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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 20, 2013, 6:21 PM
Frequently Asked Questions and General Information.

Please check my FAQ before asking me any questions to see if your question has already been answered (chances are VERY likely I've been asked the same thing before and added it here). That's what I made this for. :-)

If you have any questions I can add to this list, just let me know.

Table of Contents:
:bulletblue: 1. What kind of materials do you use?
:bulletblue: 2. Commissions/Trades/Requests
:bulletblue: 3. Art and Original Character Usage Permission
:bulletblue: 4. General Art Questions
:bulletblue: 5. Heather and Neelix (Everything Under the Stars)
:bulletblue: 6. Other

1. My Techniques

· What kind of materials do you use?
Traditional media
- Sketches are done on 8.5x11 computer printer paper or in a 400 series Strathmore Sketch book 9x12 60 lb.
- Traditional Artwork and Illustrations are done on either 9x12 Smooth/Vellum Bristol or 8.5x11 Cardstock
- Drawings are done with a mechanical pencil 0.5mm
- Erasers: Normal white artist eraser | kneaded eraser | small white eraser on the end of my pencil.
- Inking: Sakura Microns | Verithin colored pencils
- Traditional Coloring: Prismacolor Premier & Verithin colored pencils | Prismacolor Markers
- Digital Coloring: Photoshop 5.0 (1998) | Wacom Intuos 5 Touch Tablet | Older digital art pre 2013 was done with a mouse

· Can you teach me and/or tell me your secrets?
I'm still learning myself and I don't feel qualified to teach anyone, but if you're interested in seeing me work, I do Live Stream sessions often.

2. Commissions/Trades/Requests

· Can I request a drawing?
You may politely suggest to see a certain character you'd like me to draw, but I don't do actual requests. Requests take up time and materials which I could be using to draw things I want to draw. Plus, I don't even get money for my time or to purchase new materials. It's not respectful to expect someone to do a huge time consuming project for you for nothing in return. Especially when they don't even know you. So sorry. No free pics.

· Do you take commissions?
Yes. I'm sometimes opened for commissions, but at this time I currently only do them in my spare time or when I feel like doing them. I'll keep you notified when commissions are opened and closed (along with my prices and rules). Prices vary on complexity and I only accept USD through PayPal. For more information about my commissions, please go here: Commission Info

· Do you give the originals (commissions) and/or provide Prints?
Not at this time. All commissions (traditional or digital) are sent by email in high res. If this is a problem for you, please don't commission me. I also can't make prints of your commission or of works in my gallery at this time, but it is something I'd like to consider in the future.

· Can we do an art trade?
I am sometimes interested in doing an art trade, but please understand that art trades should be fair to both parties involved.

· Can we do a collaboration?
Probably not. Just not something I really care to do and it's a bit more difficult on my end.

3. Art and Original Character Usage Permission

· Can I use your fanart on my website?
Under two conditions: 1. You ask me first (I like to know where my work is being posted). 2. You credit me and keep my name and copyright information on my drawings. Please be respectful of my wishes.

· Can I do gift art of your character(s)?
I love gift art, but please don't do it with the intentions of receiving something in return. All I ask is that you show me your pic(s) and give me credit for my character(s) in your descriptions.

· Can I color one of your Black & White drawings?
Ask me first, please.

***Can I use one of your drawings in a book/video game/movie/etc... I'm making? I'll give you credit.
No. Not at all. My art is created for me. For my stories. Not yours. If you need art for whatever project you're working on and can't create it yourself, please... go support the art community and find an artist to commission. You'll feel more proud of your project knowing you got art created just for it.

***I love your characters. Can I include them in a story I'm working on?
No. Absolutely not.

You may not realize it but when you start adding someone else's characters into your story you begin changing those characters to suit your story. I do not want my characters being written into stories I have no control over. That I have not written myself. I do not want my characters being "good old friends" and "mates" with your characters. That isn't how I see them. How I wrote them. How I created them. How I want them to be. That isn't who my characters are. I'm sure you're very capable of creating your own characters. Characters that would much better suit your story than mine would. Characters that you can change to fit any situation in your story perfectly.

· Can I use your OCs (Original Characters) as my RP (Role Playing) character(s)?
No. Please no... I don't draw for the purpose of people using my stuff. Take some pride in your hobbies - if you RP on a constant basis and are unable to draw, there are a ton of wonderful artists of all price ranges who would be more than happy to take a commission from you. Please stop stealing and disrespecting other people's artwork and characters, and the artists themselves.

Please be respectful of my wishes on all of these matters. Thank you.

4. General Art Questions

· You're not very active, why so slow with posting art?
Well there are a couple of reasons why. Sometimes I just feel lethargic and/or procrastinate so it might take me awhile to get something finished. I'm also easily distracted. I also enjoy other things besides drawing. I'll spend as much time playing Video Games as I would doing art so I juggle my time on what I feel like doing at any particular moment. I draw personal art for my boyfriend that might take up some of my time drawing other things. The art I do for him I usually don't post online so it's up to him if it's posted or not. I also take commissions on occasion.

I am trying to be more active, though.

· How come you draw a lot of fanart?
Because I like a lot of shit that isn't mine.

· How come you don't like critique on your work?
Because I'm a big baby.

Actually, I really just enjoy learning on my own. Improving is very important to me and I take a certain kind of pride in my work knowing I got where I have without help from others unless I specifically wanted their help (I actually ask Falcon and my father for critique all the time). I also don't feel that the community of deviantART can provide me with the right critique, because lets face it, dA isn't exactly a very serious art community.  

Believe it or not, most artists do see their mistakes and most of the time I finish a drawing, I'm mentally yelling at myself for all the mistakes I see when I post it, and being primarily a traditional artist, fixing mistakes and issues is not easy, or can even be impossible, so I've been particularly hard on myself regarding improving and not fucking up.

· Do you post art on other websites that I can't find in your deviantART gallery?
Yes. I have some sketches and concepts in my Live Journal (which I don't use anymore). I have an account at Hentai Foundry which I've posted a small handful of my adult art there. I also post Works in Progress on my Tumblr account.

Tumblr | Twitter | Fur Affinity | Live Stream

· Will you friend me back on (Insert website here)?
I don't friend back like that. It's either we're some kind of friend or I like your art.

It isn't that I don't like you, I just use my watch list to keep up to date with my favorite artists/friends. And just because I don't watch you doesn't mean I think your art sucks, either. It's never anything personal and if it bothers you, you don't have to watch me.

5. Heather and Neelix (Everything Under the Stars)

· Story Summary
Everything Under the Stars is my own original story still in development. A Science Fiction Romance involving a young woman named Heather who was abducted by aliens and sold as a slave on an alien space station many light years from present day Earth.

:bulletblue: Information and Gallery
:bulletblue: Written Story Chapters
:bulletblue: Web Comic Pages
:bulletblue: EUTS on Tumblr

6. Other

· Who is H-Falcon?
He is the love of my life, my best friend, and we share everything together. He is also my collaborative support on "Everything Under the Stars". Without him my story would not be where it is today. You can visit him here: H-Falcon and give him a shout out!

· I noticed you belong to (insert random website/etc here). Can I add you?
You're always welcome to watch me on any site, however if you're sending me a friends request where we have to be mutual friends for the request to be accepted, please, please PLEASE tell me who you are! I get a lot of random friend requests on Xbox Live and other sites by random people and if I don't know who that person is, I don't accept them! So please let me know who you are and where I'd know you from or I wont accept your request.

:bulletblue: Thanks for reading and if you have any questions I could add to the F.A.Q. please post them below in the comments and I'll add them here.

MunchyPaws Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Any other sites you use besides dA that we may follow you on? ; )
Lady-Owl Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013   Digital Artist
I've listed all the ones worth mentioning (same name as here on all of them). The wink face has me curious if you were specifically hinting at something?
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No, not at all haha (sorry to give you that impression). I wasn't able to find it the first time glimpsing through the Q&A : )
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