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Utopia 7
"Sahara, please be careful..." Captain asked, almost reaching out to grab his new charge, but hesitated as he watched her expertly climb up on the picker-mech. Well, it was perfectly reasonable now that he thought about it, as Sahara had lived her life around the mantis like Pickers.
"Don't worry Captain!" The girl called down, balancing on the bucket's edge with arms out, it was as wide as her foot, and then rolled over the edge and inside. Her voice drifted back up, "Frankie said he has something jammed in the trays... looks like a stick. Oh you poor thing, hang on... there!"
The Picker closed his eye like optics, the shutters closing with a happy trill before chirping it's thanks to the human. The mecha turned its head around to peer back into his bucket, and after a moment Sahara popped back into sight, a peach in her teeth as she hopped out. Captain reflexively stepped forward, about to let his booster come to life, but he sighed in relief as the Picket caught the girl with three
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Little One
A small, childish squeal drew his attention faster than anything. It sounded in such an eerie echo of a sparkling cry. It was enough to jolt Hotrod out of the trance like state he had been in, nearly a stupor as Hotrod had not bothered to turn on the radio. He retreated it now, but Hotrod was now alert again as he unfolded out of his alternate mode.
The Autobot wanted to feel a good stretch, but only shook out his arms and hands as he walked around the stone walls. Walls he knew well now, almost as well as his old ship, so it was not hard to find where the sound had come from. The sight made Hotrod pause, debating on going to find the adult humans.
That was likely the best option, really...but then that would mean leaving the human sparkling in distress. Hotrod gave a deep vent like sigh as he straightened up from the half crouch he got into the habit of to make himself seem smaller of a target. Or less scary. Stepping away from the wall, the mech walked over the near pristine green gr
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Just A Stray, Just A Cover 07
It was just plain water, no useful additives and solvents to use. Well, he did have some proper things bit Crosshairs was not stupid enough to use them. Not here. One thing it would leave a giant sign that a Cybertronians was around. Two he did not have enough for the whole pool- lake and there might be a wash-rack in the bolt hole. Three, some of Crosshairs' favorite solvents, 'soaps,' that he had left over would quite easily burn Amy in a few ways. More so if any of it was not rinsed or dried off properly. 
...and it would kill off a lot of the local wild life. Not so much a big seal to the Trooper, but again it would be a glaring sing he had been there.
Water, however plain, was still far better than the grit in Crosshairs' pedes, what was nearly in his joins as well as the growing amount of annoying stains on his person and his over-armor.
Crosshairs paused in his scrubbing, turning his attention away from his right leg as he heard giggling. The mech arched an optic ridge as h
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Just A Stray, Just A Cover 03
It had been a long night of going back and forth; learning how to walk, talk, and act in holoform. Crosshairs and Hound had given Bumblebee quite a time with their antics and stubbornness over their hologram forms. It was still hilarious when they eventually pulled Drift into making his own holoform.
Crosshairs was still using his holoform in the morning, getting used to it was a new sort of challenge. Crosshairs was currently using it to lean against his own leg as he watched Amy sleeping with a thoughtful look. Between the blanket and the flex metal lining she had nested pretty comfortably against the mech, and it was well into day when she started to stir. The girl yawned and as she was facing away from the mech when she pushed to look up it would be in the direction of the 'man.'
Crosshairs had been very stubborn in keeping his holoform the way he wanted to. The mech's holo looked much like his true form; at least in his 'wardrobe'. He stood over 6 feet a tall, lanky man with scruf
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Just A Stray, Just A Cover 04
"How about this one?" The deep gravelly voice drew the attention of the sales associate. More so as the voice and the general shape out of the corner of her eye, it did not really match up with the overly cheerful children's section of the cloths department store. What the woman saw, was perhaps the most amazing and funniest thing she had seen this day. There was a group of three, two men and a comparative tiny girl in the arms of one of them. The bigger of the two was holding up a bright blue shirt with a Frozen theme to show the girl he was holding.
The little girl shook her head, grasping at the vest the man had, "Jammies."
"Bug, you need more than pamajas." The bigger, and darker-ish of the two men said with an evaporated sigh. This man looked very much like a 'biker' that just was not in black leather, just in working cloths. He was maybe 6 and a half feet tall and built with muscles yes, but also, quite a bit of forming chub on his front. He had a rather impressive beard, brown i
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Just A Stray, Just A Cover 05
An odd sense of movement stirred Amy awake and she shifted on her new spot. The girl looked around the dark 'camp' of the Autobots. With almost a full day of rest, and some more after they had returned and changed to a new location. Still in the desert but now in a cavern like space, Hound moved several boulders to narrow the entrance and block the natural lights from the mechs from being easily seen from outside, and not at all from above by any passing planes or helicopters.
Amy yawned, squeaking softly from her spot on the comforter blanket and under Crosshairs' over armor. The small sound did not disturb the Wrecker but somehow had gotten Bumblebee's attention, and then in turn Hound's as well.
"Hmm?" Hound pulled the 'cigar,' bullet, out of his mouth as the scout frame gave an oddly soft whistle from normal. He blinked and realized Bumblebee had stopped talking with him about the new local area and where the nearest bolt-hole should be. He turned and blinked before snorting, "Ah,
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Just A Stray, Just A Cover 06
If nothing else, if there was one thing Amy was learning how to do, that she never thought should could, was balance. Over the last few days she was feeling well rested yes, mostly as Crosshairs just let her sleep whenever she felt the need to. The Wrecker had let her dose while sitting in his passenger seat, or in the crook of his right arm and partly against his front.
For the first day or two as the group moved west to this bolt-hole place Bumblebee wanted to find.
After that, Crosshairs had paused before entering the forest Hound was thumping into, watching as Bumblebee and Drift transform and walk in. The scout more just... vanishing as was Bumblebee's strange habit. The trooper shook his head, frowning down at Amy as she sat on his forearm right over the attached casing for extra ammo, clutching green and black armor. He needed his hands free now, but at the said time, Crosshairs was not really quite ready to open his armor pocket.
"Okay yea lil' bug," Crosshairs vented, reaching
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Just A Stray, Just A Cover 02
The trip had taken longer than Crosshairs originally calculated; then again he had not figured a young human would need to stop so much. About twenty miles ago they had gotten off the main highway and since then had been going from one small desert road to another; until they got on to the one they were currently following. It winded through narrow canyons and around towering plateaus; no wonder Hound and Drift hadn't been found yet. They were also doing a good job of hiding their energy signatures; though they couldn't hide them completely from him.
It was a good thing Crosshairs' passenger was better insulated from the bumps than she would have been in a normal car. It was just enough that Amy could still dose, curled up sideways in his seat, hugging herself and one strap because of how it was around her. Just a little while before he'd turned off she just couldn't stay awake any longer, tired and hurt, but getting some rest.... and no this was not kind of cute, no sir, it was
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Just A Stray, Just A Cover 01
Stupid humans, did they really think they could catch him? Crosshairs watched as the cops drove by looking for a much different looking car than the form he was now in. The now green and black car stayed ducked low over his tires in the dark alley way as he planned his route out of the city.
He couldn't stay in the city any longer, not with the humans had gotten wise to him hiding there. Maybe he could meet up with Hound, the mech had said he and Drift had found a good hiding spot; though Crosshairs really didn't want to get tied down with any other mechs. It was easy to get caught when together; though he might consider it... once he got out of the city.
There was a skittering, not the same sound as an adult human running. A huff and then a smaller form ran around one if the back corners, wavered to correct her balance before spotting the car that wasn't normally here. Running right over to the hidden Autobot, the young organic almost ran into the driver's door, hand raz
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From the Depths: 05 Dark
It had been a frontal assault from the Decepticons on the Ark, something unexpected and sudden, resulting in Depth Charge not in the best of moods. He was crouched down with arms on his knees, tail swaying slowly and soundlessly in the air as he watched the door for any stranglers that might have stayed behind, his drones were attached to his pectoral wings, watching the vents for him in case of Soundwave's minions.
There was a nervous shifting behind him, and the mostly silent mech glanced over his shoulder, sending a small ping to the Autobot that had almost sheltered there behind the large wings.
"I am fine," Perceptor attempted to assure, getting a snort an optic ridge arched at him, "Truly I... I... may be still nevus of combat situations." he looked away, grip shifting on his hand held pistol.
The beast-former tilted his head, rumbling in his version of a half purring sound while the blue mech stood up. Hands on his legs, behind the half knee guards there fro
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Wreck an Rule Part 5 Search
Jorge rolled his eyes as he faintly heard Tanner snoring back under the overhang of the station, but once again that was reassuring, and Roadbuster was walking slowly around again. The mech was joining with grid pattern to search around the area, searching for the Autobot made bolt-hole with his few active scanners aimed down.
Now and then Jorge would look up as Roadbuster paused to tap the end of his pede against the ground or lightly kick aside a chunk of rock out of his path. Sometimes a rather indigent lizard or insulted gopher snake would jump in surprise before running off away from the relative mountain of moving metal. Roadbuster didn't seem all that interested in the creatures at first, letting them run from him before talking another step. Roadbuster's steps seemed off, they were still heavy as Jorge and Epps knew almost all mechs were, just not as much. Yet without the extra kibble, the extra weight of the over armor, or even the outline of just the launchers over his should
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"Sahara, please be careful..." Captain asked, almost reaching out to grab his new charge, but hesitated as he watched her expertly climb up on the picker-mech. Well, it was perfectly reasonable now that he thought about it, as Sahara had lived her life around the mantis like Pickers.

"Don't worry Captain!" The girl called down, balancing on the bucket's edge with arms out, it was as wide as her foot, and then rolled over the edge and inside. Her voice drifted back up, "Frankie said he has something jammed in the trays... looks like a stick. Oh you poor thing, hang on... there!"

The Picker closed his eye like optics, the shutters closing with a happy trill before chirping it's thanks to the human. The mecha turned its head around to peer back into his bucket, and after a moment Sahara popped back into sight, a peach in her teeth as she hopped out. Captain reflexively stepped forward, about to let his booster come to life, but he sighed in relief as the Picket caught the girl with three of its grasping arms and lowered Sahara safely down into the Gundam's waiting hands.

Captain wrapped the girl in his own arms, feeling the pulsing of his core pick up and thrum in his supports as his charge was set down and double checked to be absolutely sure she was fine. The imprinting was still so new that he couldn't help the actions. "Are you done now?" The taller mech asked with a softly amused tone.

"Yes, see you later Frankie!" Sahara turned and called up to the Picker, who warbled and waved several of its arms at the two as they left deeper into the Orchard.

"Where was it your friends said they saw this strange mech?" The Gundam asked, unbothered that the girl kept holding his hand off and on.

"Its on the north eastern quarter edge of the Orchard," Sahara said promptly, pointing ahead around her peach, "But they said they saw him by one of the golden apple clusters, where the nursery takes the kids to play hide and seek." The girl lowered her hand, taking another bite out of her peach. "Captain?"

"Yes Sahara?" The mech asked, glancing down, though his scanners remained out, Captain paused at seeing his charge frowning.

"Do you think its one of those, ah, Zaku mechs?" Sahara worried aloud, looking around at the seemingly age-old trees of her family's orchard, they were passing a walnut grove at the moment.

"It doesn't sound like it," Captain said honestly, making the human look up at him, he saw no reason to lie to her. "More than just Zakus have made it to Utopia, though admittedly, it's Musha Gundams that make it here more than any of the others. From the sounds of the descriptions, I think it might be a Lacoran mech."

"Lacoran... That's the Lacora world," Sahara partly asked, considering her modern history courses, "No one has come to Utopia from Lacora for a few decades have they?"

"About ninety eight years since the last person came through the planetary teleportation system." Captain clarified, tilting his head slightly as he connected with the planetary network to reference the data. "It was a human, though she didn't stay long, I think she made it to Mirisha thanks to the Beta Gundams."

"That's the other Musha Gundam world?" Sahara half asked and got a nod of assurance, finishing her peach and tossing the pit out into the forest, hopping up onto a small stone platform, and then on a long, sun warmed metal bar half inset into the edge. It was one of the foundations of a smaller barn for the pickers later in the harvest seasons. Though for right now it was only the foundation as the spring harvest was done. Sahara repressed a shiver of memory as she made herself extend her arms out to help with balance, bare feet on the concrete, and the girl was trying not to think of finding the swaths of petrified plantlife. "Have you met many Musha Gundams? Or Lacoran Gundams?"

"I've met a few," Captain nodded, watching the girl with a mix of affection and fascination brought on from the Imprinting process. Spending all his free and semi-duty time with Sahara, he was learning about the twelve year old, more than just being imprinted. He reached up and caught one of her hands as she wavered and started to flail, letting Sahara balance, "It was a long time ago though. And longer before the time I had to stay in stasis until Medic One had the right tools to heal me. But most Musha are good mechs, I remember hearing about Lacora's Knight Gundams from some of them."

"Have you met the Knights?" Sahara tilted her head, leaning on the supporting arm for a moment, her fingers half laced in between the thicker grey digits.

"Not personally," Captain shook his head, "Though one Lacoran mech had said he wanted to be one, I hope he did." The mostly white mech paused, not letting Sahara jump down from the foundation but grasped the girl around her sides and hips to lift the girl down to save her feet, he knew even with the accelerated healing they would still be tender.

"Thank you." The girl said with a happy sigh, smiling up at the taller Gundam.

The expression of hopeful trust Captain recognized in her features, had the mech humming softly back. It also made him determined to not let anything near his charge that would threaten her, or her innocents. He had lost so much before the emergency stasis, he realized things had seemed... dulled with only a few friends left. Now he had the start of a new family-

A crack and a yell just before someone tall, and made of living metal came crashing out of a tree ahead and to the left of them.

Reflexes kicked in as Captain summed an energy pistol out of subspace, lifting Sahara up and then pushing her behind him with his right hand. He was reacting as much to being startled as the girl's short scream, "Stay behind me Shute."

The blue and white mech pulled himself upright, wincing as he lifted a hand up. Pushing up the guard up and off from covering the upper half of his face. He winced, having a facemask in place but the strange style of his armor was a beacon to Captain. "Mana…that hurt..."

Teal eyes opened and looked up into darker sapphire, surprised to say the least. The Knight had not expected his mana to just... give out. Though in reality without proper rest for some time it would not be that surprising once Zero had some time to look back. He saw the utopian mech tense, not quiet a coil to attack but shifting to squarly keep himself between the blue mech and...and...

Zero blinked, the hand that had reflexively when to the large dagger at his side a moment before paused. His fingers going slack for a moment over hilt as he stared intently at the girl huddled behind the local mecha.

Captian paused, just as confused as the other two at this…strange situation. He, logically knew this was likely the Lacoran mech they were going to look for. Captian's systems informed him that it was likely the other mecha had been above the tree tops, it was the only way he could land that hard and leave that impression in to the ground. But why was his attention-

The Utopian mech turned partly, looking down at Sahara, his own blue optics widening.

Could Lacoran mechs even imprint?


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