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hey nice group i have a question if u people can help i have a essay question that im stuck on for my myth class if u can help

In what sense are Norse gods (particularly Thor or Odin) heroic figures even though they are divine?
I thought you might be interested in this: Link :) (Smile) 
Thank you very much for adding my artwork! :)
This may interest followers of Asatru/Heathenry who enjoy this page. I have set up a group on Facebook to promote tolerance between the various Heathen paths - Loki Worship, Honouring the earth mother, Vanatru etc etc. You can find us here: Way Free Heathenry
Did anyone else submit entries for the contest? I feel so weird having my entry all alone in the folder. :(
No they didn't. Sorry I only saw your comment now! I have been away from the Internet for a while.

I did organise a prize so I shall send it to you. Just send ~AnyaZoe a note with your address so she can post it to you. I will let her know you are the winner. :)

Thanks for entering!