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EUTS Portraits: Sniffs


Sniffs won the first round. Muora came in second so I will be doing his portrait next!

Other characters will be decided in the NEXT voting round!

I'm having so much fun with these and I just love the way the bokeh came out. I did have some issues with Sniffs, though. He was small and one of my first drawings on Bristol board that I did not use any makers with and my old pencil techniques just don't work on Bristol. :c

I think he came out good regardless though. OMG first time seeing Sniffs! D:

Nitpicking not desired. kthxbia


Sniffs: (Pronounced 'sniff' with an 's' )
Species Population on Station: Uncommon
Age: 30 in Human years
Occupation: Mechanic
Family: Big family, some on station.
Current address: Large quarters in the middle of the Living District. Shares with Harold and his family.
Hobbies: Stuffing his face with food, sports
Theme Song: Don't have one yet! D:

    Sniffs is widely misunderstood.

    He is an extremely hyper and curious creature, and also very opinionated and blunt in his observations, which is mainly due to the nature of his species. This can cause some conflict with individuals who are not use to his species' behavior, finding him to be very rude and is why it is uncommon to see his species among most other occupants of the station.

    However, he does not intend to come off this way and those that know him, such as his co-workers, have a very high tolerance for his demeanor.

    He is very inquisitive and good at his work. His specialty is his size; his small body allows him to crawl into tight places to repair things that would otherwise be difficult and time consuming for his co-workers to access without him. This ability makes Sniffs a very valuable teammate.

    Other than his size, his speed and perception also gives his team a huge advantage. He has the ability to quickly read and make sense of a problem and even catch on to small changes in people's reactions. This, to Heather's dismay, allowed Sniffs to catch on to her feelings towards Neelix, and his towards her.

Random Facts:
- Harold and Sniffs are extremely good friends... even though they bicker constantly.
- He has a high metabolism and is constantly eating.
- His species has a shorter life span, actually only being 15 Earth years old but is the equivalent of a 30 year old Human. (If this sounds confusing, I am sorry.. OTL ... think of it like your pet dog Note: I've debated about this enough already so not getting into it again. u_u )

Notes: If there is anything I forgot to mention or something you would like to know, just let me know and I'll see about adding it unless it is plot relevant for future chapters. Species names are still being decided so... uh.. yeah.. OTL

:bulletpurple: Story: Everything Under the Stars Cover and Hub

Size: 9 x 12 on Smooth Bristol Board
Media: Prismacolor Colored Pencils
White Gel Pen
Background/Lighting/Text created in Photoshop 5

Everything Under the Stars © Lady Owl
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Not how I pictured him at all but I really like him. :D
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He is so cute^^
I think I would not be able to be angry about his nervous and annoying behaviour.
My-Fairy-Lust's avatar
aww adorable, it makes up for him being annoying. =P
PurpleCupcakes's avatar
Okay, this is cute. =) He's adorable, pretty and so much better then Dr. Hämsterviel. I love the use of oranges, browns and purples and his walking pose is great!
Forsaken-Blue's avatar
Way better than what I imagined ^_^ i thought of him as some cricket-type thing, but this suits him far better :)
Irukapooka's avatar
Awesome! :heart:

Hehe, he's *kind of* what I pictured him! ^^

Glad to meet you Sniffs! *shakes Sniffs' hand/claw/paw*

TameFaolchu's avatar
oh wow cool! not even close to how i imagined him =D i like yours better, my idea was a green bare skinned small roundish creature xD
QuillBoundtoMetalEye's avatar
AWWWWW He look cute for a annoying little bugger. [link]
You're very talented, the color and texture are beyond this world ." YOU CUTE LITTLE BUGGER !"

I can't wait to see the rest of the your other characters and the next chapters.
Lostkavi's avatar
Love it. Nothing like what i'd pictures him as, but rereading the description - I realised wqhat I'd seen was nothing like him >.< It's great to be set straight about thingws like this. Things make more sense when you know what the characters look like to the author. He looks fantastic as usual. When's the next poll coming out?
Fooy723's avatar
Some how I always assumed he was green, and more frog like O_o Not fluffy
awww hes so cute :3
Auh-Kais's avatar
some how I agree I got the idea of him being green as well xD
Lordwormm's avatar
Sniffs is fantastic! I am guessing/hoping we will see Harold next? :)
H-Falcon's avatar
Muora is next. It says so right in the description... In nice... big... bold... letters... :iconfacepalmplz:
Lordwormm's avatar
Yeah, excuse me. Typed before reading.
Rachelevans1013's avatar
I'm very happy with the pic and the bio. Stupid me :stupidme: I had not thought about his appitite being due to a very high metabolism DUUH! Of COURSE! Geez, I feel bad about being annoyed at him... :(...

I like the info on his abilities and relationships too. This is great :D
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Omg...he is like a furry cute tree frog. Okay that is totally going onto my imaginary plushie list along with Tim Gunn anteaters and the tiny slaver aliens.
Rachelevans1013's avatar
Oh! You're right!! I'd buy that plushie in a heartbeat!!
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Very interesting.. including how you did the background. very good.
lonelynightmares's avatar
For some reason I thought Sniffs was going to be furry. :XD:

He's so adorable. I just want to pet him. :meow:
Pixelsnaxs's avatar
lol awesome he looks almost like i pictured him :3 i love it!!!
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Devilish-Motives's avatar
The only diference was that I imagined him more to the gray side, and not so pinkish, but it's just like how I imagined him!!! 8D

I'll be eagerly wainting for Muora 8D
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I wasn't even close to what Sniffs looked like... I feel pretty stupid for thinking that Sniffs looked like an over-grown hamster with a long tail...

but love the Colors!
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