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Dark Vanity

I inspired by my friend Mahmood Al Khaja who allowed me to make a dark version of one of his arts called: "Vanity".

`faestock ~D-is-for-Duck !niniel-stocks ~Ipnorospo ~Skymone ~AsunderStock ~flordelys-stock ~maskimxul !ro-stock
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This is brilliant

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A brilliant piece of work. I really like your work, look forward to seeing more

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:wow: awesome work :)
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I truly love this.....wonderful pic
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Gorgeous & Wonderful!
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beautiful concept
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Hi there, I have just created a brand new webpage on Facebook, dedicated to all the great Deviant Artists out there. It's only 10 days old but growing nicely because of the great art displayed on Deviant Art. I would be so honored if you would display one of your pics on my page by joining my webpage ( It's called Fantasy Art Addiction) and I all ready have some other great artists that like to show off their art on there too.. (Deviant Art) ... You have some extraordinary art that you have created and would love to share it with all the fantasy art addicts out there. Many thanks, Melanie xxxx
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I don't know how to explain it.. but I find this slice of work captivating.
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Nice concept..and brilliant editing!!!!!
Mirror, mirror on the wall... I like her hair.
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fantastic! love the hair, broken mirror (fav part), the clothing, the dark grays and blacks, ect...everything is great!
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I would like to point out that the mirror could not possibly reflect the light this way. Especially not a broken mirror.
On the "original" picture, the looking glass is at least somewhat angled, though the same mistake can be seen.
Beautiful!! Im an artist as well and this is just put together so beautifully. I love it.
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absolutely brilliant, really powerful image. The cracked mirror is a fabulous touch, the blood on her shoulder from the raven, cool. Excellent job, love the whole thing
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Beautiful, this is quite superb! :heart:
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