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Victorian Silhouettes

By lady-of-crow
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My version of a Victorian fashion timeline. It may not be 100% correct but I think I got the basic dress shapes right. I also realize that the Victorian era ended in 1901, but 1902 fitted better with my 5-year spacing.
I have also posted in smaller lots for easer viewing as well as the entire collection

Entire collection – you’re here now
1837 to1852 - [link]
1857 to 1867 - [link]
1872 to 1887 - [link]
1892 to 1902 - [link]
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Lovely, interesting to see how they developed. 
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Wow, this is great stuff!
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Hello. May i use one of these sillouettes commercially?
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May I ask what would the silhouette look like for victorian dress' in the 1910-1912's? :meow:
These are so awesome by the way! ;)
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I love the design of Victorian dresses. It's so cool how much they changed over the course of the time period, but each one is still elegant and pretty.
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All beautiful and eloquently feminine! If only modern fashion designers can be inspired by the classic and sophisticated feminine curvature of traditional garb. Instead they choose to make boxy shapes and little design as possible.
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This will really help whenever I'm practicing dress designs ^^
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1867 is definitely my favorite style!
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This will really help me in the future thank you you've done them very well as well
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wow...this just really helped me with a project for school.
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beautiful silhouettes
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My grandmother was born in 1887, Died in '96

And she had a dress just like that!! (thought it was her wedding gown) :P
So you're completely accurate!
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Most definitely going to be using these as ideas for my dresses. It's really great!
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You're getting much internet love for this from the Steampunk page on Facebook.
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This is great! Really fascinating how things like this change over time.
Gothic-Romantic99's avatar
Very nice. Good work with showing all the changes through the years. Lovely!
PrimaDonna24601's avatar
Brilliant! This makes a great reference for costuming. :)
kyokoluvsmrblack's avatar
This is awesome. I'm working on a victorian-era manga at the current time and this will definatly help decide the est. year the events are happening.
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Amazing! I love Victorian Era and your picture really helps me with my school project :))
ScyllaNachtmahr's avatar
Finally a good overview :) I like historical dresses thanks for doing this silhuettes.
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Hi there, just to tell you that I,ve used one of your silouhette for my wallpaper. Thanks a lot ! [link]
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Interesting ^^ I love Victorian fashion :love:
My favourites would have to be the ones from the 1867 & 1872 :D
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its too small to even see anything XD
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Click it or downlode it to show it full size.
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