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Amora :v1.2.3:

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My first real shot at an iPod/iPhone theme. I've been messing around with some stuff lately, and I thought I'd actually make one. Now that I know I'm capable, many more to come.

If you want any icons made for other apps, please let me know via message, note, comment, whatever.

Honored by TouchPodium's Theme Round-Up #3! [link]

Icons- "Amora" by David Lanham ([link])
Wallpaper- "Nautilus" by gabb2001 ([link])
StatusBar- Rupert Gee ([link])

Explanation of Update Numbering
This is version 1- these icons, this wallpaper, this dock, what choices for what app. (Version 2 in the works!)

1.X- Intermediate updates, such as a changed wallpaper or dock (1.1 being the exception-this update added iPhone exclusive icons to make it better for iPhones).

1.2.X- Minor updates such as added icons. These will usually be added for my convenience, as I add icons as I need them, though if requested I will also add icons for you guys.

1.0- Initial release. Included wallpaper, status bar, dock and 27 icons.
1.1- Added icons for Phone, Text, iPod, Stocks. Now fully functional for iPhones.
1.1.1- Fixed size issues from previous update. Added icons for EvolutionRGB, iSlots.
1.2- Changed Dock image for more modern look
1.2.1- Added icons for Tetris, PenguinPanic.
1.2.2- Added icons for VNsea, Touchpad, BossPrefs. Changed icons for ScreenShot.
1.2.3- Added icons for Capture, PocketTouch.
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Cony23Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome!!!!! O___O!

I want it! how can I get it for my iPod?
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Well, it depends what firmware you're running. Are you on 1.1.1-1.1.4, or the new 2.0-2.0.2?
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Cony23Hobbyist Digital Artist
mine is 1.1.3 :nod:
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Ah, okay. Do you have a Mac or PC?

(Sorry for all the questions, but it helps me answer your question better.)
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Cony23Hobbyist Digital Artist
jajaja no thanks to you ^^

I have windows, kinda of vista, but more like XP...
lets say is XP
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To connect to Windows, you need to install OpenSSH from Installer, and you need a SFTP program (like WinSCP) for your computer. You open a connection using your iPod's IP address (port 22), and you put it into the folder /var/mobile/Library/Summerboard/Themes (on the drive "Root Home Folder", just Library/Summerboard/Themes from "Mobile Home Folder"). Then, you load it up in Summerboard, and there you go!
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Cony23Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry for the late reply, I travelled recently, so I didnt have internet
Okey! Thank you!
when I get back home Ill try it
If I have problems, may I Ask you again??

Thanks again ^^
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But of course! Always glad to help!

I don't quite check my deviantART every day, but please feel free to reach me by email or any IM protocol you care to mention (I've got AIM, MSN, Y! and GTalk). Thanks again for your interest in my theme!
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how do you put it into the ipod?
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Use SSH and put it into var/mobile/Library/Summerboard/Themes/ for 1.1.x. A similar process is used for 2.x, but I don't quite know where it goes yet.
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i have a 2.0.2...... what do i do then?
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Well, first off you'll need to jailbreak it with PwnageTool (or QuickPwn, or WinPwn, whichever you prefer) and use Cydia to install WinterBoard and OpenSSH. Then, using an SFTP program like WinSCP or Cyberduck, go into it and put my theme in private/var/mobile/Library/Themes/Summerboard or /Library/Themes (either or, to my knowledge it doesn't matter). Then go into WinterBoard and hit the theme.

It's a lot, I know, but 2.0 screwed us all, eh?
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You've been mentioned in this week's Touch Podium Summerboard Theme Round-Up (#03)! :D

I love the theme. Keep up the great work, mate!

Also, we've got a competition coming soon down the line (within a month or two) that'll win you some cold-hard cash if you can manage to design one of the top 3 summerboard themes within the next couple of months - so I hope to see some phenomenal work from you down the line, winning you one of the prizes to come!

Until then, take care and best regards.
- Jody Mitoma
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nice work :clap:
thanks for releasing this :)
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wtolbertProfessional Artist
I like it, This theme make the iPod look nicer them the iPhone. :)
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Great !!! like it !
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Wow. I've seen a lot of Amora themes and i think you've nailed it.
Wonderful! :+fav:
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Wow, thanks. That really means a lot.
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