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06 Chong

So if there's one thing that kind of bothers me about A:tLA, it's that all the credit goes to teenage-and ancient-characters. The middle aged/adult/in between group gets left out a lot by fandom and even by the creators. And since I like a lot of these adult characters, I've decided to give them a little love and draw them all! Well not áll of them, just my favourites.
Starting with Earth Kingdom folk, because I realised I hardly ever draw Earth Kingdom folk.


06 Chong

Katara: Is this real or a legend?
Chong: Oh, it's a real legend.


01 The Boulder
02 Xin Fu
03 June
04 Long Feng
05 Joo Dee
06 Chong

07 Zhao
08 Combustion Man
09 Ursa
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I can hear the song from this pic.

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Lol this guy was hilarious! :D
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Do you know how hard it is to find decent reference images like this for a cosplay! I've been looking for him and his wife for my boyfriend and I to prepare for the next con.. But it's kind of hard to when you can't find pictures.. :<
SuperCoolSapphire's avatar
YUSH!! :squee: This guy is AWESOME!!! :XD: Amazing drawing!
ggfluff123's avatar
If I were a character i atla, I would be Toph; I'm short, cocky, love being out side and just plain awesome, or this guy.
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This guy is everything I'd be if I were a character in this series.
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Secret tunnel something something secret tunnel
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Oh, so he's name is Chong. I loved that guy! :D
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i love this guy. hippie style. :iconhippieplz:
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OMG LOL I hate and love this guy... hate him because he's so damn annoying but love him ... because he's so annoying XD
And his songs are awemazing.... the whole episode with him in it is amazing XD
lady-voldything's avatar
he should have made a come-back in a later episode xD :(
xweetke's avatar
yeah! with more goofy songs and epic conversations with sokka =3
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Man he's baked like an apple pie.
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Lol sorry about that xD I love Chong
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Avatar has everything: teen angst, saving the world, romance, action, sexy middle-aged men, and even hippies.

Chong was definitely one of my favorites. I really like all of these pieces that you've done. You've done a fantastic job with capturing the essence of each character in your work, and you've done wonders with the colors. I think that the Boulder and Zhao are my favorites. <3
AmongTheFirst's avatar
I like the sly look on his face
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Ahahaha this is so awesome, he is one of my favorite characters although he only appeared once! You did a splendid job on the colors, pose and his hair. I can't wait to see the rest of your middle aged character portraits :D
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two lovers forbidden from one another. a war divides their people, and a mountain divides them apart....
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ohohohoho Chong xD I love it.
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helllllllllll yessssssssssssssss =D i loved these guys.
and i've noticed that myself, with the focus centering on kids and old people. i do like the fact that the old people play such a major role, though, and aren't just wisdom-dispensers and plot-advancers, but interesting characters in their own right.
aaaaaaaah, Xin Fu! and Joo Dee! i'm so exciiiiiiiiiiited! i'll have to check out your gallery!!
BBxraeandpercyxannab's avatar
This was one of my most favorite episodes. <3
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