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Reflection in Water Tutorial

This is my first tutorial, so I hope it really helps some people. A neat effect, written in a REALLY user-friendly way. I wrote out every direction and where each button and option is, so even the most new-to-Photoshop person could use it, so if the more advanced Photoshop users could bear with me!

Update: Wow, this tutorial's had over 1200 views! Thanks so much to everyone for taking a look! Please post any art made using this tutorial, so I can link it!

Pictures Made Using This Tutorial:
~BlueBead's ".:Night Carnival:."
*tufkaP's "Castle."
~StephSpence's "DWA- Divine Example"
~LadyPhoenicia's By the Lake
~rabidbunnyd's "Painting with God"
*Amazonne's "Carcosa"
~warran's "No Limits"
*Desmar2u's "Dressage Dreams"
*cell-fey's "Mage"
*x-Silverwing-x's "Run Like the River, Ripred"
~pspam-sue's "Susanna in the bath"
~Charming-Ravenclaw's "Escape the World"
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Thank you very much. :heart:
It really helped a lot here: :D
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Hi there! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial. It had been very helpful in the work I was currently working on.
It was very educational. Thanks so much once again. I'll let you know when I post it. :)
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I don't have Photoshop, but I managed to adapt it to GIMP somehow and here's what I've made:
Dokurorider's avatar
this should be DD'ed hahaha so wicked cool man! thanks :D
Jenny2-point-0's avatar
hi, im usnig cs5 currently and i couldn't work out how you got the channel pallet t come up? so left it out, then i got stuck on the displace part, since when i type that in, and enter it it brings me to an open window so i can "open a displace map" so im kinda confused by that...
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Hi great tutorial! Do you have a Gimp one, I have tried every possible website and it's really annoying me lol thanks you'll be a great help.
Lady-Tima's avatar
Sorry, I don't use GIMP.
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thank you :heart:ireally learned a lot
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Awesome tutorial! I used it to help make this -> [link] Thank you so much!
RipperBlackstaff's avatar
I made this using your tutorial : [link] Thank you for this, it was very useful !
Snaphance93's avatar
Thank you for this! I've used it here: [link]
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Kreftropod's avatar
I've used this tutorial, and I must say, it is a Great tutorial! :la:

[link] <-- Here's the result
xSharonthehedgehogx's avatar
Thats amazing! I will diffidently use this in the future!
spellbound7's avatar
This tutorial is a lifesaver! Thank you for it! :D
spellbound7's avatar
Btw, I made this [link] with your tutorial. Cheers! :D
Charlene-Art's avatar
Thank you for putting my piece up! Used here: [link]
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Wonderful tutorial. However, I have a problem. I use photoshop 7 and when I get to the step where I have to change the perspective of the water my 'transform' button becomes 'unclickable.' Even if I did exactely what you told me to in the tutorial. Have you ever had this problem?
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No, unfortunately, but then again when I made this tutorial I was using Photoshop CS2, and have since moved up to CS5. Sorry.
Mohegan567's avatar
That's okay, I messed around a little bit and got it to look alright. Thanks anyway
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Hey, this tutorial was a real help for making this picture; [link] -Great tut! keep it up 8D
Charlene-Art's avatar
Thank you. Used here [link]
psmam-sue's avatar
used it here.. but I am nor ready yet.. [link]
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