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EUTS Portraits: Ala

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Ala is a supporting female alien character in my original Sci-Fi Romance story: Everything Under the Stars

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So... shit... the scanner totally killed this drawing. Believe it or not, I colored her skin a very very pale whitish blue that refused to pick up on either one of my scanners. It still turned out good I think despite this annoying issue...

I am... extremely impressed with how this came out. From the pose.. to the lighting. I actually have some trouble drawing her face sometimes but it all worked out perfectly and she was my quickest one to get done even though I only started her sketch like.. two days ago. D:

This is pure eye candy! XD

: ( Pronounced: Ah Lah (Like Nala from the Lion King but without the N )
Species Population on Station: Only one.
Age: 27 in Human years
Occupation: Bartender, waitress, overall club caretaker
Family: Muora (mate) Blood family on her homeworld.
Current address: Second Disc, Entertainment District, with Muora in his personal clubs.
Hobbies: Collecting rare and unique trinkets from other species, Music, dancing
Theme Song:…

    Ala is a free spirited, fun, and down to 'earth' person.
    She has the ability to sense other people's emotions and can read their aura which gives her an understanding of their personality and feelings. This makes her remarkably good at seeing people for who they really are and allows her to be more weary of people who are up to no good, or who are actually very sweet and friendly on the inside, despite their piggish behaviors (Veeno).
    She also enjoys listening to people's stories and problems which makes her a great bartender and person to go to for advice. She's a little sassy and knows how to take care of herself as long as it doesn't get physical, since she is a delicate and frail species, built more for visual attractiveness than physical strength.
      She is a slave who belongs to Muora, but like Heather, she is not treated as a slave or considered to be one by him, only through contract... which unfortunately, cannot be broken. Instead, she is Muora's mate and lover and shows her affection towards him whenever she is around him. She loves him just as much as he loves her.

    Random Facts:
    :bulletblue: Veeno has an attraction to her, like all pretty females at the clubs, and has tried a considerable amount of times to woo her with no success, unaware that all that time she belonged to Muora. Ala simply considers Veeno a silly friend and has no attraction to him whatsoever.
    :bulletblue: It is extremely rare to see one of Ala's species outside their space and homeworld. In fact, it is considered treason for her species to leave their homeworld.
    :bulletblue: Ala's species are aquatic in nature and being off the homeworld, her skin can get overly dry and crack. Muora imports expensive special hydrating lotions he personally applies to her skin every evening before bed.
    :bulletblue: Along with Veeno, Ala acts as a friend and guardian angel for Heather, always keeping a watchful eye on her.
    :bulletblue: Her skin reflects light as a rainbow of colors that is similar to an Opal.
    :bulletblue: Her rarity and beauty are a prime target for all kinds of scum but no one messes with Ala in fear of Muora's wrath. Those that don't know of Muora will shortly find out upon messing with her.
    :bulletblue: I created Ala for H-Falcon and give him majority say in how she is portrayed in the story.

    : If there is anything I forgot to mention or something you would like to know, just let me know and I'll see about adding it unless it is plot relevant for future chapters. Species names are still being decided so... uh.. yeah.. OTL

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    Drawn and colored with Prismacolor Markers & Colored Pencils, White Gel Pen, Black Pen, Pencil on size 9x12 Smooth Bristol Board
    Background/Lighting/Text created in Photoshop 5.0 (1998) | Textures:
    Art & Character © Lady Owl 2011

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    © 2011 - 2021 Lady-Owl
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    CitrusEucalyptus's avatar
    Ala is so beautiful!  :)

    I love her origins and her relationship with Muora. 

    I hope that you have a great and blessed day!
    I would love to see more of the Ala/Muora relationship. When will you be posting more? It's been a long time.
    Lady-Owl's avatar
    That's awesome to hear; I don't usually get many comments wanting more of Ala and Muora.

    Yeah.. I know it's been very long. I can't say for sure when I'll be picking things up again with EUTS, but I can say that if you've been following the opener comic teaser for Chapter 21, the next page set I've got on the back burner features Muora, with Ala making a cameo in it. :)
    Wahoo! Very excited to see it. 
    MTibbs-89's avatar
    She's stunning. I love the iridescent qualities of her skin and her slender frame. 
    Lady-Owl's avatar
    Thank you! I'm still experimenting with different techniques to pull off a that effect with her skin to something I'm more satisfied with. c: 
    The-Second-Brother's avatar
    Species Bio; that's what I like to see!  Keep it up
    Lady-Owl's avatar
    Got one planned. I'm doing a "Homeworld series" for each of my main characters. :)
    Sproutbird's avatar
    Very pretty, and an interesting character design. :3 I like how you made her androgynous, but still has some feminine qualities.
    Lady-Owl's avatar
    Thank you very much. With my alien characters, I prefer to stay away from things like breasts to show they're female, for example, since it's mostly a human thing. c:
    Sproutbird's avatar
    Yes I agree completely. Most people tend to go that route of adding breasts and the like, and it's refreshing to see characters like yours. :)
    Raenafyn's avatar
    Very fascinating design! I like it :o
    Lady-Owl's avatar
    PotatoOni's avatar
    I really like her design. She's androgyne and still definitly female (kinda hard to explain). Truly an gorgeus creature.
    H-Falcon's avatar
    Ala, so sexy. :D
    levitan71's avatar
    shes lovely! XD
    dunno how she would react to characters that have mental barriers though *scratches head* :p
    catelee2u's avatar
    cutechula1's avatar
    Her theme song fits her so frickin well!!! I just stared at her pictured while listening. XD Btw u made me fall in love with the song...X3
    Lady-Owl's avatar
    Haha thank you! XD
    SpaceWarlock's avatar
    Beautiful work. I like the transparancy on the loincloth-thing and the background is absolutely gorgeous.
    Lady-Owl's avatar
    Thank you very much. c:
    H-Falcon's avatar
    Heh... Funny you mention the transparency...
    SpaceWarlock's avatar
    H-Falcon's avatar
    No I don't actually mean it's funny. I just mean funny you mention that. Did you realise something? If you noticed the transparency... I figured you might have.
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