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EUTS Portraits: Muora


Muora came in second so here he is. Voting for the next character is currently open! Go vote and tell me who you want to see next!

I'm also behind on comments but I WILL reply to you! Been super busy working on these lately.

So yes, Muora. I love this picture. I've been staring at the line art for months wanting to eventually get around to a project like this.

I must admit, it took awhile to really get his design down and feeling natural and realistic. The bone plating on his face gave me a lot of problems when first designing it.

And yes... I know, not a full body picture or anything but I promise that will come. At least for now you can see his very cool (in my opinion, anyway) face.

One of my first drawings done on Smooth Bristol AND using Prismacolor Markers as a base. Results look pretty damn good if I do say so myself.


Muora: ( Pronounced: Muh Your Ah )
Species Population on Station: Only one.
Age: 46 in Human years
Occupation: Club Owner among other things...
Family: Ala (Blood family on Homeworld)
Current address: Second Disc, Entertainment District, his personal clubs.
Hobbies: Ship collecting and racing, enjoying his lavish clubs, many other unknown things...
Theme Song: [link]


    Muora is an extremely mysterious individual.

    Very little people know about his past. He came to the station well before Neelix was even born and has been running the station's most popular and luxurious clubs for longer than anyone can remember.

    He has wealth and power that make him one of the top real leaders (the Overseer being a joke to them) of the station. Each leader is in charge of one of their own specialties: Drugs, prostitution, slavery, weapons, etc...
    Muora is in charge of the best entertainment available on the station (dancing, girls, etc) but his main operations are not well known outside a particular circle of individuals. Many assume he is a crime lord because of this, but he'd be the first one to dismiss that claim.

    His most prized possession is his dear lover, Ala. She is his slave, by law and under other unknown circumstances, but he treats her as an equal to himself and loves her more than anything. Not everyone is aware that Ala is so special to him as they assume she is no more important than any of his other girls... until they mess with her... Some have been reported to have never been seen of or heard from again... no one knows what happened to them, but many assume it wasn't pleasant.

    Muora uses his large size, powerful strength, reputation, and intimidating demeanor as a way to demand respect. This has worked for him for many years, as no one would be stupid enough to mess with him. He has made an example out of many. No one fucks with Muora, his clients, his girls, or his property.

    His species is more secluded and solitary and prefer to stay around their homeworld which is why it is extremely rare to find them out in Concord space, let alone so far out at this station. It is unknown why he left his homeworld other than to a very small few.

Random Facts:
- Muora owns three clubs on the station that he rebuilt from the ground up. All three are connected as a giant circle with his and Ala's personal quarters being in the center.
- He has exotic and expensive tastes: His club's decor, the clothing on his girls, his DJ, his ships, etc... are fine examples of this.
- He has a fondness for both Heather and Neelix
- It is extremely rare, but on occasion Muora bonds with individuals he deems worthy, considering them apart of his 'clan'.
- Muora's species has a longer lifespan than most.


Notes: If there is anything I forgot to mention or something you would like to know, just let me know and I'll see about adding it unless it is plot relevant for future chapters. Species names are still being decided so... uh.. yeah.. OTL

:bulletpurple: Story: Everything Under the Stars Cover and Hub

Size: 9 x 12 on Smooth Bristol Board
Media: Prismacolor Markers and Colored Pencils
White Gel Pen
Background/Lighting/Text created in Photoshop 5

Everything Under the Stars © Lady Owl
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they say the eye is the window to the soul. well i see a beautiful, kind soul.

CitrusEucalyptus's avatar
Really amazing male character!  I love his design and bio!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day!
Subj3ct-0's avatar
he reminds me of a sanghelian and a krogan
grisador's avatar
Why I dont know... he is my favourite character :O
HellCrypton's avatar
I must say he looks handsome :o
Lady-Owl's avatar
Heh, I'm sure he'd give a smug smirk to hear that. =p
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He look awesome, this picture explains so many things and yet brings up so many questions.
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Hmm... What does it explain and what does it bring up?
AZREAL258's avatar
It explains why he commands respect and the authority he carries himself with. But I want to know more about him he's so intimidating but not evil  I feel like he's nice but can't afford to let others know it unless they're willing to look. I mean he's not what I expected at all.
H-Falcon's avatar
I see. Very interesting you say such things. It's nice to see someone seeing that there is more then meets the eye and he's not just some big brute thug. :)
AZREAL258's avatar
I'm also interested in why he fell in love with his slave.
H-Falcon's avatar
Well there are many questions. I guess time will tell and if you want to know you'll have to keep reading the story and keeping up.
AZREAL258's avatar
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Glad you like it! There will be more of him in the upcoming comic pages I'll be posting soon. c:
AZREAL258's avatar
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luv his eye in this pic

he's such a hottie and cutie with an expression like that..
tamiiland's avatar
How can such an intimidating creature have such a soft expression? :heart:
Lady-Owl's avatar
Heh heh, cause he's a big softy at heart. n_n
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" Muora's species has a longer lifespan than most. "
How much longer?

Awesome pic, love it. <3

I get an image of someone sitting in an fortune-teller's tent.
" and you meet A dark handsome stranger"
Muora would fit right in that description, like fist in an eye.
sandraman's avatar
- Muora's species has a longer lifespan than most.

Ok how long?
Love the pic.
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Pssst, you need to update Moura's theme song! The video has been removed D=
Lady-Owl's avatar
lol, thank you for letting me know! I was actually aware of it, since a week or two ago I added the song to my favs on youtube... then the uploader removed it. :iconwthplz:

But for future reference (in case it happens again and I somehow forget the name of the song), the song is called: End of the Line by Daft Punk. It's possible it could be tricky to find since it is an unreleased version.
Aerazura's avatar
I hate that when it happens! It takes a chunk out of my playlists when I go try to listen to them every once in a while.
I took a moment to check out the music. Very cool! I don't think I would have ever come across it on my own. I like this as the theme you chose for him.
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