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EUTS Portraits: Tes


Tes is second. Still to go are Heather and Neelix in that order. Also, thank you guys so much for your comments. I promise I will reply to every one!

So, Tes is new but she most certainly plays a pretty big role in the story later on.

I knew I wanted to make a female mechanic at some point as for one, I don't have that many female characters to begin with and I'm all about gender equality so why not have a woman doing a job most might consider a guy thing? So the first concepts for Tes were born. c:

Her image was also inspired off a girl who had this extremely light blond hair tied back in a tight french braid and wore a cooking apron that went all the way down to the floor, which was perfect for a welder apron concept and also for the types of clothing I wanted Tes to wear when dancing in the club.


Tes: ( Pronounced/Rhymes with: Mess)
Species Population on Station: Somewhat Common
Age: 25 in Human years
Occupation: Mechanic
Family: Small close knit family, one member on station.
Current address: Medium sized quarters (roommate recently moved out) middle of the Living District.
Hobbies: Underground Clubbing, Dancing
Theme Song: [link]

    Tes is rather sassy, coy, and a smartass, but she is also friendly and outgoing to those she is familiar with.

    She is an ambitious mechanic and wishes desperately to move up in the ranks to finally, after years of hard work, be apart of Neelix's team so she can work on ships, which is a huge passion of hers. However, to Tes' dismay, every time the chance comes around for promotion, she loses out, as Neelix only picks individuals he feels are really ready to be on his team. This has left Tes somewhat bitter and slightly snappy, holding a grudge towards some individuals.

    She greatly admires Neelix's ability as a mechanic, which over the years has formed a bit of a crush on him and feels it to be a great honor whenever he requests her help when things get behind for his team.

    Tes enjoys having fun and laughing with her co-workers and is usually a great person to be around, but when work is concerned, she has a short fuse and wont tolerate goofing off as she takes her work very seriously, trying desperately to get better. When she is upset, she tends to hide herself in her work to dull out and ignore whatever is bothering her.

Random Facts:
- Tes' main form of entertainment is going to an illegitimate, makeshift, underground club for more hard style dancing that she can't find in Muora's clubs. She'll go down there and dance for hours, losing herself in the music.
- She doesn't have many friends and those that hang around her in the club are usually iffy and not very trustworthy.
- She is considered 'one of the guys' at her job and even among Neelix's group. She tends to get along better with them than female friends.
- Tes and Gale have a past and she currently holds a grudge against him. The reasons for this are currently unknown.


Notes: If there is anything I forgot to mention or something you would like to know, just let me know and I'll see about adding it unless it is plot relevant for future chapters. Species names are still being decided so... uh.. yeah.. OTL

:bulletpurple: Story: Everything Under the Stars Cover and Hub

Size: 8.5 x 11
Media: Prismacolor Colored Pencils
White Gel Pen
Background/Lighting/Text created in Photoshop 5
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I'd love to kiss her....sorry if this seems a little weird, but she's just my type of girl, even if she is an alien.
Lady-Owl's avatar
It's not weird. A little bluntly stated, but not weird.
PlagueDoctor1997's avatar
No, I mean the fact that it's just a character you made, didn't want to spook you thinking I was infatuated with your OC. Whether or not you or anyone else think it's weird that I like your characters race, well to each their own taste, and I do like what I see. Just saying this one's mine.
Lady-Owl's avatar
I understand. It's not uncommon for someone to enjoy or find a character someone has done, to be attractive (human or nonhuman, makes no difference), I personally find it to be a compliment if you feel that way, however if you're concerned about spooking someone or coming off as weird, toning it down a notch or two would be the better way to go. It's about how you go about expressing your like for something that can make the person on the receiving end of your comment feel happy, angry, uncomfortable, etc.

In my case, I come from a very open crowd of people so I'm used to and comfortable with people being a little more blunt about their feelings, so long as it isn't done in a rude or disrespectful way.
PlagueDoctor1997's avatar
Aright, just making sure you got it, and it has been well received. I have the nasty habit of coming off one way or another, which get's frustrating when your trying to talk facts and someone depicts you as an a-hole. Believe me, I'm trying to work those kinks out, even started reading a book on how to talk to people, and have seen where I may have went wrong...hmm still can't believe how complicated speech is, especially in todays world and media. Either way glad you understand, oh and did you see the game Battleborn?
Lady-Owl's avatar
Being able to talk to people seems to be an increasing problem with the newer generation due to the internet and smart phone/texting thing.

I think one of the most important aspects of conversation with someone, is to always consider that your words hold real weight and meaning and are not to be casually said without consequence. Try and perceive how your words come off to someone else, and how if those words were spoken to you, how might you feel about them. If you're a very casual, indifferent individual who can fluff something off, for example, it may be difficult to understand that another person might not be that way, and may take the words of another very personal. A key thing to remember is to never be dismissive towards someone if they are offended by what you say, unless of course, it was your intention to offend them, or you don't care that you did, that's another story.

As for Battleborn, saying I'm not a fan of Gearbox Software is an understatement. I've lost respect for the company over the Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco. Aside from that, I didn't much care for Borderlands and Battleborn's art style isn't to my taste, so I have no interest in looking into the game any further.
PlagueDoctor1997's avatar
Your first statement, very true, I find it sometimes difficult to find those who would give the time of day to talk to another person without someone thinking your some kind of creep.

As for your second statement, yes I've learned this the hard way, and try to be careful. Which is why I talk a certain way when I think I understand someone or at least have enough to go on. It's a sort of adaptation toward speech that I have...which sometimes leaves someone feeling strong about me in one way or another. Either way, I'm dealing, and at times feel that trying to talk with people can be a headache, but that could be my own doing since I don't really feel that strong about people, and am a bit paranoid, I sometimes think people aren't as good as they want you to believe. They spout BS.

As for your third statement, I hear that a lot in the comment section for Battleborn. It's either the art they don't like or they cling to their failures, such as Duke Nukem, and as you said, Alien: Colonial Marines. I try not to let that stuff get to me, I may actually miss something. (Don't take as insult, just saying this sometimes happens.) Either way, the story interests me as well as the characters, and the changing environments. It's sort of what I liked about your story since I'm not into the romantic trope, but am excited for the adventures your two main characters will have. Plus I like the interactions with the many characters you already have in it.

Welp, this is everything on my end, nice talking to you. Send a message from time to time if you wanna chat.
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How did you create the lighting effects on her skin/fur in PS?
Lady-Owl's avatar
I just duplicated the layer, set it to color burn, adjusted the opacity to the darkness I wanted, and erased all the areas I didn't want to be in shadow.

I'd assume most experienced digital artists would consider that a rather quick and cheap technique, but I'm a newb when it comes to digital programs and still learning. ^^; I like the effect all the same, though and it seems to help my own work not look so washed out sometimes without making any drastic alterations to the original.
praxcrown5's avatar
Thank you for the advice; it's much appreciated. :D

I'm a bit of a newb to digital art myself; I'm much more comfortable with colored pencils. It would be nice though, as you said, to be able to adjust certain things/add highlights or patterns all the while keeping the original unaltered. It's so easy to make a mistake with colored pencil...and there is no convenient "undo" button, lol.

Thanks, again. %^_^%
anna-nubi's avatar
Oh I really like her specie, I liked Gale, but seeing a female, she looks soooo cool. I've always been into these guyish female figures, they leave big footsteps (Speaking metaphorically of course xD) I think that many stories lack this kind of character ._.
Oh but even though I like her, I kind of hope she doesn't get too much in the way for the lovebirds (Oh you know which xD), ah they could have use of a challenge (Say though they might have enough of that already ._.)
(I'm btw commenting the 'new' portraits a bit late, been on vacation, but getting to it now though!!)
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you so much again, Anna. n_n

I certainly agree that stories tend to lack a character like this or when they attempt one, they fail at portraying them properly. Since, like I said to your other comment on Ala, that I relate to Tes more in that regard, I am hoping I'll be able to write her good and give a unique perspective of a girl who lives in a male's world but is ok with it because she feels at home there and is accepted there.

I wont get too much in Tes' involvement in the story but I know for sure that with Gale already having an interest in Heather, I don't need too many crazy things going on with everyone having a crush on everyone. I need to keep some things realistic here. XD

So there could be some conflict but, nothing so serious that will interfere with the important things. c:

And don't worry about replying late. I am happy you took the time to reply in the first place! I, myself am very late at replying to my comments and have a ton of messages to go through and I'm not even finished posting things for this month! :dead:
Buchanchem's avatar
Like how you did the top of her head ot look like 'hair' braided in a tomboyish style :D. Just out of curiosity but what is her thoughts and feeligns towards Heather? Or is that plot spoilers??
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you so much. I'll probably say it is hair or like, longer fur she braided up.

I'm kicking myself, though for giving her hair; I find it fun to try and make my female aliens look like females, without giving them the things that are typical female traits like breasts and long flowing hair. XD

But I do like her tomboyish style hair, too. c:

I would say that is plot spoilers since Tes is so new and was seen so briefly, we didn't get a chance to see what she really thinks. But the next chapter will have Tes in it along with a decent amount of drama overall. :devilish:
Buchanchem's avatar
Welcome :D. Is it hair/fur?? I looked more simply like lumps on her haid which looked like 'hair' :). but either way it looks very effective ^^. Same for Ala, she screams female even without the feminine body parts :). You've done very well with character development ^^ keep up the great work.

And agh thought it would be a spoiler :) and cool look forward to the next chapter ^^
PurpleCupcakes's avatar
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you and btw, I love your new icon! I adore pixel art and on top of it being super cute, I love how it matches your name. n_n
PurpleCupcakes's avatar
Thanks! The lovely :iconruvii: made it for me, she's great with pixels. =)
Lady-Owl's avatar
Wow yeah, that's really impressive!

I noticed she said she occasional does them for friends and people. I wonder if she'd be interested in a commission?
PurpleCupcakes's avatar
There’s no harm in asking, worst case she turns you down.
Lady-Owl's avatar
Lol, then I'll be emo. D:
PurpleCupcakes's avatar
That's what cookies for. =)
TameFaolchu's avatar
i love it, shes pretty but also fierce looking but i bet under that tough exterior, like you siad, shes friendly. but i got a question, is she by any chance the same species as gale? or similar? just curious =] just saw a few comparisons and wasnt sure so thought id ask =]
TameFaolchu's avatar
oops forget that question, just realized someone had already asked the same xD sorry!
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