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EUTS - Mayday

Artist // Digital Art
  • Mar 7, 1987
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My Bio

Something something Artist | probably space & sci-fi related | never enough erotic romance | nostalgic shenanigans | Lots of Alien, Monster, Robot & Anthro nonsense | Definitely suggestive ~

I do a lot of fanart from Halo & Mass Effect, particularly of the alien characters. You'll also see some Ghouls, Argonians, and Transforming Robots pop up from time to time, and maybe a few Pocket Monsters.

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Progress on my original scifi romance story: "Everything Under the Stars (Heather & Neelix) is forever ongoing and H-Falcon and I recently resurrected his long time lemon fanfic "The Joy of Joy" involving Mewtwo & Nurse Joy.

I also post a lot of WIPS (work in progress) stuff and other goodies on my various other social media accounts - If you're looking for my real spicy adult content, best to check out my FA account for that.

Outgoing Links:

PICARTO Art Streaming Channel -




[Lady Owl] ♥ [H-Falcon]

Favourite Movies
The Dark Crystal | Titan A.E. | The Matrix | Labyrinth | The Last Unicorn | The Prince of Egypt | PKMN (1,2,5) | The Fifth Element
Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek | GITS: SAC | Transformers Prime | Sailor Moon | Pokémon
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
EDM | Electro Swing | 30's & 40's | Video Game & Movie OSTs
Favourite Books
Halo: Contact Harvest | Halo: Broken Circle | Animorphs
Favourite Games
Halo | Mass Effect | Fallout | Elder Scrolls | Dark Souls | Elite Dangerous | Metroid | Pokemon | Zelda | Darksiders | Oddworld
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Intuos5 Touch Small | Clip Studio Paint EX | Xbox Controller
Other Interests
Sci-Fi | Space | Dark Fantasy | Cyberpunk | Post Apocalypse | Glitch Art | Industrial Art | Graffiti | Retro/Vintage | Animation

Original Story: Everything Under the Stars

Everything Under The Stars [SFW]


"Abducted from present day Earth, shoved into cryo, and toted off across the vastness of space - that was Heather's reality.

Now sold into slavery on a multicultural alien space station on the outskirts of Concord territory, she is faced with the challenges of language barriers, culture shock, and the painful truth that she'll never see her home again... until the most unlikely of individuals would offer her a new life along with an unusual relationship among an unforgiving and dangerous foreign world."

Started in 2006, this Sci-Fi Romance story is currently a work in progress/on going with collaborative support from my love, H-Falcon . It is intended for a Mature audience.


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■ Please understand I do not take requests/work for free! Thank you!


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Outgoing Links

Fur Affinity [LINK]

Twitter [LINK]

Tumblr [LINK]

Picarto Art Streams [LINK]

Mixer Game Streams [LINK]

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Loganzilla97Professional Writer
Damn I love your art 👌
Lady-Owl Digital Artist
That really means a lot, thank you! n_n
Happy belated birthday, Owl. I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend.
Tribble-IndustriesHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday, sorry about the clone trooper birthday cake, the fangirls hijacked it! 
Have a happy and amazing birthday, dear Owl.  Cheers to you, and for many more great ones to come!  ^v^
PaumolStudent Filmographer
happy birthday!
Fox emoji - birthday :ayylmao: Roach :party la: 
MoekinProfessional Artisan Crafter
Happy Birthday!