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Chapter One: Abduction

© Lady Owl

A small alien spacecraft slipped undetected past a stationary marker buoy. This buoy is one of trillions that make up a grid that marks the border between known and unknown space. The two creatures within this craft belong to a society of many alien races known as the Concord. Every individual is forbidden from passing this border by law of this Concord. However, these two aliens will risk it for their goal is to explore uncharted worlds, beyond the borders to scavenge anything they can find to take back and sell in the black market. Technology, resources, even alien animals and people unknown to them.

Since the entire mission is illegal, they could face severe criminal charges if caught, but they must. It's within their nature. They're a pirating people. Their very race's survival depends upon their scavenging and profit skills. They're a simple race that most higher races within the Concord look down upon. The only reason they are apart of the Concord is because they are an intelligent enough, known species within the galaxy and they do offer some unique goods and services to the many alien members, even if many of those services are shady.

Having traveled for quite some time, they had come across several unexplored systems; though most have turned up nothing but junk. They had only found a few pieces of drifting garbage in space that might be of some value. However, excitement rises again as they detect yet another system on their sensors. After examining the system, they are ecstatic to find that one of the planets appears inhabitable. As they enter the system, they decide it would be safe enough to hide on the planet's single moon and examine the situation in depth. They indeed find life but even better, intelligent life by the looks of it. Still rather primitive by a couple centuries, but definitely worth landing here to take a look.

As they Entered the planet's atmosphere, they turned on their stealth systems. Their scanners indicated that whatever technology is present on this alien world would not be able to detect them. Especially not after installing illegal, but enhanced stealth equipment to their ship to escape Concord space. They would never fool a Concord ship, however, but these creatures would never pick them up on any kind of primitive sensors they may have, either.

They descended past the terminator of the planet to the darkened side, their sensors showed several large landmasses. One in particular caught their attention with several huge clusters of lights. As they descended further down, smaller patches of lights could be seen between the larger clusters, separating civilization from wilderness. Finding it best to locate a less populated area, they chose a small group of lights on the edge of one of the wilderness pockets. They could fool sensors, but not eyes.

As they shot down across the night sky, leaving a trail of fire behind them, a young woman, the age of nineteen, caught a glimpse of it from her bedroom window. She had been reading a book on her bed, and saw from the corner of her eye a bright light that quickly faded as soon as it had started. As she ran to her window, she could see the trail of flames go behind the tree line [more excitement, thinking from her part and maybe a different idea of what she might think it is]. Her heart skipped a beat as excitement flooded her. Hopefully it was what she thought it was... and hopefully she would be able to find it when she got there.

Dressed only in her night gown [ might change this to no items at all: she grabbed her camera and a small bag filled with some of her things], she flung a bathrobe around herself and rushed down the stairs, out the front door. She could see a glowing light from behind the trees. She found this odd and hoped someone hadn't already beat her to the impact site.

She ran right into the woods without a second thought. Twigs and leaves cracking beneath her bare feet. The light shined stronger through the trees and she could hear strange sounds pulsing in the distance. The foliage was becoming thicker as she struggled to move through it. Pushing branches aside and forcing herself through as twigs grabbed at her long hair. She pushed hard against the last of the thick branches and stumbled out the other side into a large clearing, the light blinded her. Covering her eyes and attempting to peek between her fingers... her camera dropped. The wind from the hovering object blew leaves all around the clearing. Her bathrobe slipped from her and her hair swirled around in the object's wake. This was certainly no meteorite...

Aboard the ship, the two aliens were arguing with one another. Banging on the control panel as the lights from their ship refused to turn off. They managed to dim them and looked out the window at their surroundings, seeing a creature down below. Animal? Native? They didn't care. This is what they had been searching for. This is what they came to this planet for.

The ship never needed to land. There was no need. Their very prey had come to them. A circular door on the bottom of their ship opened allowing a large beam of light to escape from the inside. The beam moved quickly toward her. She was frozen with fear but even had she not been, the beam of light moved too quickly for her to even attempt to escape and was soon over her. At first nothing happened; but she soon felt a strange tingling against her skin. Goosebumps raised along her arms and she could feel the tiny hairs standing on end. Small rocks within the beam begin to vibrate against the ground and then lifted slowly, hovering. It was a tractor beam! Her mind raced, Straight out of her science fiction novels and they were going to abduct her!

Her heart raced as the upward pull became stronger and her hair slowly lifted off her shoulders and floated up above her head. She began to feel weightless as her feet lifted off the ground... before she had time to even scream, she fell unconscious. Her limp body rose slowly up and into the belly of the ship. The light was swallowed as the door closed shut.

Was this enough, the aliens thought? Was this creature enough to make their trip worthwhile? It had better be since things were getting bad. A small flying pod with horizontal rotating blades and its own beam of light, was coming near. The giant light attached to the pod shinned towards their position. It would seem the creature they had taken was not the only one alerted of their presence. The two aliens bickered back and forth as their fingers fumbled for the controls. They soon lifted quickly up into the night sky. They escaped the planet's gravity and moved back to its moon to hide. They wanted to examine their precious cargo.

A door slid open, shining light into the darkened cargo bay. An elegant looking creature lay unconscious on the floor. Various plant particles and stones along with a few odd items also laid all around the creature. As they scanned it, they found it was female and that it was young. This was a perfect find. They had gotten more than they had ever hoped to find. A young female alien was an extremely profitable thing they could sell. Especially an exotic alien from outside Concord space.

They moved to her and one of them gently lifted her body up into its arms, the other standing close, nervous about its partner dropping the precious cargo. The empty handed one pressed a holographic button on the side of a stasis pod. Its partner put her inside and closed the lid, both watching as the inside of the pod misted up with frigid air and gently froze her in cryo sleep.

The trip back would be a long one. A few months of traveling back on the path they had come by to return to Concord space. She would sleep until then. They left the planet behind. The solar system. Her home. She would never see it again.

The written version of "Everything Under the Stars"

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Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo

This story started out as purely visual (illustrations and comic pages), but because progress has always been an on and off thing since I started it back in 2006, I wanted to at least share their story (Heather and Neelix) with those who were interested, instead of relying solely on the slow progress of telling the story visually. I know over the years so many of you have been very patient and asking on occasion, but I just can't give a for sure answer on progress updates all the time. I work on my artwork/story as inspiration strikes me and when I have time to dedicate to personal projects, and it would be disrespectful to the story, myself, and to everyone who enjoys it, if I forced myself into it just for the sake of consistent updates.

Before anyone begins reading, or commenting, it's important to understand that I am not a writer. I never intended to be a writer nor claim to be one. This was done purely for fun and to organize my thoughts in word form (like a script) to help create the comic, and posted because of fan's requests to know the story, and my lack of progress on the comic.

:bulletred: Please take into consideration that because of the nature of this stories' progression over the years, earlier content is not of the same quality as newer content. Like everyone, we grow and improve over the years. Please check dates of when things were posted.

:bulletred: Since this is a Science Fiction Romance that contains aliens, there is xenophilia qualities in the story. If you've enjoyed the drawings and comics thus far, you pretty much know what to expect... for the most part. :plotting:

I have received comments in the past from those who felt the need to critique/criticize my story/concepts despite the above facts. Please just don't.

I ask kindly not to bother with any corrections unless they're spelling, typos, grammar, or something easily fixable. As I've already stated before, this is rough so there are bound to be plenty of mistakes.

So I hope you enjoy and the next chapter will be posted next Friday.

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Everything Under the Stars by Lady-Owl

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The-Second-Brother's avatar
Alien slavers! I like it :D I might of liked more of a description of them off the batt, but still I think this is a good start
Lady-Owl's avatar
Oh yes, early on I had a bad habit of lacking in the description department, mostly because I figured that as a visual artist, most people saw my illustrations first and had an idea of what things looked like already before reading the story. =p

But thank you! It's old and rough and I'm sure one day I'll go back and rewrite it, but I kinda find it interesting to see who is willing to see past all that, give it a go, and look at it as kind of a time capsule piece. I guess comparable to seeing a web comic's early days and how much the art has improved from when you first started reading, up to the most recent post.
The-Second-Brother's avatar
Heh I guess so :D Well the pictures do help; they're very good by the way!  I feel you on the descriptions though; it's hard to describe original aliens and keep on describing them as you write so the reader doesn't forget what they look like right!  It's something I'm working hard on mastering myself
Out of curiosity, Owl are there gonna be more stories at some point, besides this one? Don't get the wrong idea, this thing looks cool. I'm just curious that's all. :P
CommnderShepard117's avatar
I find this story very intriquing. But I am wondering what do these aliens look like. What do they look like? I really like the reaction on that girl's face when she tried to find that was in the sky and I wonder what is going to happen to her next. I am going to continue!
Lady-Owl's avatar
You can find out a lot of info with a little digging:…
CommnderShepard117's avatar
OOOHHHHHHH got it now! He looks like a dino-giraffe?
AJInu-Okami's avatar
I love it already ^^
aximilifaolan's avatar
wow...i was just reading cause i saw the most recent pic of heather and neelix (and i'm a total geek, therefore i am drawn to anything related to sci-fi) this is much better than i'd expected it would be, and i've only finished the first chapter! if it's like this all the way through, you might have yourself a new fangirl! X3
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This deviation has been featured here : [link]
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Heh, thank you! n_n
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Ah well written story, really enjoyed reading it! Will read on!
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Thank you very much!
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This is soooo awesome! ^^
CatherinaWolf's avatar
This is quite well done for something done only to organize your thoughts. Sure, it is a bit blunt in places but it is still good. There were, however, a few sentences that were somewhat..... awkward..... Anyway, I like it. And, by the by, I don't think this is in any way "amateurish." If you can spell correctly and make proper sentences that get your point across you aren't an amateur. Or at least that's what I think......
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you very much. I can promise that later chapters are a lot better though. c:
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You're welcome.... I am actually already reading through them and am thoroughly enjoying.
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