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Commission Information

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 23, 2007, 10:12 PM
*As of July 2018

Commissions status: Currently Closed.
Contact: orbitalowl.illustrations [at] gmail dot com

Table of Contents
:bulletblue: Payment/Refunds/Rights & Usage/Revisions
:bulletblue: Subjects/Themes
:bulletblue: Prices and Samples
:bulletblue: Additional Charges
:bulletblue: Work Order
:bulletblue: Order Form


Terms of Service


:bulletblue: By commissioning me, you are agreeing that you have read my Terms of Service (ToS) in full, understand, and accept the following information. Failure to read and understand my ToS after accepting to commission me does not exempt you from the following information.

:bulletblue: I have the right to update my ToS without notice. You are responsible for making sure you are up to date on the following information. Check the date at the top to see if anything has been changed/updated since the last time you read it.

:bulletblue: Please understand this is a Business Contract and treat it as such (whether or not we're acquaintances or friends). Emails need to be responded to promptly (preferably within 24 hours) so that I can continue working. Please do not assume I can set your commission aside temporarily to work on something else unless I specifically say that is a possibility. If something comes up on your end and you are unable to reply, please notify me in advance.

:bulletblue: When you commission me, you are buying my time, experience, and the way I choose to do things (my judgement and personal art style preferences). This includes my choices that I think work best for the illustration. Please be absolutely sure you enjoy my art style before choosing to commission me.  I will work with you to give you the best possibly image of what you want, but please understand and respect my personal input, experience, and judgement as well. Please look through my gallery and commission examples before commissioning me to insure you will be happy with the final results of your commission.

Payment Information:

:bulletblue: I only accept Paypal in United States Dollars (USD).

:bulletblue: When I am ready to start your commission, a down payment of at least half of the commission price on all orders [over] $150.00USD is required before any work will be started. All orders [under] $150.00USD are to be paid in full before any work will be started. Payment plans may be offered as an option for orders starting at $200.00USD and up.

:bulletblue: Do not send your Payment before your commission has been confirmed. I will send you all payment instructions. Failure to follow my instructions will result in a refund.

Refunds and Cancellations:

:bulletblue: Once progress of your commission has begun, if you decide you must cancel your order, you will receive a refund for the work I have not done on your commission. It is at my discretion to blacklist you from future business if I feel the cancellation was in poor taste based on how much time you give me in advance, to no notice at all, avoiding my emails/messages, or giving poor excuses as to why you have to cancel, etc.

:bulletblue: I reserve the right to cancel a commission and issue a refund (for work that has not been done) based on rude and inappropriate behavior, poor communication, or other conditions that cause the commission experience to be uncomfortable or difficult.

:bulletblue: Refunds are not available once I have begun the color stage of your commission.

Design Work and Usage:

:bulletblue: All commissions are for personal/private use only - You are paying for my services/time only. I the artist retain all copyright of the image (you retain your copyright to all elements within the illustration that you've created). You may make icons or personal prints, but not for your own profit which includes selling prints and/or merchandise of the commission. They are not to be used for commercial purposes, projects, or to be published unless discussed beforehand and given my written permission. If you wish to purchase the rights of the piece, please contact me for pricing.

:bulletblue: You may make icons, personal prints, etc for your personal use, and post the Resized Web Watermarked Version that I provide for you of your completed commission where ever you'd like (with credit). - All WIPs (Work In Progress) images including: Concepts, Sketches, Line Art, Base Flats, etc. throughout the commission process that I send to you, along with the High Resolution Completed versions of your commission, are not to be posted, used, or shared online without my permission. If you are planning on using your commission as a reference for someone to use as a guide, please notify me of this on your order form so that I can provide you with a larger watermarked version for these purposes.

:bulletblue: I reserve the rights to all work I design within the commission - anything that you did not create or include in your reference images. This includes outfits, hairstyles, accessories, and background objects. You may not use any design work I create specifically for your commission as references for your character(s)/outside of said commission without my written permission.

:bulletblue: I retain the right to recycle any unused poses or ideas from your commission in my future projects. Unless a pose or concept is especially unique, it is possible that similar ideas may be used multiple times within other projects and commissions (such as generic pinup poses, erotica bedroom scenery, etc). I cannot give exclusive rights to any one individual for a very popular concept, pose, or scene. This would be similar to claiming all rights to "Summer Beach" Themed scenes, for example.

:bulletblue: Unless requested otherwise (holiday, Birthday, or special occasion), I will almost always post up your commission in one (or all) of my online galleries at my discretion as I finish them. This may also include the process (creation) WIPs of your commission. If you want your commission kept private, I will do so for a fee and depending upon the circumstances.


:bulletblue: Always provide clear consistent visual character references whether it's your character or a character from a movie/game/book/etc. This includes all clothing, accessory, and background elements. I will not do the research for you. Consistent is defined as all of your references are not drastically different in design from one another (I will not do guess work or interpret how your character is supposed to be if things vary from reference to reference - if your refs differ from one another, please point out the parts you prefer). The more complex your character is, the harder it so for me to interpret how they are supposed to look from multiple angles. This is particularly important for Robotic characters, armor, or characters with large tattoos/designs wrapped around their body.

If you fail to provide proper, organized references, I have the right to decline. If you require I do specific research for you, and I accept, I may charge a small fee.


:bulletblue: The time it takes to complete your commission is determined by my schedule, workload, communication, and complexity of your commission. The time may range between a day, up to a month, or more (for very complex expensive commissions). Each commission experience is unique and I offer an estimated turnaround time. You are free to inquire about the status of your commission via email (not through social media). I post the status of my current progress in my queue located here: [LINK].

:bulletblue: I usually try to work on commissions in the order they were reserved and paid for, however please understand I am not always only working on your commission. I may alternate between slots as needed to keep projects fresh and not get burnt out, or dabble in my own personal projects in between working on your commission in my free time. I also do not work on art every single day, nor work all day long.

:bulletblue: How quickly you (the commissioner) and I (the artist) communicate with one another is also a very important factor in how quickly I finish work for you. You may have already paid me, or be first in my slots, but if you take a long time to get back to my emails, than I will move on to the next person. You will not lose your slot.


:bulletblue: As I work with my clients and show WIPs (works in progress) throughout every stage of the commission for approval before moving on to the next stage (from concept to color stage), there are only 2 free revisions available (anything more will be an additional charge - up to 4 max).

:bulletblue: Please make sure you know what you want when you commission me to limit the number of revisions required. We will discuss the details and adjust things as needed, but last minute changes and additions to your commission past the line art stage wont be tolerated and will be declined unless you wish to pay for these changes/adjustments. Once I begin the Line Art stage of your commission, I no longer include elements to your commission that were not previously discussed in the concept stage.


Subject/Themes- What I will & will not do.

What I wont draw:
:bulletblue: Extreme Violence/Hate Art.
:bulletblue: Certain Fetishes (Inflation/Vore/etc)
:bulletblue: Characters without any reference images
:bulletblue: Any material I find offensive.
:bulletblue: I reserves the right to decline any commission inquiries without explanation.

My Strengths/Preferences:
:bulletblue: Organic Humanoid characters (male or female - Aliens/Monsters/Creatures/Anthro/Furry/Humans
:bulletblue: Anything space/sci-fi related.
:bulletblue: Pinups
:bulletblue: Scenes/Atmospheric
:bulletblue: Emotions/Romance/Couples
:bulletblue: Nudes & Sexual (NSFW)
:bulletblue: I will draw both fan art and original characters.

What I will Sometimes draw:
Special occasion art that is usually complex/time consuming.

:bulletblue: Full robotic characters (Transformers and other robotic characters)
:bulletblue: Armored Characters (both Sci-Fi and Fantasy)
:bulletblue: Guns & Vehicles
:bulletblue: Gore (blood/organs such as zombies, horror content, battle scenes, animals hunting/being hunted/eating)
:bulletblue: Ferals/Animals ( Depends on the image/content)
:bulletblue: Full backgrounds
:bulletblue: Reference/Character Sheets.


What's currently being offered - Prices and Samples


:bulletblue: All commissions are Digital Art - illustrations created from the ground up on the computer using the art program Clip Studio Paint EX/PRO (Manga Studio) and a Wacom Intuos5 Touch Tablet.

:bulletblue: All of the following prices are example Base/Starting Prices for you to get an idea of the price of your commission. They are per one character. Backgrounds not included unless stated. Please understand that each work is a unique piece of art and experience, and final prices may differ depending on your order specifications. Illustrations can vary between a single character, to an elaborate scene, and several options in between. Overly complicated subjects will take longer due to detailed rendering, research, and lots of adjustments, and therefore will cost more. Please contact me for a price quote.

:bulletblue: Please be aware some examples are NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

Portrait : Head to Shoulders.
Bust : Head to chest, may include arms/hands.
Partial : Head to thighs (3/4).
Full Body : As described.

:bulletgreen: = open
:bulletred: = closed

:bulletgreen: Toned Character Sketch Illustration ( Example: link )
Information - Base Price: Flat single character sketch illustration.

Portrait : $20.00USD
Bust : $25.00USD
Partial : $30.00USD
Full : $35.00USD

+ Additional characters (when available) same as base price of the first character for this commission type.
*Please read below for possible additional charges for items/subjects that may increase the price.

:bulletgreen: Cel Shaded Character Illustration ( Examples: link | link | link | link | link )
Information - Base Price: Line art, flat color cel shaded single character illustration.

Portrait : $30.00USD
Bust : $40.00 USD
Partial : $50.00USD
Full Body : $60.00USD

+ Additional characters (when available) same as base price of the first character for this commission type.

+ 10% for Simple BGs - defined as loose, abstract shapes and colors to imply a basic scene
+ 35% for Complicated backgrounds and up (depending on complexity) additional cost.

*Check the TOS for items/subjects that may increase the base price.

:bulletgreen: Loose "Wing-It" Painting ( Examples:  link | link | link |link | link | link
Information - Base Price: Loose line art and loose painted style single character illustration. Single color or gradient color background only.

Portrait : $45.00USD
Bust : $55.00USD
Partial : $65.00USD
Full Body : $75.00USD

+ Additional characters (when available) same as base price of the first character for this commission type.

*Loose is defined as slightly sketchy, somewhat wing-it style.

*Check the TOS for items/subjects that may increase the base price.

:bulletgreen: Soft Shaded Character Illustration ( Examples: link | link | link )
Information - Base Price:  Line art, under painting, and multiple levels of shading and lighting single character illustration.

Portrait : $60.00USD
Bust : $70.00 USD
Partial : $85.00USD
Full Body : $100.00USD

+ Additional characters (when available) start at 75% of the base price of the first character.

+ 10% for Simple BGs - defined as loose, abstract shapes and colors to imply a basic scene
+ Complicated backgrounds range from $35.00USD - $75.00USD and up (depending on complexity) additional cost.

*Check the TOS for items/subjects that may increase the base price.

:bulletred: Digital Painted Character Illustration ( Examples: link | link | link | link )
Information - Base Price: Painted full rendered semi realistic single character illustration.

Portrait : $125.00USD
Bust : $150.00 USD
Partial : $175.00USD
Full Body : $200.00USD

+ Additional characters (when available) start at 85% of the base price of the first character.

+ 10% for Simple BGs - defined as loose, abstract shapes and colors to imply a basic scene
+ Complicated backgrounds range from $50.00USD - $100.00USD and up (depending on complexity) additional cost.

*Check the TOS for items/subjects that may increase the base price.

*Please note that these types of commissions take the longest to complete. Anticipate wait times and limited slot openings.

:bulletred: Mix and Match - ( Examples: link )
Information - If you would like the background of your commission to be done in a different coloring method in comparison to the character. The character will start at the base price of the coloring method you choose. Background pricing is below.


Additional Charges

:bulletblue: Additional Characters: Every additional character in the same commission is + 75% (rounded up) the price of the first character on all characters under $75.00USD, and 85% (rounded up) on all characters $75.00USD and over ( The % of characters of different sizes and/or complexities will be adjusted accordingly in the final price quote).

:bulletblue: Backgrounds -
■ Simple one color or gradient color backgrounds are free.
■ Complex lighting with bokeh, lens flares, god beams, etc $5.00USD
■ Blurred suggested BGs start at 10% of the base price and up depending on complexity and size of the illustration (background focused pieces).
■ Objects count as BG elements (beds, chairs, couches, desks, inside a vehicle, etc) The more defined they are, the higher the price. Starting at $15.00USD and up.
■ Scenes will be decided based on complexity and coloring method you want listed above (cel shaded, soft shaded, or painted coloring styles). Scenes start at 50% of the coloring style base price and up depending on complexity. Organic scenes (trees, mountains, water, nature) are not as expensive as man made scenes (buildings, interiors, etc) due to a more structured perspective and usually more detailed, complex environment).

:bulletblue: Complex Subjects: - Robots/Armor/Guns/Weapons/Mechanical parts, very complex full body scales/feathers/spots/stripes/detailed fur/tattoos, wings, additional limbs, complex hairstyles, and outfits. - starting price of 25% and up depending on complexity.

:bulletblue: Adult content (NSFW) based on what is requested (There are some things I wont do, but contact me for details and don't be shy! I'm very open minded, polite, and sensitive on these matters).

:bulletblue: Multiple Revisions - Normal revisions such as adjustments to proportions, fixing general errors, and minor corrections are free up to two times depending on how much needs to be changed. I show WIPs (Works in Progress) images of your commission for every new step (Concept to Refined Sketch, to Line Art, ect) so you can have the chance to have me fix/adjust any errors you want fixed. Complete redraws past the concept stage, however will be charged accordingly.

:bulletblue: Design Work - If you wish for me to come up with the designs of certain elements in your image and don't provide any references or clear descriptions - This includes clothing, hair styles, make up, environments (plates, glasses, floor/wall/ceilings, furniture, etc). This starts at $5.00 USD for simple small items and up depending on the complexity of the work involved. All design work is for the individual commission it is designed for only. I do not sell the rights to the designed work at this time, you're simply paying for the extra effort/time involved in designing things for you.

:bulletblue: Character Sheets/Reference Sheets Prices will be adjusted depending on what is requested. A simple character sheet with only one character will start at the base price of the coloring method chosen. Every additional angle will be set at 50% extra of the price of the first (side shot, back shot, etc). Alternate sexes (only if there is obvious/significant sexual dimorphism) count as additional characters (see above for additional character pricing). If alternate sex is very similar, than it is only 25% additional for the adjustments. If alternate sex is only a color change, than only 15% or less depending on complexity. Additional charges for close ups, clothing options, item options, etc, will be discussed via email in your order form.

:bulletblue: Private Fee - Every private commission is one less example I have, and may require me to go long periods of time without any new submission(s) to post because it's private, which causes inactivity from me (no new posts in my galleries) for a period of time which hurts my ability to grow an audience and bring in more work. Due to this, the private fee is currently set at 25% of your commission price if you request your piece to be private (not posted online). If it is 100% private (not worked on via live streams or shown in a live stream), then the fee is 35%.

:bulletblue: Research fee: If you are unable to provide decent references, or require that I do research hunting to get the proper details for your commission, depending on the amount of research needed, it will be between 10% to 30% of the final commission price.

:bulletblue: Rush fee: 30% of the commission price for time sensitive commissions that need to be completed by a strict deadline on short notice (this price can vary depending on the severity and complexity of the request). If I am unable to to keep the deadline for any reason of my own fault, I will deduct this fee. However, if I am not able to complete the commission by the deadline due to delayed communication on your end, the fee will not be deducted.

:bulletblue: Closed Commission fee: I will sometimes do commissions despite my commissions being closed. I charge a closed commission fee of 10% of the commission price if you request a commission when my commissions are closed if I am willing to accept.


Work Order

1. Details and Price quote Discussed - Commission Accepted
2. Character References and payment sent (all orders under $150.00USD paid in full before work begins)
3. Quick Sketch Concept idea done and sent to commissioner for revisions (poses, concepts, composition, colors, etc)
4. Refined Final sketch sent to commissioner for any final needed revisions. ( Major additional revisions are charged extra at this point)
5. Line Art Done (no free revisions available after line art stage is complete)
6. Receive Full payment (if over $100USD) before color work is started.
7. Colors Done (WIPs will be sent upon request and minor color change revisions are free of charge - I will not add unplanned changes at this point).
8. Everything sent as a High Res jpg via email


Order Form

The following is all required information I'll need for your commission. Once I have the details I can give you a quote and we can continue from there. Please send this information to: orbitalowl.illustrations [at] gmail dot com

:bulletblue: Commission Type:
This section is intended to be blunt/simple. Do not go into specific details here.
What you would like to commission me for: Character Coloring Method (Painted/Cel/Soft/Comic) | Type (Full Body/Half body/bust/character sheet/etc) |Background (No BG, Full Scene, Single color, implied blurred scene, bokeh, etc) Background Color type (If there is no BG just type N/A) (Painted/Cel/Soft/Comic, etc)

Example: Character Coloring Method (Soft Shading) | Type (Half Body) | Background (Full Scene) | Background Color Type (Soft Shading)

:bulletblue: Contact info:
Your Paypal email, and your username for the website you contacted me from so I have an alternate way to reach you (deviantART/Fur Affinity/Tumblr, etc..)

:bulletblue: Character Visual References:
I'll need ALL required visual references of your character(s) - This includes all clothing and held items you want included in your commission. Please provide me with a reference of all of your character's base colors such as eyes, hair, skin tone, even blood color (this includes clothing and accessories).

:bulletblue: Character Personality Description:
Visual and basic bio description of your character such as age, gender, height, interests, dislikes, etc (please keep them short and to the point ). If this information is on a visual character reference sheet that you already included above, then you can skip this part.

Also include: Who IS your character? Feel free to go into detail about your character(s) here (not just the basics as you listed above). If you would like to tell me who they are and their back story (if they have one) that goes here.

:bulletblue: Character Poses Composition:
If there is something very specific you'd like, please describe or provide references here. If you have a particular pose in mind, feel free to describe or show me some references. This isn't required as I can come up with concepts for you from the information you've provided above.

:bulletblue: Background References:
If you have a specific background environment in mind, please include all visual references and/or descriptions here. This includes any items within the background such as beds, floors, walls, furniture, etc. I need to know what everything looks like and what colors all of the BG elements are.

:bulletblue: Environmental Light Colors:
Lighting affects your characters base colors! I need to know if this is important to you as I often do very dramatic lighting.

I need to know the colors of the lighting you want for your commission. If we are indoors, do you want white light, fluorescent lighting, sunlight from the windows, fire such as candles/fireplace, etc. Time of day alters colors, too. If you are unsure, or would like to give me artistic freedom with environmental lighting, we can discuss the details via email.

:bulletblue: Personality and Theme:
Now that I know about your character and the background you'd like, this section is to basically tell me the overall mood of your commission: how you want your commission to feel. The emotion/expression/body language you want your character to be portraying (sad, happy, lustful, arrogant, etc). The theme/feeling/atmosphere of the image such as is it dark and evil, cold and lonely, creepy/scary, warm/happy/blissful, etc along with anything else you feel would be helpful for me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below in the comments or you can contact via email ( orbitalowl.illustrations [at] gmail dot com )

Thank you for your interest!

kademorton Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2011  Professional Writer
This was posted back in May, are you still closed for commissions?
Lady-Owl Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011   Digital Artist
Actually, it was posted back in 2007. ^^;

It's just my basic commission information. I last updated it in May but I was considering doing another update again.

At the moment I'm closed but you can send me a note to let me know what you're interested in and I can give you an idea if and when I'd be able to do it.

Do keep in mind that since I plan on changing things up a bit, the current prices aren't completely accurate but nothing has changed drastically either. I was thinking of simplifying things is all.
Cen0 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2007

i might if i have the will to stop playing burning crusade long enough to decide
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