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EUTS Portraits: Heather


So here is Heather. Neelix is last and final for now. I'm currently fighting time with a bad thunder storm so I'll add more to this later.

So one of my goals for this series was that every character would have something new about them. Since most of the characters hadn't been seen before, that was pretty simple.. but for characters like Neelix, Heather, Gale, and Ala, obviously they had been seen so that is why Ala has more of her body showing and Heather has her hair up (even if not one of her new outfits).

This piece took me the longest to complete. Not Heather, herself. She was actually done last month and scanned in with Veeno but the background took me forever but I am so glad with how it came out. Ironic how all the "aliens" have indoor like backgrounds, yet the only Human has the "space" one XD but I really wanted to show Heather's interest in the stars.

I also had trouble deciding on a theme song for her. I wanted to avoid songs about people's "feelings" towards other people or situations and focus on a song that suited the individual's personality. Well I couldn't really find anything I liked for Heather other than the E.T. song by Katy Perry... which unfortunately sings about feelings instead of something that would fit Heather as an individual. If you guys have heard of this song before, you just had to of known I'd eventually use it for this story. XD Way too perfect!

So I hope you guys enjoy. I still haven't even started coloring Neelix yet! OTL

AND CHAPTER 15 WILL BE POSTED HOPEFULLY ON THE 29TH!!! Thank you for your patience with me and I hope to reply to all comments ASAP. :heart:


Name: Heather
Species Population on Station: Human: Only one.
Age: 19
Occupation: Ex student
Family: Average size family, all on Earth.
Current address: Lives with Neelix in his quarters on the station.
Hobbies: Astronomy, Music, reading and researching.
Theme Song:… ( updated song to something better suited - Aug 30th 2013 )


    Heather is a rather shy girl who kept to herself a lot, mostly due to the fact that finding friends that had her same interests, was rather difficult. Some of her fellow students considered her a little geeky because she'd rather talk about what she saw in here telescope than about typical girl stuff.

    She's a fun person and very playful and outgoing with the people who did understand her and stayed her friend despite contrasting interests.

    She always wished that the Human race was more advance so she could explore the beautiful and amazing objects she loved to observe, but being abducted by aliens and sold off as a slave, wasn't exactly what she had in mind when she wanted to see the stars...

    However, despite the tragic events that have happened to her, Heather is a strong willed and minded individual. She does her best to hide her feelings... especially the ever growing ones towards Neelix. These feelings towards him have caused her to be a bit at war with herself as she is unsure how she should feel about falling in love with an alien.

Random Facts:
- Heather loves music and has a ton of it on her ipod which she was fortunate enough to find after the abduction. It is the only thing she has left from home.
- She can be very patient and open minded but sometimes, such as with Sniffs, she can be pushed to her limit.
- Heather really enjoys going to Muora's clubs and loves the atmosphere of them.
- Even though she knows nothing about being a mechanic, she's very interested and eager to offer help to Neelix and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty to give him a hand.


Notes: If there is anything I forgot to mention or something you would like to know, just let me know and I'll see about adding it unless it is plot relevant for future chapters. Species names are still being decided so... uh.. yeah.. OTL

:bulletpurple: Story: Everything Under the Stars Cover and Hub

Size: 8.5x11
Media: Prismacolor Markers and Pencils
Gel Pen
Background/Lighting/Text created in Photoshop 5

Everything Under the Stars © Lady Owl
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Rosereding's avatar
why is she naked?
Lady-Owl's avatar
bc being naked in space sets you free.
CarryePie2's avatar
she is so pretty
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you! Though that image of her is so old now! OTL
CarryePie2's avatar
XD but its soo good!
MaryWatson's avatar
I can completely understand Heather O.O It's really really difficult finding other people who like astronomy and sci-fi... It's exactly the problem I have xD
I just love the story of Neelix and Heather (^_^)
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you so much. n_n I'm very glad to know you're enjoying the story! And I understand. Then the problem arises that when you do find some people who enjoy it, they're not exactly the type of people you expected. Personality clash! :dead:
MaryWatson's avatar
Yeah, you're completely right! Whoohoo, finally found somebody who understands :w00t:
SmileyChibi's avatar
She has my name o3o
SmileyChibi's avatar
She also looks alil like me... oh gosh tahts craaazy x.x
ShurShure's avatar
Good job. I love your style, it's really original.

And i want it. xDD;;
Naucturne's avatar
REALLY love this picture. I like how you characters have so much 'life' to them.
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you, I'm really glad you like it so much! c:
Naucturne's avatar
Your welcome. I :heart: your work.
PantherNight's avatar
Hey, you have a nice story going! Perhaps you could listen to the song Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine. Sorry, I don't have the opportunity to add a link to it now, because it doesn't want to work:-(

I like E.T. But I think it would be more adequate when the story get's more... Hot and intimate perhaps:-)
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you so much and that is a very beautiful song. I could feel the emotion from it as I just listened and read the lyrics along with it. I thank you so very much for sharing it with me.

I do agree E.T. is a little strong for this point in the story. I tend to get ahead of myself and my emotions since for me, the hot and intimate happened years ago, even though my readers are still patiently waiting to see it. XD

I think this song would actually work well with either the next chapter or one after. It has a very confused and lost feeling about it which works well with the feelings I had from the song. n_n
PantherNight's avatar
You're welcome! I'm glad you like it :)

So, do you mean you have written the story years ago and post parts of it now? Not, right? You mean you had the idea of EUTS years ago?

It's up to you :) However, I hope you'll upload new chapters soon! ^-^
Lady-Owl's avatar
I'm hoping to get the next chapter up this week. It's finally almost finished! D:

But yes, I had the idea for EUTS years ago. The story only started out as the characters Neelix, Heather, and Veeno which were created in 2006. People liked it and wanted to know about them so I attempted to slowly tell their story through my art... which proved to be very time consuming so it went on hold for awhile. Only recently in the last 10 months have I been actually writing it out in chapters. Wow.. 10 months already, it's almost been a year and I didn't even realize. :dead:

I've been posting the chapters as I finish them though so that's why sometimes it can be a little while between them. I try my best to get them up pretty quickly though. c:
PantherNight's avatar
I'm surely looking forward to it! :)

I think it's interesting how a simple idea can cause such a big movement... in simply catching one's attraction but also getting more and more inspiration..
wow, 10 month is indeed a long time... So that calls for a EUTS party in two month xD

It's fine, as long as you keep posting them at all! :)
Don't rush it so you don't f*ck up the quality of you're mind and probably hearts work.
malbat's avatar
I didn't get the chance to post this when I first saw it but...
Her eyes... I think they're the most stunning part of this piece. They look alive and it almost feels like she'll start moving if I stare at the picture long enough.
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you very much. I was actually very surprised to know her eyes came off as so intense in this piece. I hadn't noticed that myself but, it's nice to know that despite a colorful large space background that might steal all the attention, instead, what really catches the viewer's eye is something much smaller and intimate. :heart:
Bar-kus's avatar
She looks good with her hair up, and its nice seeing another picture of her looking bolder and much more sure of herself. The space backdrop was a good choice, it shows contrast in one of those funny reversed ways, though its definitely more than appropriate :)
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you and.. wow, yeah you're right about the bold thing. I don't always realize that my gallery pretty much has only emotional sad pics of her, so that is all my viewers have seen... even though I sketch her out often with her being very happy. D:

I'm glad you enjoy the space background, too. I really love scenes of space like that and I'd do them more often if it wasn't a pain in the butt with all that black in traditional media or if I was more skilled with digital. >_>
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