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EUTS Portraits: Veeno


Veeno is up first! Check out journal for more information!!! [link]
You get to vote on who comes next! Don't tell me who you want next in your comments, (you'll make Veeno sad) save that for the poll!

I love how this came out. I think the simplicity and the shadows make it almost come off as a still in an animated movie which is awesome. XD

Nitpicking not desired. kthxbia


Veeno: ( Pronounced/Rhymes with Mean/Bean-oh)
Species Population on Station: Uncommon
Age: 26 in Human years
Occupation: Slave Caretaker
Family: Big family, all off station and long distance.
Current address: Small quarters on bottom most deck of Living District
Hobbies: Hanging at the clubs for social drinking and picking up girls.
Theme Song: [link]

    Veeno is Neelix's best friend of many years, which some might find odd due to their contrasting personalities.

    He is extremely social, especially with females of almost any species. A real ladies man, womanizer, and charmer, also a bit vain; he feels that the world is his for the taking if you know how to work it... and he certainly knows what he wants and how to get it. However, although he may come off as a jerk at first glance, the girls at the club seem to get a kick out of him and enjoy his playful and fun personality. Most of them are after the same thing he is, so there is usually never any hurt feelings in their games of lust.

    Despite these stereotypical "negative" personality traits, Veeno is a very kind hearted and respectful individual who is more understanding of things than he leads people to believe at first glance.

    Because of his occupation, he is also very knowledgeable when it comes to the many different species of aliens that he shares the station with. He dislikes his job, though and disagrees with the idea of slavery and makes it a personal goal to treat even the most vicious of slave beasts with utmost respect.

    He tends to push Neelix a lot into being more social, but only because he feels bad that his friend seems to be lonely and hides himself in his work all the time.

Random Facts:
- Has a thing for Ala but respects her as a friend.
- Enjoys strange foods most would find appalling.
- Dislikes his boss.
- Acts as Heather's guardian angel along side Ala.
- Curious nature leads to willingness to try anything once. Be it food, girls whatever.

Notes: If there is anything I forgot to mention or something you would like to know, just let me know and I'll see about adding it unless it is plot relevant for future chapters. Species names are still being decided so... uh.. yeah.. OTL

:bulletpurple: Story: Everything Under the Stars Cover and Hub

Size: 8.5 x 11
Media: Prismacolor Colored Pencils
Prismacolor Markers (eyes only)
White Gel Pen
Background/Lighting/Text created in Photoshop 5

Everything Under the Stars © Lady Owl
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Miss-Half-Crazed's avatar
I don't know why, but Veeno is one of my favorites, he's one of those guys you'd play a game of pool with at the bar.

Loving the story so far!
Lady-Owl's avatar
That's the charmer in him! Veeno is one of my favs, too. :)
Alondra-chui's avatar
To me, Veeno reminds me of a combination of Zini from Disney's Dinosaur and Daxter from the Jak and Daxter games.

PS: loving your story so far
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you and I'm glad you're enjoying it. c:

And darn, I haven't seen Disney's Dinosaur in ages (I own the DVD somewhere), but I knew who you were talking about. As for Daxter, I've never played the games (I do know of the character), but doing a quick youtube search to get a sense of what you were referring to, both Zini and Daxter are far too quirky and eccentric in their mannerisms and voices (though I can understand why you were reminded of them with Veeno).

Veeno is smooth, confident (but not full of himself), and has a sly sense of humor. He's a smart ass, but in a joking, playful way (and friendly), instead of a snarky tone like Daxter seems to have, and not quirky like Zini. The voice is also important to mention since both Daxter and Zini have higher pitched, almost obnoxious voices, whereas Veeno's is somewhat similar to the singer in the song I linked in the description of this drawing (not the deep voice).

I wish I could think of a character that is similar to Veeno that I could give as an example. Some of his characteristics were inspired by my boyfriend's best friend, so unfortunately I'm unable to provide anything, in that regard.
Alondra-chui's avatar
I think it's his design that reminds me of Zini. But then it might just be me. I can't really compare Veeno to anybody either. To me he is a trully unique character.

But oddly when it comes to Neelix he reminds of one my own character from a story I writing =D
Lady-Owl's avatar
Nah, I can see what you mean with a resemblance between Zini and Veeno, especially in this drawing since his fur looks more messy the way I drew it, and obviously Veeno's primate/simian facial design. And thank you, it makes me happy to know you find him unique. c:

As for Neelix, he has a couple more specific physical inspirations (though he has changed a bit over the years) such as Preed from Titan A.E. (a very special movie for my boyfriend and I), Steve Busemi (his deep set eyes), and the anthro hexadragons (the longer torso they sometimes have - though I don't draw his torso that long ever since my original concept drawing of him, which you can see here:…).
Alondra-chui's avatar
I thought Neelix reminded me of a character from something I watched recently. Titan A.E was on the other month on one of the movie chanels. Neelix might look like Preed, but he's the complete opposite and I think he's adorable :love:
UltraViolet1197's avatar
so matches his personality
Forsaken-Blue's avatar
Awesome! The detail is incredible ^_^
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you very much! n_n
Lordwormm's avatar
Oh wow, he looks amazing! I am so stoked to see each and every one of your entries! :)
Lady-Owl's avatar
Heh heh, thank you so much! I'm just as excited to share them all! I'm having a lot of fun with these. n_n
PhilosopherPariah's avatar
Magnificent XD. The drawing's great, and the music complements it beautifully, it's like the next moment's gonna be a wink and an "oh yeah" or "I uh, noticed you, noticing me, baby."
Lady-Owl's avatar
Haha, I'm so glad to know that you and others are able to know Veeno so well! I know sometimes it's hard to portray characters how we see them in our head and everyone might view them differently sometimes.

And thank you so much for your comment!
Sejuay's avatar
It's the goatee's fault. :P
H-Falcon's avatar
lol... maybe someone should hold him down and shave him... :devilish:

Then again why stop at just the Goatee... maybe someone should shave him bare... completely! :evillaugh:
Sejuay's avatar
I'll leave that up to the lady folk. >_> <_<
AmanndaSierra's avatar
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you! n_n
MurraMyrrh's avatar
This pic of him kinda makes me think of one of those dateing websites or something, with his profile pic. XD I say this in a good way.
He looks GREAT in this pic, he really does. That smirk just gets me. It makes me smirk back. XD Beautiful job Owl.
I was wondering when you would post more stuffs. Lol, figured you were busy either kickin' Naz and taking manes on Halo or working on the story. I love your art, I really do. :la: This was a great surprise at the bottom of my inbox. ^_^
Lady-Owl's avatar
Lol! Ha I totally see it. XD

Aww, thank you, Murra! I really wanted to bring out his sexy charms in this drawing. Have him playing a little with his goatee, sly smirk, slightly slanted eyes, his chest fur sticking out a little but nicely groomed. XD

Lol Naz and manes. I have been playing a little too much Halos lately but I've also been working on a bunch of random drawings all month (birthday pics for Falcon and story stuffs) and jumping back and forth with writing the story. The next chapter is almost finished but I wanna wait until all the portraits are up before I post it. c:
MurraMyrrh's avatar
Pssssh, too much Halo? Impossable.
Random drawings are fun! ^3^ And Falcon's B-Day's commin' up? Lol, so is Tsugae's. Too bad Duke was pushed back, I was going to get him that. Now his painting is going to be unpartnered. =( So when is Falcon's B-Day?
Well, as I will always tell you, don't rush the chapter! Though I'm super extatic to read it when it finally gets posted. :la: Though I can't wait for the rest of the portraits too! :la:
H-Falcon's avatar
Already passed.
MurraMyrrh's avatar
=( Well happy late b-day! XD
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