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EUTS Portraits: Neelix


The Portrait Series has come to a close... for now anyway. There is still one main character not yet introduced that will get a portrait later on.

Thank you so much for your participation in this. It's been so much fun and you guys are great. :heart:

And finally... Neelix. Crap, I was late on finishing him.

He got more for a portrait since like Heather and Ala, everyone already knew what he looked like. I also tried to include more info in his bio.. sorta. A bunch of things I am keeping to reveal in the story.

This pic is actually VERY old. Like 2006-2007 old (notice his little tooth! I never draw that anymore D: )? It was a sketch I did forever ago referencing a pose I wish I still had but I had to rework it a bunch since I've gotten better with proportions over the years and Neelix has a longer torso and arms compared to a human.

Anyway, rambling. Too many sexy thoughts while working on this. Gave me some good ideas to add on to some of my future scenes... oh I hope you're ready for the good stuff cause oh boy is it coming. :devilish: I'm hoping I wont shock you guys too much but I fear I will. Oh well.


Neelix: ( Pronounced/Rhymes with: Helix )
Species Population on Station: Very rare. One other resident on station.
Age: 35 in Human years.
Occupation: Head Mechanic
Family: Small family, all off station.
Current address: Medium sized quarters, outer rim of living district so he could have a private hanger which is connected to his quarters via a thin hallway.
Hobbies: Workaholic: Always working on something whether at work or working on his personal custom ship.
Theme Song: [link] (this has been his theme song for ages... I can't not listen to it without thinking of Neelix. A tribute to my inspiration for my story: Titan A.E. c: )

    Neelix is a quiet loner type and is way too use to life as a bachelor. His life style and living environment reflect this as he is almost never home other than to sleep and sometimes eat. He is overly passionate about his job and ship to the point that it was very difficult to get him away from his work... (Veeno struggled with this constantly) until Heather came into his life.

    He's incredibly good at what he does with many years of experience under his belt. Because of this, the Overseer of the station pushed Neelix into becoming the head mechanic. Neelix wasn't too happy about this as he had no interest nor felt qualified to be a leader; However, over time he saw the advantages of being the 'boss' as he could do things his way and found that having a competent team was more convenient than working alone. But even though Neelix is technically in charge at the workshop, he treats most everyone as an equal and leaves others in charge when he is away.

    Neelix hand picks his team members and is clever and resourceful in being able to see each individual for the unique abilities they have to offer. Therefore, he has become a little picky as he isn't just looking for good mechanics for his team, but special characteristics as well.

    Despite seeming all about work, he is actually very friendly and playful when he wants to be which is a side his co-workers don't get to see very often. Though, now that Heather has come into his life, he has become a lot more laid back and cheerful which has caused his co-workers a bit of stress as they have come to rely on him too much.

    Aside from getting back on track at work, Neelix's feelings toward Heather grow stronger everyday. Feelings for her that are stronger than any he has ever felt for anyone else. He worries constantly if she might not feel the same...

Random Facts -
- Neelix has never been on the surface of a planet.

- His goggles have a few special capabilities such as night vision and infrared. An on board computer allows them to identify different types of metal compositions as well as identifying shapes and density of objects so he can more clearly make out the innards of a ship.

- Scents have an important bonding role for his people and for this reason, Heather's scent brings him comfort.

- Neelix and Veeno have been best friends for many years and would practically do anything for one another. They even have full access to each others quarters and know where everything is kept. Veeno in particular treats Neelix's quarters as his second home.


Notes: If there is anything I forgot to mention or something you would like to know, just let me know and I'll see about adding it unless it is plot relevant for future chapters. Species names are still being decided so... uh.. yeah.. OTL

:bulletpurple: Story: Everything Under the Stars Cover and Hub

Size: 9x12
Media: Prismacolor Markers, Prismacolor Pencils
White Gel Pen
Background/Lighting/Text created in Photoshop 5

Everything Under the Stars © Lady Owl
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what about the height info?
i feel like that what is missing for the bio info...

would be nice to know how tall the species are comparing to Heather...
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I'll eventually get a size chart for all the characters and update their bios.
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great! so excited to read more of the story..
when will the next chapter be post?
so wanna know what happen next! ^^
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i swear, i can't stop looking at this picture. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT FACE??? and he's so CUUUUTE with his little goggles....:heart: :love:

hehe...sorry...i have a tendency to fangirl...
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What did neelix first gf look like what was her name
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Want to tell us about the various roommates Neelix had that cemented in the realization that he was different. That made him realize that, as loneley as he was for companionship, that it was not obsession, but something else that bound him to his work. The things that made him alien even among his own people? Alone in a crowd, a backdrop of dancing partying peoples, nobody to talk to, cause nobody is interested in an idle conversation about hull metalergy and proper placement of interstructure sheer pins, and there is really nothing else to talk about, especially for someone not playing the latest game downloads from beta9.
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Huh? What the hell... ?
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lol pubic hair hmmm hmm hmmm
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Wow... you seem to work on this guy a lot.
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Well, he is the main character in my story. c:
Erementarushokan's avatar
Yea. So, what's the whole part of him never stepping foot on planet? Also, where's the rest of his race, if you don't mind me asking.
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Well, when you're born and raised in space and it's all you've known and everything you need to live and be comfortable is available on ships and stations, there is little need for an individual such as himself, to go to a planet other than for maybe vacation purposes.

His species is around, it's just that the station he lives on is rather remote (and run down) from a lot of the main society.
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Ohh. Okay I though his species was extinct or something.
So, whats the story of the station?
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Heh, I am writing a story all about it where all your questions are answered. =p
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Cool. I'd Like to read it.
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