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Hello everyone, Lady Scorpion here and as usual I'm going to do more talk about Miraculous Ladybug Theories, remind you all that I might having to spoiled a few episodes that people didn't see yet :D and this time people it will about Lila Rossi aka Volpina/Chameleon

Resultado de imagem para lila rossi miraculous ladybug

Yes people, I did a little search on theories about this character that most people hate. Not judging you, I also despise her attitudes during the series, so first of all this is just mere theories that I gather around so they might be true or not, so the only thing that I really want to know about Lila, is why she lies so much about her life? Is it just for attention or did something bad happen before she gets in Paris?

So far, we already meet her mother in episode of 'Day of Heroes' and she seems like a very busy person.

Resultado de imagem para miraculous ladybug lila mom

Couldn't it be one of the reasons that makes Lila lie so much? First of all, let's check on a list of things that Lila have said during the series:

- Being the daughter of Diplomats from Italy (Not confirm if they are really Diplomats)
- Being Friends with Jagged Stone and he made a song for her (Lie)
- Being Friends with Ladybug and Prince Ali (Lie)
-Traveling to Prince Ali's country (Lie)
- Being Adrien's girlfriend (Super LIE)
- Knowing a lot of important Director movies (Possibly a lie)
- Being a Descendants of Heroes (LIE)
- Having an earing problem (SUPER LIE)

Despise other lies she might say during the series and have a feeling how she might get caught for good. I manage to gather a few theories that might explain her behavior and also how she might get caught. So let's get started with:

Theories about her behavior:

Number 1:

The popular theory says that Lila might have a hard time to move to other country and left all her friends behind and with no idea how to make new friends, she decided to make up a few stories to get people's attention, unfortunately when she lay her eyes on Adrien, She decided to go far and try to win his heart when she noticed that he have a certain admiration for Ladybug, unfortunately things don't go her way and she blames Ladybug for it, since she doesn't want to admit that she's in the wrong.

Number 2:

Other thing might be considering that Lila's parents might have been to busy for her, which made feel lonely for a lot of her life, causing her to make up stories that make others to pay attention to her, I imagine she does this since a child and Lila develop a bad habit of lying and twisted words around so the others that are against her will look like the bad guys and when Ladybug unmasked her in front of Adrien considering that Lila were the one that made up lies in the first place and Lila didn't have proves to tell that Ladybug were wrong, specially since Ladybug is the heroine of the City, trapped in her own web of lies Lila also develop a lot of ways to sabotage people's reputation, so who knows how many people's life she might have ruined.

Number 3:

Other theory that I heard people around is that Lila's parents might have been divorce and Lila doesn't except that at all, so she decided to start over and made up lies to get the attention she desperately prays for, since her parents are always busy, she doesn't care a thing about on how what she might need to do to get what she wants, but unfortunately she felt desperate for attention and popularity that now she's trap in her own world of lies.

if you have more theories about her behavior, put on the comments now I have at least four theories about how Lila might get caught from lying, lets check on them:

1º Theory:

So far as we seen in the Series, Lila pretended to travel around the world, skipping classes and lied to her mom that the school were shut down due akuma's attacks. Now people lying to skip school is a serious business, so I imagine that Lila's mom might need to go to Lila's school eventually and the Principal finally manage to talk to her along with Ms. Bustier, Lila might try to make sure that they don't come near her mom but somehow they manage to talk to her and then her mother might get confused about a few things that Lila lied about which make everyone finally find out about Lila's liar habit. The consequences of lying to skip classes is a serious major, which means that Lila might suspended or even EXPLEDED from that school. Which is an awful situation that will mark a person forever.

2º Theory:

Lila also lies about being Adrien's girlfriend (to her mom at least) so imagine if Adrien finds out about it in sort important invent that he might go with his father and possibly invite a few friends (Nino, Alya and Marinette), I believe that Lila's mom might want to meet him since Lila talks so much about him, now there's a thing. Adrien is far too patience with Lila but even I know that things might go awfully wrong if we let them go to far, so I figured that Adrien might get angry at Lila and talk her off in front of everyone, which makes everyone no longer believe in Lila and her mom will be humiliated and ashamed of her ad possibly forcing Lila to changes schools.

3º Theory:

Remember that Lila swear to Marinette to make her life a living hell, well I imagine that Lila will manage to make everyone hate Marinette but when Adrien goes to her rescue, Lila might got too far and make something stupid, I imagine that Adrien ask help for Nino and Alya, and when Lila manage to caught Marinette alone, Alya might record with her phone and put the video in the internet for everyone to see, exposing Lila for good.

4º Theory:

We all know that Lila said that she know Jagged Stone and Prince Ali, now that's not confirm since the only people that actually meet them are Rose, that meet Prince Ali in 'Princess Fragrance' and Marinette that meet Jagged Stone in at least two episodes. So I imagine that Rose might still have contact with Prince Ali, as letters since she love to be romantic, so imagine if she received a letter from Prince Ali saying he never meet any girl name Lila, naturally Rose, innocent as she is she might tell her friends and they slowly started to ignore or snap at Lila from lying.

Now for Jagged Stone, is the tricky part, because I mostly imagine an event where the whole class is invited and Lila was there too, Jagged Stone naturally might noticed Marinette and goes talk to her, since he meet her due the design work she did for him, I imagine Alya being the reporter she loves to be, making questions to him and obviously she started to ask thing about Lila knowing him personally, and when Jagged Stoned confirm that he never meet her before, everyone in the class stares at Lila, feeling betrayed how she manage to trick everyone and possibly snap at her.

Well people this is all for now, I hope you guys enjoy it, remembering these are just theories if you know anymore theory. See you next time and stay Miraculous.

Miraculous ~ Marinette Logo PNG Miraculous Ladybug - Marinette - Icon Happy Tikki emoticon Ladybug Symbol Happy Ladybug emoticon Miraculous Yin-Yang icon Chat Talking emoticon Cat Noir Symbol Plagg Happy Spin plz Miraculous Ladybug - Adrien - Icon Miraculous ~ Adrien Logo PNG 

Hello, my dear followers, this is Lady Scorpion and once again I'm here to present you theories about Miraculous Ladybug (Part 2) and this might show spoilers and if you don't like spoilers, I don't suggest you to read this.

So people, since I like to talk about the characters in particular, this time I'm going to talk about not just one character but two this time.

Yes, this time is a bonding theory between Marinette Mari giggling  and Chloe Chloe apologizing Gif icon 

So far I watched the episodes about Chloe's redemption, for those that see the two episodes 'The Origins' in the first part before how little Kitty or better Adrien Miraculous Ladybug - Adrien - Icon  gets to school, we get to see that Marinette already guessed that Chloe were going to be in her class already for the fourth time, now one thing that we knew about Chloe already is that Chloe is a spoiled brat that uses her dad's powers as the mayor to get what she wants, now there's one thing about them we should know before I started this theory.

Just like Marinette said, Chloe have been in her class for three years before Adrien gets to school.
Imagem relacionada

So before Marinette gets her Miraculous, there's this rivalry between them, which means that's not just because of Adrien but there's this thing, where this rivalry comes from to begin with? And one thing that I have noticed as well, in one of the episodes of season two, Chloe also have Marinette's number on her cellphone and if Chloe actually hates Marinette so much why she even bothers to have her number to begin with? Well people, I manage to get a few that might be true or not, I also want to check on a few points about this two characters.

First let's check Marinette's personality before she gets the Miraculous.

Resultado de imagem para miraculous ladybug origins part 1

Marinette Dupain-Cheng:
- Talent girl but yet shy and clumsy
- Barely stands up for herself and push-over
- Coward but nice and ready to helps the others

In other words, Marinette doesn't like to get into fights, meaning that whenever Chloe shows by saying her full name:

Imagem relacionada

Marinette simply goes with whatever Chloe targets her, she barely have any confidence in herself. But when she meets her BFF Alya (I love this scene by the way)
Imagem relacionada 

Marinette seems to be surprise to see someone standing up to her, and after she gets her Miraculous she started to realize that she needed to brave and don't get people to tell her what to do.

Now let's check on Chloe thru this two seasons so far, remembering that will be spoilers ahead so please don't get mad at me for this.

Resultado de imagem para miraculous ladybug chloe bourgeois

Chloe Bourgeois:
- Spoiler brat and a bully
- Never admits when she's wrong no matter how big that damage is
- Daughter of the Mayor of Paris
- Mother's issues
- See herself above the others
- Does anything to get the things she wants.

So people Chloe is the typical rich spoiled brat that uses her father's power to get everything she wants but that's the thing, clearly she have something against Marinette during the whole two seasons, but what could it be? Now I gather a few theories that might be the correct ones for me, remembering that is just theories so maybe we get to know on the episodes about to come or even on a third season of the series:

First Theory:

- So far, Marinette is talent is terms of Fashion, she's extremely nice and have parents that support her and make sure to cheer her up, she's friendly and easily make friends, now Chloe, is bossy rude and spoiled which means that she doesn't know how to make friends. So by watching how easily Marinette makes friends and how talented she is, she gets jealous and does her best to bring her down, which might make Marinette thinking that if she gets out of Chloe's way, she won't get any trouble. Which makes her an easy target.

Second theory:

- There's a lot of people thinking that Marinette and Chloe use to be friends when kids but then what could possibly happen? Well, I like to think that before Sabrina, Chloe and Marinette were extremely close, playing together and sharing hopes and dreams but then for some reason, Chloe's mom goes to New York and doesn't back until the 'Battle of the Queens' episodes, Chloe started to feel isolated when her father start to get too busy with work, Chloe notices how Marinette is still happy with her 'perfect life', Chloe gets angry at Marinette and she breaks their friendship without any explanation, Marinette started to think she did some wrong and gets lonely and tries to not get on Chloe's way. But Chloe could easily uses her dad's power to make Marinette going to other class, but she doesn't do it because somehow she still have hope that she and Marinette could be friends again

Well, it's only two theories people but I hope you enjoy it, if you have any other theories, put on the comments and stay Miraculous everyone.
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Hello, I'm Lady Scorpion and I decided to create my own Theories Post, and in this one I'm going to talk about a TV show called Miraculous Ladybug.

I simply love the series, the animated is really amazing really dynamic, I love the characters' design, it suits so well with the personalities that were given to them. I also must say that it will be spoilers for those that doesn't seen nothing aside from the episodes so if you don't like spoilers, please don't read this.

Okay let's get started with the theories about Chloe Bourgeois. Miraculous Ladybug - Chloe - Icon 

I'll put a video that I found on YouTube for you guys to see her personality to help in these theories:…

So far it was confirm she's going to be the Bee Miraculous holder(Spoiler, sorry), which might be a disappointment to those who didn't want her as the Bee Miraculous holder. Still why does she gets it? Is she going to have some redemption during the season 2? Only wait to see.

But first I like to remind to the ones that watch the series a important point, which is that we don't know for sure why Chloe is the way she is, it could be a lot of things.

So I made a list of possible things that might happen for her before she becomes a superhero, remembering that it's just theories that I put together after searching other theories that might make sense to me as well and I want to share.

First Theory:
- Knowing the way Chloe is, she likes to think that everyone like her and others are just jealous of her, so she may not realize what the things she does effects on others. She's a total daddy's little girl, who uses her dad's influence as mayor to get the things her way, so I believe that with the things she does, her father might get arrested for abusing power, which will leave Chloe all alone and since she's too young to manage the hotel, the hotel as well might be closed, which also leave her with no place to live, she might go live with Sabrina, since she's the only person that she might go to, or Adrien (not very sure), she might keep being bossy but also seeing that the things she does is driving her into a dark path.

Second Theory:
- Well, is basically about loneliness as the first one but it goes in the different way, as for those you see the first season, we could see that there's episode where Adrien is angry at Chloe's attitude, so probably Sabrina, still I think that Adrien and Sabrina's patient might snap, which cause them to probably speak their minds about what they think about Chloe, of course that Chloe at first might not care but soon she sees herself with no one by her side. Seeing everyone against her, she started to realize her mistakes and be a better person.(or try)

Third Theory:
- Based on what we know about Lila Rossi which is the character that only show up on the last episode of the first season, I believe that she might be the new 'Mean Girl', pushing everyone she sees but probably worse then Chloe, but of course she probably might target mostly Chloe since she proclaims herself as 'Ladybug's best friend', which makes Chloe realizes in the worse way how she make the others feel, she will regret everything she does and probably ask Marinette for help in her new path to be a better person.

Fourth Theory:
- Okay this theory is mostly based on another theory that I found on the internet but unfortunately I couldn't find it again to see who was the author of it. So basically, Chloe seems to have a nasty habit to take things that doesn't belong to her, as we see in a few episodes so what if Master Fu gives Marinette the Bee Miraculous so she could choose the next hero or he goes himself, I like to think that he should be the one that should choose since Marinette might not want to handle such responsibility, either way, I believe that Chloe might bump into Master Fu, which causes the box that contains the miraculous to fall on the floor, of course if it was Marinette to do that, it might by accident, but in Master Fu's case, he might do it on purpose, so Chloe see the box and decided to keep as so sort pay back for bumping into her.

Of course because I like to see what people think how she might handle as a hero or her reaction, I'll leave that to the Miraculous's fan XD

So if you guys have any other theories that you might agree or disagree, put on the comment and tell how do you believe that will be Chloe's reaction when becomes a superhero and how she'll handle. I hope you enjoy this.

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Hey guys, this is Lady Scorpion here and I wanted to shared with you, my top list of Disney Villains that I love the most, explaining why they are my favorites on the list and my opinion about they're plot in the movies they're.

Nº 10: Wicked Step-mother from Cinderella

Resultado de imagem para stepmother disney villains

If there's people that say that having a step-mother is bad, try to see the animated version of Cinderella and you might think again, the reason why she's in the list is really more by her attitude, seeing our poor Cinderella as a threat to out shine her own two daughters, she does anything she can to bring her down, like manipulating her own daughters to ruin Cinderella's dress for example, if you guys didn't noticed that maybe you should watch that scene again.
Not to mention that she even lock her up in the attic to avoid her to try on the slipper, the last sequel of the movie were also intense because once Anastasia get her hands on the magic wand, she gets the opportunity to get her revenge.

Nº 9: Mother Gothel from Tangled

Resultado de imagem para disney villains mother gothel

I kind like this character, mostly because we wonder in the whole movie about how old she is to begin with, also makes wonder why she's so obsesses with eternal youth and beauty. In fact she so obsesses with it, that she kidnapped a baby after find out that about her healing abilities that she get due the magic flower's potion that the queen drinks when she were pregnant. It doesn't stop there, she manipulates while she rises Rapunzel in the tower, making her believe how dangerous the world can be and when things get worse for her side, she didn't care about killing Eugene to stop him from taking Rapunzel away.

Nº 8: Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Imagem relacionada

Need to be honest that this man, he really creeps me out, a man that do lots of evil things in the name of God, which is why he got into my list, not only that he have kill Quasimodo's parents, nearly kill him, ending up raising him, he manipulated him to make him thinks that he was a monster due his looks, also he shows a very racist side of him, killing and executing Romani people for no reason and also tried to burn Esmeralda alive, accusing her from witchcraft, both due his creepy lust for her, which he considered as a sin and because she refuses to stay with him. Not to mention that he literally burns the whole city in name of God.

Nº 7: Cruella de Vill

Resultado de imagem para disney villains cruella

If you believe that villains are more known for doing a lot of evil stuffs, well think again. Cruella is considered one of the cruelest woman that Disney have created, probably the first one that was seen to actually do cruelty to animals, specially when it comes to do jackets and clothing of animal's fur. She even hired two weird guys to do the job for her. She doesn't give up and almost get herself killed in a car crash.

Nº 6: Horned King from The Black Cauldron

Imagem relacionada

People say that most villains needs to look hideous, and boy, the Horned King take the price for that, even though that we never know his backstory, we can tell that he sure was determinate to get his hands on the Black Cauldron using dark magic to raise his own army, not caring of none of his living army that he already have in the movie, also getting ride of everyone that wouldn't tell the location of the Black Cauldron.

Nº 5: Hades from Hercules

Imagem relacionada

As I love to call him 'Candlehead', I found fascinating how Disney manage to pull up this character based on the mythology of Hercules. His plot in the movie is actually pretty cool, he sure knows how be evil. Kidnapping the son of Zeus, turning into a mortal in an attempt to kill him, but when he fails first, he uses a girl that works for him to find his weakness not to mention that he blackmail Hercules to get his force, so the hero could have his love interest free. He sure knows how play the game.

Nº 4: Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean

Imagem relacionada

I give the credit that Disney manage to bring this legend of seven seas to live in their movies. The design of the character itself, is amazing, the backstory really well done, we can see lots of things that makes him a villain, he have no mercy to the sailors he gets on the seas, he manage the punishment to everyone in his ship also he doesn't hesitated into get rid of the others that stand in his way.

Nº 3: Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog

Resultado de imagem para disney villains dr facilier

Now this is a villain that you don't want to mess with, Facilier himself is a mystery to me, he doesn't have any enemies at all, but still you wonder why he wants so badly to become rich, when he started to use voodoo to get what he wants. He doesn't hesitated into manipulate people to reach his goal, he tries to make deals with people, promising to make their dreams come true in exchange on favors, he's a very twisted person, which why he gets the third place in my list.

Nº 2: Shan Yu from Mulan

Imagem relacionada

Shan Yu got the second place on my list, there's nothing I can't love about him, he's cruel, bloody and one thing that you guys may not noticed, is that he doesn't hesitated in attacking Mulan, why is that? Well, I have a theory that in his clan, women can also be either warriors or anything they want. While Mulan tries to warm people about the Huns, they simply ignore her, while Shan Yu doesn't. Sure that some people thinks that is coward of men hitting on woman but I don't believe that Shan Yu is a coward to try to get rid of Mulan, he's just doing what all villains does with everyone that stands in their way.

Nº 1: Professor Ratigan from Great Mouse Detective

Resultado de imagem para disney villains ratigan

Of course that I would personally choose this badass character as the top one of them all, part of me find him very manipulative in his own way, he doesn't hesitated to blackmail a poor single father into build a robot version of the queen, he manage to set up a perfect trap for Basil, breaking in ego and even threat into putting an innocent child in danger. The other part of me find him, really mysterious, for example there's nothing in the movie that shows on why he becomes a villain, why he hates so much being call a 'Rat', how he become Basil's enemy and other things like that.

Well guys, I hope you all enjoy my first top list, write on the comments your opinion about this, tell me about your favorite Disney Villains if you want, put this in favorites if you want. Thank you so much for your time as well.
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Okay so I have seen and been noted about my art have been posted and 'sold' on the website -- http:// payposter. com/ DON'T CLICK THE LINK If you find it.

DO NOT PANIC IF YOU DID FILE A REPORT -- it's not the end of the world. 
This is important to remember -- It's not a 100% guarantee your computer will obtain a virus from merely going on the site itself or even searching a username on the site. However, if you did fill out a DMCA report on that site it is a very good idea to scan your computer and change your passwords on any site you have personal information on (dA, email, PayPal, online banking, and any other site that would store your personal information). But I repeat that is not a 100% guarantee your computer will obtain a virus from merely going on the site itself or even searching a username on the site.

So don't be alarmed.

Don't get too upset about all of it -- there a petition to get the site removed here:… So calm down everyone, you artwork is NOT being sold off as posters. Either way... Breathe, sign the petition, and then let nature take its course and lastly -- DO NOT FILE ANY REPORTS ON PAYPOSTER. 

Remember that together we can do it :D
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