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05 Joo Dee

So if there's one thing that kind of bothers me about A:tLA, it's that all the credit goes to teenage-and ancient-characters. The middle aged/adult/in between group gets left out a lot by fandom and even by the creators. And since I like a lot of these adult characters, I've decided to give them a little love and draw them all! Well not áll of them, just my favourites.
Starting with Earth Kingdom folk, because I realised I hardly ever draw Earth Kingdom folk.


05 Joo Dee

Katara: What's inside that wall‌?
Sokka: And who are the mean looking guys in robes‌?
Joo Dee: Inside is the Royal Palace. Those men are agents of the Dai Li, the cultural authority of Ba Sing Se. They are the guardians of all our traditions.
Aang: Can we see the King now‌?
Joo Dee: Oh, no! One doesn't just pop in on the Earth King.


01 The Boulder
02 Xin Fu
03 June
04 Long Feng
05 Joo Dee
06 Chong

07 Zhao
08 Combustion Man
09 Ursa
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There is no war in Ba Sing Se.

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oh wow. You did an amazing job with this artwork.
you really did capture the exact essence of Joo Dee once you meet her for the first time.
i really like the colors and shading you did so great job.
i see that you've also done some of the other characters, i kinda wish they had a bit more depth too them in the show but still; can't argue with results.

you did a splendid job with this picture so i hope you're proud of yourself cause i'm proud of you :D
lady-voldything's avatar
I think this is the longest comment I've ever gotten on deviantart lmao. Thank you so much! :D
catoclum's avatar
well i just wanted to give my honest opinion in a critical expression, though i don't know much to say about certain art techniques i hope this feedback will service.
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her teeth are so white!
allamericanchic's avatar
Aaaaggghh nightmares! But you drew her well though. :)
AspiePie's avatar
Jeff teh Killer Earth Bender!
hunterXIII's avatar
Dammit how am I supposed to sleep tonight
Artlegend-ISIS's avatar
This is wonderfully creepy.
Richard1631978's avatar
One of the better supporting characters.

I like how she gets some of the citizens of Ba Sing Se to keep quiet by shaking her head.

The maker even made her look a bit like Lauren Tom.
treena-ivy-carter's avatar
I wonder what Joo Dee did to have her mind wiped by the Dai Lee.
Redridergirl's avatar
Even in the show her smile would always creep me out...It's a really good drawing though! :)
BrossUno's avatar
Joo Dee is endearing in her own creepy little way. You really nailed her broad (mostly) permanent smile. I wonder what she was like before getting assigned to being a tour guide for life?
TheRealKyuubi16's avatar
I am Kyuubi16. I have to say I'm amazed at this pic. I've been requesting quite a bit of art for permission use as cover images.

While a few have said no, quite a few have said yes and I'm hoping you would be one of those ones.
lady-voldything's avatar
You can use the picture, as long as you give credit. :)
Pushingit's avatar
That smile creeps the crap out o me
Boxohobo's avatar
That smile forever into your mind.
someguy987's avatar
She does everything the dai li ask of her ;) ;)
Jewel1324's avatar
She is such a creepy lady!
Abi-Chan14's avatar
SilverJ7's avatar
that smile will forever haunt me.
xweetke's avatar
Hehehe omg that smile xD hehehehehe
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