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02 Xin Fu

So if there's one thing that kind of bothers me about A:tLA, it's that all the credit goes to teenage-and ancient-characters. The middle aged/adult/in between group gets left out a lot by fandom and even by the creators. And since I like a lot of these adult characters, I've decided to give them a little love and draw them all! Well not áll of them, just my favourites.
Starting with Earth Kingdom folk, because I realised I hardly ever draw Earth Kingdom folk.


02 Xin Fu

Man: Maybe you could give me a little incentive.
Xin Fu: Are you suggesting I break your fingers?
Man: They went in the desert! Too bad there’s almost no chance they survived.
Xin Fu: That’s okay, since she’s wanted dead or alive.
Master Yu: No she’s not! I’m certain her father wants her alive.


01 The Boulder
02 Xin Fu
03 June
04 Long Feng
05 Joo Dee
06 Chong

07 Zhao
08 Combustion Man
09 Ursa
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Do burly abd brawny I love him.

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He looks like a buffed out Native American.
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I know I'm in the minority with this, but I've always thought that he was an interesting character and greatly underused. In Book Two I was just waiting for him to try to capture Aang and sell him to Azula or something. The conclusion to his and Master Yu's role was underwhelming in my opinion.

Any Earthbender who can fight Toph without being curb-stomped gets my attention.
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He looks kinda like a Native American to me.
someguy987's avatar
He reminds me of Nathan explosion from death clock
SilverJ7's avatar
his... hair. :la:
xweetke's avatar
hehehe he was also cool, but kinda a but face XD I think he such light up a little XD
lady-voldything's avatar
I love permanently cranky and violent characters xD
xweetke's avatar
hehehehe :P those are the most fun and they aren't trying to be fun. XD
TheCheshireKat's avatar
sourpuss! :XD:

and Master Yu was hilarious. that dude along with James Sie did like every other bg voice on this show. if i could, i'd totally love to synch up audio clips of ATLA to video of Jackie Chan Adventures. or even vice versa.
wolf-in-a-dress's avatar
This guy scares me
jonnymhenderson's avatar
that's the best quote ever!
Blacks-Bitch's avatar
W00t, he looks awesome. I't very cool to see some other facial shapes in your art. Very refreshing. ^^
Zire-7's avatar
I don't really like this guy very much but you drew him so damn well that I have been forced to favorite it. :shakefist:
BrunetteMenolly's avatar
Toph: Let me down so I can smack that grin off your face!

Xin Fu: I'm not smiling.
Spleef's avatar
Now, that's hawt!
xEmoMuffinx's avatar
"Master Yu: No she’s not! I’m certain her father wants her alive."

lol XD
Gadani13's avatar
Looks awesome!
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He looks like he's either about to go on a rampage.. or just hasn't had his morning coffee. Either way the exression is great! I think the composition and background for these look pretty nice. :)
lady-voldything's avatar
But this is his happy-face!
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