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:police: Anything within this gallery is NOT allowed to be posted anywhere else unless you ask my permission. :police:
:bulletred: If you see my artwork posted anywhere else, please tell me, thank you. :thanks:
:bulletblue: I've got a few things posted on a few old sites but still, if you see anything anywhere, let me know :please:




BLAH! I've been trying to update here for the past couple weeks but I was sick and then attempting to recover from sickness >.< will update hopefully this weekend :iconotlplz:
Hey all! I know I've been super behind with art but maybe next year I'll have better luck! In the meanwhile, let's celebrate ringing in the new year with my Sims! :D yes? no? maybe? Well- here it is!

Alright so I didn't get to work on art but I *did* work on a list of all the art I want to work on so there's that :laughing: I also went through journals, comments and deviations... down from over 1k to about 700 :phew: trying to get as much done to end the year right :D
Working on art this weekend! *Possibly* and finally going to be starting my art YouTube channel! :excited: but in the meanwhile, here's a brand new sims series on my Sims YT account! :3
Going to be making a list of ALL old art and deciding what will get finished and what won't ;p like, if it's old art FOR someone then that gets priority but if it was just something I did, it's likely going to get scrapped unless I get votes in favor to finish ;p

ALSO! thinking about another place to post my art since dA is dying... at least, I think so... I think that is why I haven't posted as much, honestly ^^; any suggestions where I should post art to...? Besides instagram >.> kinda having an issue there DX I'll still be around here but just want a place that has more action with art :)
Hey all~ I've decided to split up my journal into sections so hopefully it will be easier for me to update and easier for you guys to read :laughing: I ramble all the time so this should help :nod: (I hope)

ART: I've been struggling to motivate myself to draw at all- I'm trying to work on illustrations for a children's book for my mother and am kinda stuck. I also had bought the bodykun dolls months ago to position the figures to help me with poses and have yet to use them D: maybe if I can work on drawings this weekend it will help inspire me again :'c I will be working on artistic glasses for my new art contract job- painting on wine glasses and assisting others to do so as well so at least I'll start something creative again XP

JOURNAL: By my title I mean Valentines ;p and if you're getting confused- yes I totally posted my January post in February shhhhh! If you noticed, on my status on front page I stated I got sick in January and kept forgetting to update my journal lol I will attempt to get caught up here some point this month ;p

So, as mentioned in my late January journal- I got a permanent job at a law firm :nod: I still haven't really been on the phones yet, I'm getting a little nervous about that- I'm doing well at the data entry part which is good :) I'm just worried about talking to the attorneys and the people who owe debt ^^; I'm such a nice person, I'll probably have a hard time interacting with those people but I shall do my best! I really like it there so far, my coworkers are all very nice but I get along well with the secretary best. She has a daughter who is a few months younger than my son and shares the pain of a sleepless child! XD;;; so I think we bonded well over that hehe

Speaking of which- my son is going to be 2 years old next month! I can hardly believe it... still wishing he'd sleep better (I keep trying sleep training at least once a month and fail miserably) and I wish he would talk more :c he's very smart and understands us when we ask him something but he points or reaches to things and says "buh" for everything XD; he can talk a little bit but I get so nervous because other kids around his age can talk a little more :c though, he's incredibly active- he can throw and catch balls and runs everywhere instead of walk so I'm hoping it will catch on sooner rather than later >3<

YOUTUBE: I barely had time to do anything at all for Youtube because I blinked and January was gone, that's how fast it seemed to go by for me! :0 hoping to get AT LEAST 1 video done for my Sims youtube and 1 video done for my art youtube but we shall see...

SO! That's it for this journal! Thanks to all who have read! I will attempt to check in on you all very soon! Thanks for everything!
Read on if you'd like to see the schedule I'm hoping I'll be able to keep with my busy life Laughing

Monday - update social media websites
Tuesday - sketch art
Wednesday - Sims record footage; update social media websites
Thursday - complete art
Friday - uploading day (YouTube)
Saturday - art or Sims record audio; complete anything not finished during week
Sunday - art or Sims record audio; possible uploading day

***definitely need to adjust this schedule as I've been ignoring it ^^;
  • Listening to: sound machine
  • Reading: need one
  • Watching: Frasier
  • Playing: The Sims 4
  • Eating: need something
  • Drinking: need one


Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Did someone say Draco Malfoy? - stamp by kas7ia

I love my husband and son more than anything or anyone in this world~
I-love-my-husband STAMP by SheilaMBrinson I am in love STAMP by SheilaMBrinson Happily Married by MissLittlewood

I like lots of things, here's a short list: anime, bishounen (especially red-heads), drawing, Harry Potter, reading manga and other books, music, playing video games, sleeping, The Sims 2, Twilight, watching dvds & tv, working on my laptop writing, etc. (yes, this is short) =p

I also don't like some things, here's another short list: art theft, bugs, heights, homophobes, inconsiderate people, my own procrastination & laziness, racists, uncomfortable weather, weird food...

To name a few of my better qualities: I'm friendly, honest and trusting. Some of my not so good qualities: I'm a picky eater, I'm shy, I hold grudges... and I wasn't sure where to put this one: I'm crazy! :XD: you can think of it as a good way or a bad way ;p it's up to you :lol:

translation: I'm Laura. I love Japanese!
I converted to Islam in 2013! Despite what you see on the media, remember that Islam means 'peace'! Please spread love, not hate!
:pray: Prayer-s by vafiehya

Current Residence: Rhode Island
Favourite genre of music: pop, rock, metal, anything Japanese!! or German
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: Firefox!
MP3 player of choice: Meh shiny iPod!
Shell of choice: Blue? XD
Favourite cartoon character: To name a FEW, Yamato Ishida, Inuyasha, Miroku, Sesshie, Tooya, Dark-sama...
Personal Quote: Practice makes improvement! NOTHING is ever perfect...

SOCIAL MEDIA- other places to find me… - my online store


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