
Oh. My. Gosh. this is brilliant! And again, I love the way Azula's eyes look!
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