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Stay with me

    "I took the stars from my eyes, and then I made a map
    I knew that somehow I could find my way back
    Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too
    So I stayed in the darkness with you."

A long while ago, someone (I wish I could remember who and track down the original comment) told me that they were reminded of EUTS when they heard Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine.

This was done specifically for Valentine's day, but it served a few other purposes. There are some things I wish I had more time to clean up since it's not as polished as I'd have liked (roughness here and there), but I'm pleased with it. I chose that specific part of the song because perhaps there may be a chance, but if ever presented with it, could she truly go..

I hope to bring EUTS back in full force this year. I'll have more info very soon.

If you would like to find out more about my characters, Heather and Neelix, and their story Everything Under the Stars, all info and content can be found here: link

Please be respectful in your comments. Thank you.

Materials: Photoshop 5.0 (1998) | Wacom Intuos5 touch tablet

Everything Under the Stars © Lady-Owl & H-Falcon | Art © Lady-Owl 2015 | Please do not redistribute, claim, copy, reproduce, edit, or use in any way without my permission. Thank you.
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These two are so beautiful together.
Jesus Christ, do you have any idea how long it took me to find your drawings and stuff. :P

It was a god damn nightmare.
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Not sure what you mean?
I read you're story at one point and wanted to read more of it. But one of the computers was replaced with my old one. Which made finding your story a crick in the neck to find. Sorry about earlier.
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No need to be sorry, it's ok!

I was just curious is all since I've had a few other cases over the years where people had trouble finding me again after a long time. I always wondered why in most of those cases, the individual never decided to follow me.
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In the years that I have been watching this comic / novel, I have noticed you seem to like to use symbols in your story. I would like to understand why these two are a couple. This story has an atmosphere that resembles what you would find in a fable, or fairy tale. That could explain the female character, and the fact why the other alien characters seem like human beings. Are you trying to induce some sort of symbolism for your female character being an human, and the extra terrestrial to resemble an animal you would find in planet earth (almost like a gazelle)?
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It's almost been a decade now since I created Neelix, Heather, and Veeno. While I remember a good portion of my inspirations for the characters, certain design choices (such as Neelix's dark facial markings resembling that of a Thomson's Gazelle), was not actually intentional and a complete coincidence. I'm afraid that I actually cannot remember why I chose that specific design choice for him other than perhaps it just worked well with his overall design and added something interesting and unique to his face. Unless it was a subconscious thing, as I was fond of the Thomson's Gazelle as a child.

It's possible in my old notes and sketches, I may have written something down to explain the choice, but at this current time, I honestly can't remember any connection to it.

Most of the choices and symbols within my story are a reflection of my life circumstances and the personal preferences of myself, and my boyfriend (who is also a big part of the creation of the story), H-Falcon. The aliens in my story are not intended to resemble any animals on Earth. There may be similarities, but they were not designed with that intention, and half of the alien cast were actually designed visually after I created them for the story, and I then had to design an appearance for them based on how I viewed them in my mind as "personalities" first, which is why characters like Tes and Gale are a little less alien in design compared to the others.

My description on this drawing may give you some insight (if you haven't already seen/read it): EUTS: Origins

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by wanting to understand why these two are a couple?
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Sorry for my grammar error an for human.
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Hello, Michelle;

Nothing in particular. I have to be honest and say thank you, because I had to read your description in the picture EUTS: Origins. And now I understand.

I do admire the effort you gave to your works over the years. I just thought I could show you my observation of what you are doing. You seem to like fantasy, and you show in your profile that you like the film of the Dark Crystal.  

So, I thought maybe you could fall to the two categories of Fantasy and Science fiction.

What I love about your style is how intense, comprehensive and expressive you try to be when describing your characters. You put a lot of yourself into your works, and I thought it would be interesting to make an observation from a psychological point of view. And maybe open a new door to how your art can be interpreted.

Also, do you want to pursue a career as a writer? :)
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It's me again! Lol, I just can't stay away from your art. Love it but I've been thinking and I believe this song…; goes great with this scene as well.
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I have a question, if you don't mind to answer, but when (if you do) write about Neelix's appearance how do you go about doing it? I'm finding it difficult to put down in words how my Ithirian species looks like.
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Hey CustodialData,

Honestly, going into deep descriptions about my character's appearances and even the environments themselves, have been unfortunately very weak in my writing. I'm an artist primarily, and a writer second so I naively had figured that since I've provided visuals for my story well before even writing it, that most of my audience was either already familiar with how the characters looked, or they could just check out my gallery for their bios. Because of this, I had left much of their physical descriptions very vague or nonexistent entirely.

I have written Neelix's appearance with a little more depth than the other characters because of Heather's romantic interactions with him. She often explores his features and body both visually and physically and so I have focused in more on what she is experiencing from a more intimate point of view.

The best advice I can think to offer, would be to compare your species to Earth creatures your audience would be likely to know. For example, equine could be used to describe Neelix's facial structure, and I often describe the black markings on his face as concaved and ribbed. I make sure to say "skin" often since in the past some of my readers had thought Neelix had very fine fur/hair covering his body.

If comparing your species to Earth animals is not something you want to do (simply because you don't want people to make that kind of connection with them), then I'd suggest using terms like "short, flat face" such as what a human has, or "Elongated muzzle" for a character with a longer face like Neelix. For example, I haven't ever described Veeno in writing, so I might describe him as having a slight protrusion of the muzzle in comparison to a human's face, with sharp witty, yet friendly yellow eyes with a cat like sliver of a pupil. A fang likely to show in his coy smile, with a scruff of fur growing out the bottom of his chin. Overall primate like features with thick, slightly coarse fur covering most of his body except for where it grows short and fine over his face, and completely nonexistent on the palms of his hands. A thick head plate that is reminiscent of a boney helmet that sweeps off towards the back, and has thick ridges that cover over his forehead that resembles large brows.

Hopefully all of that is what you were looking for in your question! :)
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Thank you so much! That helped me out, gave me a couple of ideas to work with. Also, your story seems very interesting and I will give it a read through. Love your art as well. :)
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You're very welcome! I'm glad to be able to help and thank you, too. n_n
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have you ever thought about drawing neelix as a human and heather as whatever neelix is?
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Not really. Why is this a thing, anyway?
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Aww, this is adorable! :3
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You made a cute and romantic scene. Heart Flower Emote - Free to use At same time,Cosmic Love is a pretty music with awesome images! Rarity Icon 
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This is beautiful. <3
I particularly like the shadows cast on Neelix's fingers. An odd detail to focus on I know, but I like it regardless. XD
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Thank you and that's not odd at all! Despite the seemingly "lesser" parts within a drawing, all have their importance to make the scene what it is, with thought, time, and care put into each part, so knowing anyone may like those little things, is very nice and greatly appreciated to know!
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This looks so intimate
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