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EUTS Portraits: Gale


Gale won the showdown against Harold. I'll be doing Harold next since he came in second place.

That leaves Tes, Heather, Ala, and Neelix left!

Ok so I'm feeling kind of drained atm to talk much about this right now.

I believe Gale was my first drawing started in this series and also done in my old style with no markers and no Bristol.

So... mwahahaha I am hoping this adorable picture of him and his bio cleans things up a bit for everyone and shows Gale isn't a jerk after all. Things aren't always so black and white people! =p


Gale: ( Pronounced/Rhymes with Yale )
Species Population on Station: Somewhat Common
Age: 22 in Human years
Occupation: Mechanic
Family: Small close knit family, one member on station.
Current address: Medium sized quarters shared with one roommate towards the middle of the Living District.
Hobbies: Virtual gaming, sports, some clubbing
Theme Song: [link]


    Gale was extremely ambitious, arrogant, and prideful of his ability as a mechanic, being the best in his section... until he was recently promoted onto Neelix's team (By Neelix himself). Now he feels unsure of himself and is constantly looking for praise and acceptance.

    Even though he is good at what he does, he is intimidated by his more experienced co-workers which makes him unsure of himself and causes him to be more careful with his work.

    He feels like the odd one out; The new kid that wants to prove himself that he belongs on the team, even though no one doubts his ability, only his green, immature, and pretentious (boasting or ostentatious) personality in comparison to the older, much more experienced, humble, and professional workers of the team. Because of this, everyone gives Gale a hard time.

    However, Neelix trusts him and respects him as a good mechanic and often leaves him in charge of things, mostly to help him gain the much needed confidence boost and experience he feels Gale needs... but this causes even more friction between Gale and his co-workers as they don't respect him like they do Neelix; no one takes it seriously and they don't care to take orders from him.

    Despite his issues with work, Gale is a very friendly but rather shy person, having some confidence issues. He enjoys hanging out with his fellow co-workers in non-work situations as he feels like he can relax and just be himself, instead of feeling like he is constantly being judged.

Random Facts:
- Gale has a strong interest in Heather and is constantly asking about her to see if she is available... but no one will be straight with him.
- His conflicts at work often leave him feeling down about himself so he tries to spend time in the clubs to calm down and mellow out (and ends up hanging around the wrong crowd).
- His species has a strong bonding nature with one another and are extremely close to family members and loved ones. When it comes to selecting a mate, most take it very seriously and seek out the perfect one. Usually bonding in this way is for life. The females are very assertive and usually make sure in their choice before settling down with one life long mate, whereas the males usually pursue, showing their interest, but wait to be chosen.
- He and Tes have some issues between one another that are unknown at this time.


Notes: If there is anything I forgot to mention or something you would like to know, just let me know and I'll see about adding it unless it is plot relevant for future chapters. Species names are still being decided so... uh.. yeah.. OTL

:bulletpurple: Story: Everything Under the Stars Cover and Hub

Size: 8.5 x 11
Media: Prismacolor Colored Pencils
White Gel Pen
Background/Lighting/Text created in Photoshop 5

Everything Under the Stars © Lady Owl
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He looks a lot...cuddlier than I imagined.
Lady-Owl's avatar
That reaction seems quite accurate, heh.
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Aww Smexy cute Gale. :D
Fooy723's avatar
Are Tes and Gale related?
Lady-Owl's avatar
That's an interesting idea. What brought you to that conclusion?
Fooy723's avatar
They both have "Small close knit families, one member on station." :p :meow:
Lady-Owl's avatar
Heh heh. Nice observation but I can't confirm or deny that claim. ;p

They could be related, blood or otherwise or it could simply be a tradition among their species to travel with one family member when leaving home, so technically, all of their species on the station would have the same stats. Or I could just be saying that to throw you off. Guess you'll have to wait and see. =p
Fooy723's avatar
hmm but i also noticed he and tes have some unknown issue, so mayb e their in-laws and neither likes whom someone else married. Or maybe I'm insain. Yeah. I'm pretty insain :p :meow: xD
H-Falcon's avatar
So insane you can't spell insane!

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If not for Neelix, would he and Heather have a chance at being a good couple?
Lady-Owl's avatar
Hmm.. I'd like to say maybe but Gale is a little more on the immature and shy side so I think Heather might end up being the dominate one in the relationship if they got past the "we're just friends" stage. XD

But I think they'd definitely be good and understanding to one another since they're both sweethearts. c:
Readasaur's avatar
A viable alternative pairing is always important in a fandom!
Now to get the femslashers on Ala/Heather, and the slash fans on Neelix/Sniffs and we'll have a full set! :D
Lady-Owl's avatar
Readasaur's avatar
Mwa ha ha ha ha!
Brace yourself for it, baby!
Such is the price of popularity. X3
Readasaur's avatar
Double. Facepalm. Combo.
Bar-kus's avatar
Aw he just wants someone to pat his back and hold his hand :) Another great profile!
Lady-Owl's avatar
Heh heh, thank you! n_n
Wolf-Girl9's avatar
He looks so cute and fuzzy. Good for snuggling :D
Lady-Owl's avatar
Heh heh yup. I wanted him to have extremely soft fur. Veeno would be jealous. XD
ElreniaGreenleaf's avatar
Awwwww! *squish*
He's actually pretty close to how I pictured him! :D
Lady-Owl's avatar
Heh that's a good thing to know! XD
PirateFanGirl's avatar
Ohmygoodness I want to hug him. :heart: :la: Very nice!
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