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Voice Acting Casting Call

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 2, 2018, 3:25 AM

🎙️🎬 Voice Acting Casting Call 🎥🎞️
- Volunteer Work -
(No experience required - can be from anywhere)

🔹🔹Details/Instructions in Website Link🔹🔹 

-Share with your friends that would be interested in this opportunity.👍


Dear Creeps and Freaks,

Twilight Raven Productions is NOW holding Voice Actor Auditions for an interview of the Sanguine Legends characters for our upcoming Kick Starter, to precede the graphic novel series & a Leviathan’s Horn's short animated film, along with a Leviathan’s Horn Animated Series that will follow the Comic/Graphic Novel Series (We will have other little VA film projects as we go along as well).

◾ If you have previously auditioned for a role in Leviathan’s Horn’s upcoming animated film & series, your audition has been kept on file, and you will be kept in consideration. If you so choose, you may send an updated recording of your audition; simply note in your email that this is an updated recording to be considered for the role(s) mentioned.

NOT PAID/ Voluntary Work (subject to change)
- Voice Actors will be credited/You will be free to use work later for your portfolio (If permission is granted by L.F. or Lady Lobotomy).

Twilight Raven Productions
Sanguine Legends - The Series
Leviathan's Horn: The Series
Lady Lobotomy (TRP CEO/Artist/Cosplayer)
Lady Lobotomy - Artistry and Illustration
L.F. Laudanum (TRP CEO/Author)
Fae Fangs (TRP Artist)
Viksen (TRP Cosplay Manager/Cosplayer)
Mitch - (TRP Film Director/Cosplayer)


Twitter: @TwilightRavenPS

Tumblr: @twilightravenproductions

Official TRP Website:…

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us privately at Twilight Raven Productions, Facebook Fan Page.

-Lady Lobotomy 
-L.F. Laudanum

CSS by CherieNoir. Graphics by Tzolkin, HauntingVisionsStock and Lileya.


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Kristina Marie
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am a freelance artist that has been doing Graphic Design and Illustration for 16 years. Plain and simple, I picked up crayons as a little girl and never put them down. I'm from Arizona, USA and I am 26 years old.


Q: Tools of the Trade?
A: Mechanical Pencils (0.7-0.5), Huion Tablet (10x12), Faber Castle Artist Pens, Hi-Polymer Eraser, Canson Drawing/Sketch Paper (11x14 and 14x17), Paint Tool Sai and Adobe Photoshop CC - I also have TONS of references, photos (I.E. Kato (Kate Lambert) - Steamgirl photos, love her poses, great for anatomy reference and practice, her clothing is also a great inspiration/ some other people’s are I study, etc.), tutorials, swatches for colors, etc. I can't tell you how much I use to gain inspiration. Photos are a GREAT way to practice. They helped me learn human/animal anatomy and I still pull of photos often to help my pose some of the characters I draw. (Such a useful tip I learned from my mentor Milen Parvonovand other comic book artists on learning to draw)

Q: Do you sell prints?
A: Not currently.

INSTAGRAM: @ shadows_over_transylvania
TWITTER: @ladylobotomy

I am proficient in:
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Lightroom
Paint Tool SAI

Other Programs:


Bloody Footprints
“Rick the Prick has been puttin’ too many ideas in your heads about testing my God damned patience.” He growled.
“Get… Fucked.” Dakota barely managed to mumble around the gag shoved between her lips.
“What’s that beautiful? I can’t understand a goddamned word you’re sayin’” Negan asked reaching up; pulling the gag from her mouth. 
“I said, GET FUCKED!” Dakota exclaimed, spitting in Negan’s face. “You, pathetic piece of SHIT!”
Negan’s hand moved immediately, the back of it striking Dakota with a powerful swing."


Snippet from Dead Sons Walking - Crossover Fanfiction
Warning! No break 
(!! Snippet from Dead Sons Walking !!
- Sons of Anarchy & The Walking Dead Crossover Fanfiction -

Warning! No break 

~Written by :iconlflaudanum:
~ Art by :iconlady-lobotomy:

River Dixon © :iconlflaudanum:
Dakota Cowell / Otter © :iconlady-lobotomy:
TWD, Daryl Dixon, Negan © Robert Kirkman
SoA Cast © Kurt Sutter

Exclamation (Tattoo Stock - Google, Credits to original Artists!)Exclamation  

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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(!! Snippet from Dead Sons Walking !!
- Sons of Anarchy & The Walking Dead Crossover Fanfiction -


The vehicles hadn’t gone far, just far enough to take them out of the site of the gates, while the inhabitants of Alexandria could still hear the faint rumbling of the engine in the distance when Negan called for them to halt. The breaks were slammed, causing Otter, Daryl, and Dakota all to lose the tentative balance they had in the back of the truck they were being transported in. Before they could regain any composure, Negan’s men had already rounded the truck, and took hold of their three captives, pulling them roughly from the bed of the automobile and onto the debris-covered forest floor.

Being dragged away from his side, one of the men suddenly jammed a dirty rag between Daryl’s teeth as he opened his mouth to protest on Dakota’s behalf. Another man repeated the similar action to Otter, and third befell to Dakota. River was the last to exit the truck, moving gingerly as Negan reached to help her down; it was a stark contrast to the way the other three were being handled. He was almost gentle with her, and though she saw how her brother and companions were handled, she uttered not a single word.

“Now Y'all need a little lesson in behavior and respect,” Negan preached, turning away from River to face and approach the other three Alexandrians. “To remind you I decide who lives - And who. FUCKIN. DIES.”

The last three words were almost roared, as he stopped in front of Daryl, his face inches from the other man. Daryl reared back, viciously colliding his forehead with Negan’s face.   Negan fell back, lip splitting under the blow – his nose gashed open, spilling crimson liquid. Laughter bubbled from between bloody lips, as an arm was raised wiping the blood off his mouth with the back of his hand. River continued watching passively, with only a slight flinch to betray she was mentally present for the display in front of her.

“Woo! Now I see where my baby doll gets it! Family fuckin’ trait!” Negan called from the ground, as he pushed himself up to his feet again – before correcting his broken nose with a loud crack. As he continued speaking, his tone changed from jovial to deadly serious. “But as I recall, I told you I WILL SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN! It seems you dumb fucks need a reminder!”

As he shoved himself off the ground, his attention turned now to Dakota, coming to stand before her, Lucille, still covered in Bobby’s congealing blood lifted to rest under her chin. The sticky red ichor smudging her skin, as he stared her down.

“Rick the Prick has been puttin’ too many ideas in your heads about testing my God damned patience.” He growled.

“Get… Fucked.” Dakota barely managed to mumble around the gag shoved between her lips.

“What’s that beautiful? I can’t understand a goddamned word you’re sayin’” Negan asked reaching up; pulling the gag from her mouth.

“I said, GET FUCKED!” Dakota exclaimed, spitting in Negan’s face. “You, pathetic piece of SHIT!”


Negan’s hand moved immediately, the back of it striking Dakota with a powerful swing. Daryl objected through his gag, both he and Otter struggling against the grips of the men holding them back from the scene unfolding before them. River flinched once more but remained mute. Though no one held her, she made no shift at all to stop the violence she was witnessing.

“Oh no, no no no, sweetheart. I won’t get fucked, nor will I fuck you.” Negan snarled. A crooked smile crept over his features as he grabbed her chin, dragging her gaze back to his cold blue eyes. “But my men, however - now they’re a different story. They’ll fuck your little cunt, bloody.”

His hand left her chin as he turned to his men.

“Whaddya say, boys!? How ‘bout a treat -” He called, hips thrusting suggestively “For allll your DAMNED hard work.”

The word “All” was dragged out, as he looked from one face to another. The men didn’t answer right away, looked between one another, Negan, and River. After what had happened to the men who had assaulted her, they were hesitant to answer, hesitant to move lest they are the next to have their face melted beyond recognition with a red-hot iron.

“Now don’t be a bunch of pussies’ boys! Anywhere outside the sanctuary is free fuckin’ game!” Negan called, laughing as they continued to stand stock still. “Now this is a fuckin’ ORDER to enjoy yourselves!”

Negan reached out, snatching a fist full of Dakota’s dreads, shaking her a little to illustrate his point, before forcibly walking her to stand before Daryl. Once they had reached Daryl, his eyes burning with wild rage - Negan extended his arm, fishing Daryl’s knife from his pocket. The blade lightly kissed her bare arms, as Dakota’s captor buried his face into her locks, inhaling deeply.

“Lavender.” He sensually groaned, biting his lower lip. Daryl could only squirm more violently, screaming into the gag, still muffled and helpless. Negan relocated Dakota’s dreadlocks, before lightly slicing her throat. Blood trickled down her caramel skin prior to Negan leaning closer - washing the liquid from her trembling figure, with his tongue.

“So, sweet.”

Negan then proceeded to slip the blade under the hem of Dakota’s crop top, immediately moving upward, splitting it down the middle. The fabric fell away to expose her dusky flesh, and full breasts, nipples hardening as the cool air caressed them. Daryl jerked against the hands restraining him, while Otter shifted uncomfortably. Once more, River did not rouse, watching everything without so much as a flicker of horror in her blank gaze.

Meanwhile, Negan’s men seemed to have realized that there would be no consequences for their actions out here, in the wild. Some men reached right away for belt buckles, buttons, and pants zippers. Others were slower to move, though the outlines of hard ridges in denim betrayed them as Dakota’s flesh was put on display.

“I’m sorry beautiful, as much as I would love to fuck your pretty little brains out - I am a – loyal man. I wouldn’t want my princess here, to get jealous.” Negan whispered. He then pivoted away from Daryl, still holding Dakota’s dreads, and flung her maliciously toward the rest of the ravenous eyes molesting her curvaceous form. He watched with amusement as the boldest of the men moved first. Weapons were dropped to the ground or thrust back into holsters as they strode forward, approaching Dakota’s prone form like wolves moving in for a kill.

Her screams rang out, the first of many that would reach the Alexandrians. The men fell upon her, hands grabbing limbs, and clothes, tearing the garments away from her body. Negan grinned setting a cigarette between his lips, swiftly igniting his zippo as he overlooked the men shredding Dakota’s jeans, and the remnants of her shirt. Negan watched in a way, that would duplicate watching a particularly amusing scene of a movie. Her legs were grasped by a man as she tried to crawl away, her fingers clawing at the ground, her nails breaking and splitting on the rocks just below the soil. The first blood would seep from beneath her mangled fingernails, before the first abuser to take Negan’s offer had even dropped his jeans around his ankles. His cock sprang free of the denim, as he watched her struggle against the man holding her legs. Chuckling, the man dropped to his knees ready to take what he desired.

“Hold her legs open wider, yeah?” He commanded, a heavy British accent on his lips. The man holding her obliged, pulling her legs wider, and wider until she screamed in pain. The muscles were burning in protest, tearing under the force being applied. Her bloody fingers clawed desperately at the ground, trying to drag herself away.

She could hear the man behind her spit gruesomely, and the wet sounds of his hand on his manhood as it stroked up and down, making the veins in his rigid shaft pulse visibly. There was no warning before it speared into her cunt, dragging small bits of dirt and debris from the forest floor in its wake. He groaned at the sound of her scream, and the way her struggles did nothing to help her escape but caused her unwilling body to stroke the erection buried deep inside her.

“Quit your bitchin’ and enjoy the ride,” he growled as his hands took hold of her hips to control her frantic movements. “Your tight little cunt is already wet for me. Don’t act like you don’t love it…”

Daryl shouted from behind his gag as the man began rocking his hips, his ridged dick rasping in and out of Dakota, grinding the debris further inside her. Tears began to stream down Daryl’s face, mirrored by the tears in Dakota’s eyes as she wailed, and writhed beneath the man atop her. His body hunched over hers, short sharp jabs driving him as deeply as he could manage, grinning wider each time she cried out.

“Fuuuucckk,” The man groaned, as he pounded himself into her again and again. “You’re gonna make me cum like a firehouse, you little slut.”

Her struggles became even more frantic now, wrenching her hips from his grasp. He was not deterred, one hand returning to her hip, the other reaching for the holster just under his arm. The maneuvering had his dick slipping free of the slick folds between her legs, only for it to slam back into her so hard she cried out in pain. She felt the cold metal of a gun muzzle pressed at the base of her neck.

“Keep fightin’ bitch.” He hissed, “I’ll put a twenty-two slug in your spine. We’ll see how much fuckin’ fight you have in you then. Maybe we’ll leave you for the biters…”

“Fuck you!” Dakota screamed against the forest floor.

“That’s what I’m fuckin’ doing, whore!” Was the last thing she heard before the boom of a gunshot rang out through the forest.

Daryl yelled once again through his silencer, and Otter lurched forward, only to be held back. Only River was soundless when gunshot pierced through the foliage, even Negan calling out in surprise. Dakota’s ears were ringing, no other sound reaching her now, as she stared wide-eyed in fear at the crater in the ground, only inches from her face. Dirt and rotting leaves filled her mouth, her ears, her nose, and her eyes, and she screamed, again and again, louder each time, temporarily deafened by the unexpected blast. The man on top of her continued thrusting into her, the slap-smack of his hips against her ass growing louder - until finally, his body began to stiffen. His thrust became shorter, more pointed until Dakota could feel the pulsing of his cock as he came inside her. As quickly as he’d begun, the man pulled himself free, wiping himself clean on one quivering backside cheek.

Dakota very nearly breathed a sigh of relief, the hands that had held her legs letting go - until she felt the weight of their owner’s body a top of her own, another man thrusting his throbbing member into her dripping sex. No mind was given to the other man’s seminal fluid, still dribbling out of her vaginal opening. This man was slower than the first, taking his time. She couldn’t hear what he was saying, but she could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck, mumbling something in her ear. Her stomach lurched as his tongue swept across the back of her ear. Not quickly enough, he too had finished, leaving her with still more semen dripping from between her thighs. The third man to approach flipped her roughly with his foot, before abruptly landing blows to her body with his boots. Dakota let out defeated whimpers and grunts, Daryl flinching every time a heard a blow land. The man dropped to his knees, punching her a few times before she turned to cough up the blood that seemed to suffocate her. Her hips were grabbed, pulling them up to the level of his own, her back bowing as her shoulders pressed against the forest floor. She could barely see his mouth move through the blood drenching her now swollen lids, making out the words ‘Gotta see those fuckin’ tits’, as for the third time she felt a cock pressing into her body. This man was crueler than the first two, his nails digging into her hips as he pulled them hard against his own. Every thrust was hard and meant to cause pain. When it seemed, he was unsatisfied with her suffering, he pulled away from her, roughly. She saw him gesture to another man and found herself being turned to face the man who approached her, the first individual now behind her.

The man who joined the first, picked her up off the ground, grasping one leg while the first man grabbed the other. Her legs were spread wide, putting her on display for all the other men for a moment. She could just barely begin to make out the muffled sound of catcalls when the man who’d joined the first pulled both her legs around him, his cock jamming insider her. The first man, from behind her, began stroking the split of her ass, rubbing the cum and moisture of her pussy up and down, up and down - until his hand was replaced by his massive cock.

The moisture did little to ease the entrance of his erection as it was pressed into her once again, this time shoving his cock into her ass. The men worked in tandem, clumsily at first, but eventually finding a rhythm that had both of their cocks ramming into her, in sync, making her whimper, as blood began to trickle from her body. She screamed as she felt her body reacting to the stimulation of their thrusts, despite the blood beginning to pool between the two men.

“Well shit, I think we might just make the bitch cum.” The man in front of her groaned, freeing a hand to shove it between them, rough fingers seeking out her clit. It was the first words she heard clearly since the gunshot too close to her head.

“NO!” She screamed, hands almost able to rise to strike the man, before the one behind her grabbed both arms, wrenching them painfully behind her.

“Oh yes, baby… Cum on his fucking cock.” He growled as the other continued to work her clit.

His thrusts became more sporadic, as his fingers pinched, and rubbed. Her body was betraying her, and she continued to scream ‘no’, as the two of them groaned, and pounded her cunt and ass respectively until finally, the building tension came to a head.

“Fuck yeah!” The man in front of her howled, as her cunt clenched down around him, his thrusts picking up once more. Harder, and harder they slammed into her, until she felt them cum, almost simultaneously inside her.

The man behind her removed himself first, still holding onto her arms, then the man in front of her, letting her legs drop without care. She was pitched forward as her arms were abruptly released and fell to her hands and knees.

“Please… p-please stop!” She sobbed, knowing it wouldn’t end until these men had had their fill. She looked for Daryl and found him trapped beneath Negan’s arm, Lucille resting across his chest. Negan was mumbling warnings in his ear as he stood beside her lover. Negan followed Daryl’s gaze, to where Dakota was, and smirked, blowing a mocking kiss her way, before beckoning River to his side. Dakota saw him pull her face to his, with his free hand. Saw the way he kissed her, and something in River finally responded. She watched everything so passively but returned Negan’s kiss without hesitation.

“You stupid traitor bitch!” Dakota screamed at her, trying to scramble to her feet and spitting blood in her direction, only to find another hand in her dreads.

“Oh no, you don’t… I’ve got a better use for that pretty mouth.” The man who’d caught her laughed, dragging her around to face him, and finding herself face to face with his massive cock, the veins bulging all along its surface. Before she could answer, another arm came around from behind her, a knife sliding against her throat.

“Don’t even think about threatening to bite it off.” The owner of the knife said. “Or I’ll carve a new gash into your throat and fuck it.”

The man in front of her looked down expectantly, as the knife wielder situated himself behind her, the blood seeping between her legs making everything slippery, as he slid his dick into her already tormented anus. The man in front of her grew impatient, and the moment she opened her mouth to cry out jammed the head of his swollen member between her teeth. It slid over her tongue and forced its way down her throat. The hand in her dreads pulled her face right up to his groin, the knife pressing harder and harder into her flesh as she gagged on the appendage.

Her lips were stretched wide around the massive cock of the man in front of her, as he rammed it down her throat again and again. Its outline was visible, and blood pulsed from beneath the blade held by the man behind her. Luckily, or so she thought, the man in front of her was quicker than some of the others - but she realized how wrong she was, as two more came to stand in front of her, not even yet recovered from gagging on the salty ejaculate of the man who had just released her. One dropped down in front of her, his rock-hard cock thrust into her vacant, but dripping cunt, the other jerked her head sideways, not a word was spoken.

She was too tired to fight them and didn’t resist as his dick replaced the other that had formerly resided in her throat. At this point they didn’t have faces, they were all humanly shaped tormentors, using her body however they saw fit. The man behind her pulled out, and almost immediately was replaced by another. Maybe a man who had already had his way with her - she didn’t know, and she didn’t care. All she could feel was the pain and the blood that was flowing more freely with every abusing thrust into her body. Two more men would come to use her mouth, each one cumming so hard against the back of her throat she thought she might vomit - until finally, finally, they all pulled out of her, leaving her feeling empty and violated.

She knew it wasn’t over, the second she heard the first slap-smack sound of a hand stroking feverishly up and down yet another rock-hard cock. She looked up to see all the men who had just used her fisting their own dicks, some lubricated with her blood, others with spit not yet dry from her mouth. Each one was working themselves into a fever pitch until streams of cum were jetting out. She felt the warm fluid hitting her arms, her face, her breasts.

One man, the last man shoved her to her back, for one final insulting blow. He straddled her chest, pinning her arms to her sides with his legs, ignoring the cream that now covered her body. He was cheered on by his fellow men, as he set his dick between her breasts and began rocking back and forth, dragging it against her flesh until finally, he came as well - thick, white seed splashing across her face, flooding her nose, mouth, and eyes, before he stood, spitting on her. Many of the others followed suit, each one walking away with smug, satisfied looks on their faces.

Dakota was left on the forest floor, bruised, bleeding and filthy with cum and dirt, leaves clinging to her hair and every damp part of her body. Negan, chuckling turned to Otter, as his men began to walk away from her, and used Daryl’s knife to cut the bindings around his wrist. Some questioning glances were thrown his way, but no one moved quickly enough to stop Otter once he moved. He lunged at Negan, and the sound of his fist striking his face broke the silence that had fallen over the group, as Negan stumbled back a few steps.

“Hold him, boys,” Negan said, chuckling. The men surged forward, hands grabbing Otter to hold him back, only for most of them to be waved away as Negan regained his footing once more. Lucille swinging by his side he approached Otter, looking almost as if he would be the next to feed the “vampire bat”. Only for Negan to throw his arms around Otter. “That’s my BOY.”

Otter stared at him, uncomprehending, but Negan didn’t give him a chance to answer, ignoring Daryl, sobbing through his gag, and Dakota still laying defeated on the ground.

“Don’t look so surprised kid! I know you’re a bastard - but these days, who isn’t?” Negan chuckled, waving away the rest of the men who had held onto Otter. “I know that musta hurt watching my boys go to pound town on your ex, but I expect a lil more SPINE outta my kin.”

Otter continued to watch him, still not seeming to understand what Negan was saying, as he pulled the gag from his mouth. Otter paused shaking his head as memories of his father began to flood back. The man who sat outside the school playground. Every day, until he just vanished.

“You, you’re…. MY?”

“DING! DING! DING! WE HAVE A FUCKIN’ WINNER! Took ya long enough!” Negan punched Otter in the shoulder. “So Whaddya say?” Negan’s eyebrows moving up and down, egging his kid on. Otter only stood in silence… not able to muster a word…

“What’s a matter Boy? Are you that damn weak!?” Negan taunted, “Well shit, you are PATHETIC, maybe you ain’t my flesh and blood! Too fucking bent out of shape over what my men did!”

“I’m not a fuckin’ pussy!!!” Otter’s fists clenched again.

“Take what’s fuckin yours then, prove no son of mine is a weak ass pussy!”

Negan shoved him toward Dakota, who looked up at Otter, as though waiting for him to do as Negan demanded of him. She could see no way out of it, no way for him not to do as Negan demanded of him - not until she heard the men who had held Daryl exclaim as he broke free of their grip, throwing his fist into one face, then another, and finally into Otter’s jaw knocking him back several steps.

“You Dixons just don’t fuckin’ quit! Don’t take that shit boy!” Negan roared, hurrying toward Daryl with Lucille. “Shut that shit down, you pathetic fu-”

Negan was cut off by the weight of Dakota’s body slamming into his back, as she had rallied the last of her strength to try and stop him from moving forward, Lucille wrenched out of his hand. She was furiously thrown however, off Negan’s back and into the side of one of the trucks, leaving a monstrous indent. There was a dull thud as her body crumpled to the ground. Daryl called her name, his voice still muffled by the gag, never fully removed from his mouth in the fray.

“Get him! Get his fucking pants off!” Otter roared. The men took hold of Daryl, stooping down to grab Lucille, which had been wrenched from Negan’s hands when Dakota had thrown herself onto his back.

As the men followed orders, Otter stalked over to Daryl, coming up behind him. The men had barely gotten Daryl’s pants to his knees, when Otter raised Lucille, holding it horizontally. The barbed wire wrapped bat met the back of Daryl’s neck pressing him forward until his chest was against the rusted side of the truck, inches from where Dakota lay.

“You took her from me, you inbred fuck!” Otter sneered, one hand releasing Lucille, to unbutton and unzip his pants, exposing his already erect member. Fisting his erection, he pressed forward, pushing against Daryl’s backside and into it with a snarl as he felt the tight hold on his cock. Both hands now returned to Lucille, using it to pin Daryl against the truck. “Still feel like a big fuckin’ man now Dixon?! No fuckin’ crossbow, no Rick to back up your pathetic fuckin’ ass!”

The words were grunted and screamed as his hips positioned, slamming himself into Daryl again and again. Blood began to trickle down the insides of Daryl’s thighs, and from his throat where the rust dug into his flesh, harder each time Otter’s hips humped against his victim. The truck was nearly shaking with the force of his movements.

“You’re nothing but a weak, fuckin’, redneck BITCH! I bet you’re already used to this shit, with that fuck-ass brother of yours!” Otter bellowed, pounding harder and harder into Daryl. Each time he pulled back, dragging blood with the passage of his erection, only to slam back into him, heavier than the times before, to make up for the way the blood had begun lubricating those thrusts.

As Otter felt himself getting close, he shifted his hold on the back, making sure the barbed wire dug into the back of Daryl’s neck, dragging it down so he wouldn’t easily hide the gashes from the barbed wire. Three more rough jabs, and then he was tearing himself away from Daryl, turning his body so that the semen spurting from the head of his bloody boner landed on the ground, and on Dakota. He stumbled back, clumsily pulling up his jeans as men marched forward, stripping Daryl of the rest of his apparel.

“That’s my BOY!” Negan cheered, striding to Otter’s side, wrapping an arm around Otter’s shoulders. “By golly, you are my fuckin’ spawn after all!”

Lucille was pulled from Otter’s hands, now bleeding from where he held the barbed wire end.

“Now I am sorry about this son, but my boys gotta make sure you look the fuckin’ part. Take it like a man - Dixon did, so can you.” Negan taunted, driving his fist into Otter’s gut before turning him toward the men waiting to pummel him into a convincing picture.

Negan meanwhile returned to River, tucking her back under his arm, and lighting another cigarette. A long drag was taken as he watched his men pummeling his offspring, and Daryl crawling to Kota’s side, tears streaming down his face as he mumbled apologies, and begged her to wake up. The cigarette was offered to River, the only betrayal of any emotion the way her hand trembled for just a moment.

“None of that, Princess….” Negan warned as she took a drag, and handed it back, her hand stubbornly stiff to quell that shaking. “That’s enough boys! Don’t wanna kill my faggot-ass son, just paint a pretty picture for Rick the Prick.”

The men backed off at his order, leaving Otter panting and bruised. He looked Negan dead in the eye as if challenging him to hurt him more. Negan ignored the look, instead directing his attention to Daryl.

“Pick your whore up, Dixon. Your sorry sack of shit ass is haulin’ her back.” Negan taunted, Lucille on one shoulder, the other arm around River, and the cigarette still hanging out of his mouth. “You can even lead the way.”

Daryl hesitated only a moment before wrapping his arms around Dakota, pulling her up off the ground, wobbling violently. Her body pendulous in his arms, Daryl began the trek back with shaky steps, hearing engines roar to life behind him. One glance over his shoulder revealed that Otter was just behind, and River and Negan behind Otter, walking side by side as if nothing had happened.

Each step was increasingly more laboriously torturous than the last, Dakota’s limp form seeming to press harder on Daryl’s fatigued arms with every step he took. Blood had then finally begun to dry that stained his thighs like a waterfall descending to his calves, but he held on fast, determined not to drop his unconscious damsel. By the time the gates were within his sites, Daryl felt as though he had walked twenty miles, with weights around his ankles and wrists.

He could see Alexandrians at the gate, but none of them dared run out of the enclosure just yet. They waited, and watched, fearful of what they might see when the group came closer. It wasn’t until they saw clearly that Dakota was laying in Daryl’s arms, unmoving that they began to rush forward, hauling open the entrance. Daryl made it no more than three steps inside when his legs immediately gave way, but Tig, Jax, and Rick were already rushing forward. Tig reached him first, grabbing Dakota before she could hit the ground.

“I got her, I got her!” Tig assured Daryl, who was refusing to let her unhinge from his exhausted embrace. “It’s alright, man, I got her.”

Jax and Rick reached them next, Jax and Rick accompanying Tig to get Dakota out of Daryl’s grip, and support Daryl himself, who was swiftly losing consciousness. But it was Rick who would speak, noting that Otter was beaten, but fully dressed, and River showed no new signs of injury.

“You just fucking stood by and let them do this!?” He demanded, looking from Otter to River. “He’s your fuckin’ blood River!”

“An’ she’s my wife, Rick the Prick.” Negan said with a grin. “And a damn obedient one now, too.”

“He’s your BROTHER!” Rick raged, not seeming to hear Negan. “And you! You just let him do this to our people!”

The last was aimed at Otter, who could only flinch and look at his feet.

“Let them serve as a lesson Rick, I take what I want when I want, and you can’t do a DAMNED thing to stop me,” Negan called, as he turned, leading River back to the waiting trucks. “Men let’s give these fine people some privacy to tend to their injured and stew on the lesson we’ve given them today… Fuck, I need a hot shower and a shave. RICK - We’re havin’ a sleepover! I’m takin’ your house! - please direct me to your humble abode.”

Rick stuttered, after clearing his throat nervously, “S-second house from the end down there, the right side of the street.”

“Thank ya, kindly.” Negan paused, just outside the truck, peering over his shoulder at Rick and Michonne.

“Oh, and Rick? Next time it’ll be your FINE piece of ass out there with my boys. Might even see what else that sword of hers is useful for.” his laughter hung in the air, as he climbed into the truck, and called for his men to move out, leaving the Alexandrians to nurse their wounded three.

(To Be Continued)


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