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Handy References

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Mkay.. Took some pictures of my hand because I CAN'T DRAW THEM and sgoaejasegsepgijrpsh.
So I'm going to draw all of these to (hopefully) help me learn..
You can too :D
Download if you want larger version.

More in my gallery!

Please link me to your works, I'd love to see!! :D Don't forget to leave a link back to me for others. Thank you!
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only difficult part now is if i wanted to do an exact hand pose with the other hand XD then the thumb and stuff would be in the BACK dang it .. but i did use the refrences THANK YOU.. they did come in Handy :P
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You could mirror it!! Glad to hear it :D
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So I ended up using two of your hand refs! They saved me and my failure at drawing hands! 
And really helped!… So ya! The hands totally done with the help of your refs! Thanks for providing them~
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Lmao the pun 😂😂😂😂
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i can't help myself, i'm all about bad puns!!
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That pun was amazing and thanks for the reference it helps so much
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it was terrible, but that's what makes it good, right?? :p no prob~!
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I fave it,because of that PUN :D
but it really help, thank you
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bahahahaha, thank you!!
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I thought you'd wish to know that I've used your stock for this work: "Emprise"
Thank you very much for sharing.
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Hi, used here: Soul Eater by GurlinDaShadows

Thank you Aria Blaze Icon
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Neat, thanks for sharing!!
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Used your stock here: Life's Essence.  Thank you!
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Thank you it so helpful :) (Smile) 
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awesome! glad to hear it c:
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thanks for this!! :D
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Was just randomly browsing through deviantart when I found this. :) This would really help on my drawings and you know what, your gallery seems very interesting so I am just going to follow you :D
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hahaha awesome!! thanks so much >3<
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Thank You ! It's really helping !
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