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EUTS Portraits: Harold

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Harold is a minor alien character in my original Sci-Fi Romance story: Everything Under the Stars

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Well, I admit Harold is my least developed character as when I was writing his bio, I realized I didn't have as much to say. But as the story progresses, I know Harold will grow as well and when he does, I'll add more about him here later.

I'd say he is also one of my more alien looking aliens. I know Veeno and Gale aren't exactly extreme in design but sometimes I create the character's looks first and fill in a personality and place for them... and then sometimes they form in my mind first and I draw however I envisioned them all that time. So it just depends.

I know Harold isn't the most popular of the bunch but I hope you enjoy him all the same! n_n

Harold: Pronounced: ( I think it's self explanatory =p )
Species Population on Station: Uncommon
Age: 53 in Human years
Occupation: Mechanic
Family: Wife and several young children all on station living with him.
Current address: Large quarters in the middle of the Living District.
Hobbies: Watching sports with Sniffs, designing new parts for work, spending quality time with his wife.
Theme Song: Don't really have one yet. :c

    Harold is a loving family man who is just as passionate about his wife and children as he is about his work.
    He's much older than the others on Neelix's team with a few more years of experience, but is not the leader type; He's quite satisfied with doing what needs to be done and prefers taking orders, to giving them, not wanting that kind of pressure or responsibility. However, on occasion Neelix will leave him in charge, trusting his ability fully and knowing that the others respect Harold and will do as he asks without question.
    His species is naturally bulky with a decent amount of strength that gives Harold a unique place on the team as the heavy class worker. Being much stronger than the others, he is able to easily lift and handle tools and supplies all by himself that the others cannot without a couple extra helping hands.

Random Facts:
Harold is friendly and gets along well with everyone, especially Sniffs who is his little buddy. The two are inseparable friends despite their bickering.
His speech is unique, sounding slow and slightly monotone.
His species is nocturnal and his skin reflects this as it has a soft dull transparent cyan glow that is visible in dark places.

Notes: If there is anything I forgot to mention or something you would like to know, just let me know and I'll see about adding it unless it is plot relevant for future chapters. Species names are still being decided so... uh.. yeah.. OTL

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Drawn and colored with Prismacolor Markers & Colored Pencils, White Gel Pen, Black Pen, Pencil on size 9x12 Smooth Bristol Board
Background/Lighting/Text created in Photoshop 5.0 (1998) | Textures:
Art & Character © Lady Owl 2011

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© 2011 - 2021 Lady-Owl
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Blueoriontiger's avatar
Like his rugged lines. Looks like the kind of guy you'll pull a stool up and tell your day to him for feedback. :)

Out of curiosity, what are the light blue lines under his nose?
MurraMyrrh's avatar
Wow! Not what I was expecting! But totally awesome! :la: The monotone thing makes me remember a little of an alien in Mass Effect. ;) I can never remember their name, because it's been at least a year sence I last turned on Mass Effect. (I think Elcor?)
Also, he kind of reminds me of a manager I had back when I worked. Brian. Both a little in looks, and in personality. The background in this is NICE. It kind of looks like he's welding. :la:
Beautiful job again Owl! I'm lovin' these portraits! :heart:
(Sorry for the delayed comment. Busy with School and I just can NOT get one of my programs to work right! It's 'working' but I can't seem to make it work right. At this rate though, I might abandon THAT self project. =_= )
Bar-kus's avatar
A family man, eh? For some reason I cant help but find him adorable in an odd kind of way. Hehe :3
Liliesshadow's avatar
He looks so cool!
Lordwormm's avatar
Oh how amazing, I can see a grand hallway lined with these gorgeous portraits!
TameFaolchu's avatar
wasnt sure how to picture him but this is definitely awsome, love ure character design =D
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you. I am glad SOME people can be polite, respectful, and mature towards Harold and myself. It's a shame that because of his appearance, people seem to be considering him some kind of joke character and feel the need to assclown around and say rude things about him.
TameFaolchu's avatar
i couldn't believe some of the comments i saw, i dont get people sometimes... they dont see it as 'wow what a unique looking alien! very original!' they just judge and its sad how very judgmental some people are these days =/ but i think you did awesome like i said before =]
Forsaken-Blue's avatar
This is incredible! And after all the effort you put into the story and these pictures, I can't see how anybody could even consider this a joke. Just ignore them :P

Besides this is brilliant. I love the originality of it :love: ^_^
Lostkavi's avatar
Lol. I love that face! So much like what I pictured him as! XDD
Devilish-Motives's avatar
I imagined him more or so like this, specially the colour, but the nose... I imagined him with a big nose, like an elephant or something like that x) But I love his design, he truly looks like a loving family man 83 (we need more of these aliens in our world 8D)
SeaOfLanterns's avatar
ALMOST how I visualized him.
anna-nubi's avatar
Oh he's seriously cool
I really like Harold for being that calm person.. He's just a great addition to your story :D
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you so much, Anna. I appreciate your kind comment towards Harold. He needs a lot of love. n_n
Irukapooka's avatar
Aw, he's really cute! I love his design babe! :heart:
Lady-Owl's avatar
Thank you so much, Pooka. :hug:
Irukapooka's avatar
You're welcome. Are you okay hun? :hug:
Lady-Owl's avatar
Trying to be, but I'd rather keep stuff like that for our IMs.
Irukapooka's avatar
Alright. Understandable. I'm going to go to bed. So maybe I'll IM you in the morning if that's ok. Take care girly. :hug: Love ya. :heart:
PurpleCupcakes's avatar
Nothing, and I mean nothing like I thought he would be. He's very odd looking, and I mean that in a good way, the nose especially, so out of the ordinary. =)
Lady-Owl's avatar
Heh heh, odd is good. I take that as a huge compliment since he is alien after all. The more out of this world, the better. XD
PurpleCupcakes's avatar
Fooy723's avatar
Yeah, thats kinda how I pictured Harold :)
Lady-Owl's avatar
Heh, sorta kinda. XD
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