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Solving the Grapefruiting Problem

Solving the Grapefruiting Problem

Grapefruiting. Not the same as motorboating, although both deal with a woman's breasts. Grapefruiting is what I call the effect we far too often get in 3D art when we increase the size of our figure's breasts. And you know I like mine to have cannons, at least D cups. Some have Gs. The larger the breasts, the greater the chance they'll look like grapefruits instead of melons -- pitted instead of smooth. The problem lies in what we have to work with. A real life woman with DD breasts has twice as many skin cells in her chest as a C cup. No problem. Not so in 3D! That wire mesh has a set number of polygons. A 3D woman with DD breasts still has

Lighting the Nathanomir Way


When Dreams Become Possible

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Just a little bit of country from Oklahoma, trying to bring smiles, and humor to people that want it.

You can also follow the continuing adventures of Lady Quantum, starting with her alter ego, here:

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Only one?
Favourite Movies
A Walk in the Clouds, Captain America:The First Avenger
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Marvel's: Agents of Shield, Continuum
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Oriental relaxation music by various artists.
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The Legend of Drizzt series of books by R.A. Salvatore
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R.A. Salvatore, Angela White, Wesley Allison
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MMORPGs, Dominos, Ferkle, Uno, Various Card games
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Photoshop CS6, DAZ Studio 4.6, LuxRender 2.5
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PnP RPGs of all types, anime, and superhero genre.


Commission Information:

My original post from my old front page is as follows, and I'm not changing it so that people still know that I'm the same person doing the same things:

"Recently I've had more and more people asking about commissions from me, so I thought it would be wise to go ahead and put down some pricing information. This is so I have something to reference people to, and don't have to repeat myself over and over.

Right now my going rate for commissions is $30 - $60 depending on level of complexity, background, amount of characters, and amount of time it takes to complete. Much like any job I keep track of the amount of time I put into a project, and expect to be paid accordingly. For example:

If I take a simple $30 project, and it takes me 2 hours to complete, I'm making $15 dollars an hour. Not too bad. However, if I take a $50 project, and it takes me 8 hours to complete, then that is $6.20 an hour. Under minimum wage, and not very good as far as time goes.

Also, if there is any sort of item or object that is needed for the render above and beyond what I have, then that cost is passed on to the commissioner. When it comes down to this I will give the commissioner choices based on what I can find, and pricing, and they can make the decision from there. The commissioner is not in charge of finding the item, because they do not know what my system needs or uses.

Another thing that seems to keep coming up is the question of erotic or fetish art. Here is my take on this:

ANYTHING, if you look at it hard enough, can be considered a fetish or erotic to a person or group of people. I've even heard of furniture porn. FURNITURE PORN! REALLY! Look it up! My particular comfort zone extends to nude pinup art, and nothing too over the top. Sex scenes that do not show anything but toplessness, do not offend me so much, but explicit ones that show more than that are, in my opinion, pornography, are outside my comfort zone, and I'm pretty sure are against DA's terms and conditions. A teacher of mine once said, "If a person wants you to do something that you are uncomfortable doing, don't say 'no', just make them pay through the nose for it." SO, pricing for any kind of image that I deem pornographic or am uncomfortable doing will start at $100 and will proceed to go up from there depending on the same criteria as other images. This is a non-negotiable starting price, so don't ask.

Rendered images can be delivered via stash or email.

Payment MUST be made via PayPal to an address that I will give when the commission is accepted. Payment must be made up front along with payment for accessories necessary for the commission.

Rendered images can be done in either Iray which is my new preferred method (for a real light feel) or 3Dlight (for a traditional 3D animation feel).

If you have questions, feel free to contact me by note with your commission ideas."

Lots of :hug:


Edit: Now:hug:e the time that I started doing commissions back in 2012, and put up those original guidelines, some things have changed. First off, I acquired a partner in crime in the extremely talented @whisakedjak, so I have changed my prices to reflect ones that the both of us feel are more current with the times and fair for the amount of time that we put into our work. Second, I run sales quite often, and that makes it pretty easy for folks to pick up really good artwork on the cheap, so I don't see how that's a big issue for most folks, considering the quality and time that I put into the pieces I do. Third, I've never done points before, and have never planned to, so if you plan on paying with points, it's going to cost double, because to me, they are pretty much worthless.

Will Dance For TP: Should it continue or should it conc...

  |  44 votes
  • Continue it! We want LQ to keep dancing and turn around! :dance:
  • Conclude it! :iconnathanomir: just had a heart attack! We need to see what happened to him!
  • We really don't care, move on to something else!
  • Meh! We were just watching in hopes of naked boobs!
  • :iconlordlard: needs to join in on the action and needs to strip too!
  • Stan Lee needs to bust out his ultimate storytelling moves and put Lady Quantum into the Marvel Universe! YEAH! :D
  • Aura needs to join in on the dancing for TP!
  • Duster needs to join in on the dancing for TP!
  • (Name of OC) needs to join in on the dancing for TP!
  • Combination of the above. (leave details in comments)
Okay folks, after all the...ahem...shitty news that we've been getting lately, and after we've already introduced the concept of TP Zombies, it's time for... THE TOILET PAPER JAM!!! What would your OC Character do for a pack of toilet paper?!?!?! :D ...
The TP Zombies are at it again! And this time they have wheels!!!OMG!!! :D I couldn’t stop laughing! There’s a horrible kind of surreal quality to what all is going on. Hang in there folks! Ration that TP! :D Lots of :hug: and God bless, ~LQ

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Knight3000Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Mothers Day Michelle :hug:
Hope you are well and recovering
Stay safe and all m best hope to you and your family
Hey, Lady Q! Look what I found (from a hobby store in Frederick, Maryland):

You'll do well, Highlander by Hadalis

Happy month of May! (Try not to take TOO many heads, okay?)
Lady-QuantumHobbyist Digital Artist

That’s pretty funny! You do seem to get around.

Cheers. As for my eclectic "getting around"...well, almost as much as this guy:

The Scottish Ramirez by Hadalis

(I trust you'll catch the reference). 
Lady-QuantumHobbyist Digital Artist

He’s not Spanish, he’s Egyptian. But he’s at your service. ;)

SpeedslideHobbyist Digital Artist
Beat you to it / Sorry for the delay! :D

Bellydancer Lady Quantum by Speedslide
Knight3000Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Easter Michelle :hug:
I hope you are recovering well and hope you and your family are enjoying Easter
Please stay safe and well