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Owl of Destiny Chapter 4
Jareth was lounging in Athena's room. The goddess was meeting with her family. When she returned, she looked worried. "What's the matter, love?" Jareth asked as he sat up.
"Father is furious," Athena said as she paced the room.
Jareth sighed. "What is he raving about now?"
"His latest affair has become known and the girl's father may punish her.
"Father, what's an affair?" Melody interrupted.
"Its... well," Jareth looked to his wife for help but she simply raised an eyebrow and smirked as she watched him squirm.
"Well, you see..." Jareth tried to choose his words carefully. "When a couple loves each other they get married, like your mother and I. And a married couple is known to create new life, as your mother and I have done three times..."
"You mean they have a baby?" Melody inquired.
"Yes, they have a baby." Jareth smiled, she was too smart for her own good sometimes. "Now sometimes a baby is made with someone other than the person they are married to."
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One Should Always Be Careful of Books Chapter 19 :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 4 0
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To Court a Queen Chapter 31 :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 1 0
Black Jareth Chapter 2
Over the next couple of months, Sarah's family managed to build a decent sized home and start a small farm. They didn't have a lot with them when they left the village, but they were making the best of it. Soon the crops would be ready to harvest and they would be able to eat something other than stale bread and the few wild berries and nuts they had found.
Robert had ventured into the forest to hunt a few times but found very little wildlife to hunt. There were a few rabbits and a squirrel or two, but certainly not enough to feed his family. Reluctantly, Robert had returned to the village with anything he thought he could use for trade. He had returned with a few goats and two hens. It wasn't much, but the goats would provide milk, and the hens would give them eggs. It was a start. If God was merciful, their harvest would be a good one and he could possibly trade for more goods later.
Sarah was quickly given the duties of feeding, milking, and seeing to the goats, as well as gathering
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Precious It's Cold Outside :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 2 0
Black Jareth Chapter 1
As Sarah Williams sat on the back of the family's wagon with her brother, Tobias, and the twins, Grace and Michael, she thought back on all that had happened to her. Things hadn't been easy for her family. Her mother had died when Sarah was only 5. A few years later her father remarried and when Sarah was 8, Tobias was born.
Sarah loved her baby brother, but the first year of his life she despised him. Her stepmother always accused her of things she didn't do. If anything was missing Sarah must have taken it. If something broke, Sarah must have done something to it. She seemed to be in trouble daily. Once Tobias was born, things got worse. Sarah was supposed to do all her chores and look after the baby.
Sarah's only joy was when she slipped away and went to see the blind beggar near the church. He had stopped her father after church one day and asked if he had any money or food to spare. Sarah had felt bad for the poor man. So the next day she snuck out and took some bread she had save
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One Should Always Be Careful of Books Chapter 18 :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 2 0
Inktober 31st by Lady-Lannie-QofG Inktober 31st :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 0 0 Inktober 30th by Lady-Lannie-QofG Inktober 30th :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 0 0 Inktober 29th by Lady-Lannie-QofG Inktober 29th :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 1 0 Inktober 28th by Lady-Lannie-QofG Inktober 28th :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 1 0 Inktober 27th by Lady-Lannie-QofG Inktober 27th :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 0 0 Inktober 26th by Lady-Lannie-QofG Inktober 26th :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 0 0 Inktober 25th by Lady-Lannie-QofG Inktober 25th :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 0 0 Inktober 24th by Lady-Lannie-QofG Inktober 24th :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 0 0 Inktober 23rd by Lady-Lannie-QofG Inktober 23rd :iconlady-lannie-qofg:Lady-Lannie-QofG 1 0


David Bowie and Iggy Pop horsing around by gagambo David Bowie and Iggy Pop horsing around :icongagambo:gagambo 5 2 as the world falls51 THOSE COWARDS by Dollysmith as the world falls51 THOSE COWARDS :icondollysmith:Dollysmith 5 3 B5: Lennier by RedVelvet-Cake B5: Lennier :iconredvelvet-cake:RedVelvet-Cake 5 0 Lets Dance by whitevsblack23 Lets Dance :iconwhitevsblack23:whitevsblack23 15 1 Aladdin Sane says shh by gagambo Aladdin Sane says shh :icongagambo:gagambo 13 3 Ziggy Stardust as a fairy by gagambo Ziggy Stardust as a fairy :icongagambo:gagambo 10 2 David Bowie - Blackstar Tour by gagambo David Bowie - Blackstar Tour :icongagambo:gagambo 13 6 Where Everything Seems Possible... by luvliartlady Where Everything Seems Possible... :iconluvliartlady:luvliartlady 5 0 Jareth the Goblin King by AmyroseHaruka Jareth the Goblin King :iconamyroseharuka:AmyroseHaruka 39 1 GND - Christmas Speshul '18 - Tinsel Trouble III by Pika-la-Cynique GND - Christmas Speshul '18 - Tinsel Trouble III :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 287 58 Diamond Dog's Master's Voice by gagambo Diamond Dog's Master's Voice :icongagambo:gagambo 6 0 Labyrinth meme by luvliartlady Labyrinth meme :iconluvliartlady:luvliartlady 8 2 Ziggy Stardust as an elf by gagambo Ziggy Stardust as an elf :icongagambo:gagambo 7 2 as the world falls50 AHHHHHHHHH by Dollysmith as the world falls50 AHHHHHHHHH :icondollysmith:Dollysmith 3 3 Sextuplets Blackstar with a huge smile by gagambo Sextuplets Blackstar with a huge smile :icongagambo:gagambo 9 3 David Bowie and Marc Bolan high fiving by gagambo David Bowie and Marc Bolan high fiving :icongagambo:gagambo 11 3

Lannie returned home from work and was tackled by an excited Mal. After removing his bark collar and calming him down, she changed out of her work clothes and made herself comfortable at her desk. Her deadline for having her book done was approaching quickly and she still had a ton of work to do.

Shadow walked into the office to find her busy at work and smiled. Leaning over her chair, he kissed her head. “Hey, Trouble.”

“Hey, no time to talk, too much to do.”

“Understood. Just making sure you’re alright.” He responded.

“Yup got snacks, drink, and music. Now off you go.” She said before returning her attention to the screen.

Shadow chuckled as he left the room to find the others in the living room. “How is she?” Jaye asked.

“Chapter 13,” Shadow told him. “Halfway there. I think she’ll be alright.”

“So she’ll make the deadline?” Jareth questioned.

Nodding, Shadow sat on the couch. “I think she will. She has 2 weeks still and she’s gotten a chapter a day this week. She’s off tomorrow so just imagine how much she’ll get done.”

“Good, then she can spend time with us again.” Jareth smiled.

“Only if we’re helping her plan for that reading retreat she’s going to,” David stated. “She has to get things ready and then when her editor is done she has to format the book.”

“True.” Jareth sighed. “Guess I’ll never get that next chapter.”

“Not for a bit,” Tommy spoke up. “I’m looking forward to reading her new book though.”

“We all are, kid,” David told him. “But for now we just have to wait and support her from afar.”

The others nodded and one by one left to attend to their own affairs.


Lannie Sheridan
United States
A young writer that recently published her second book, Dancing with Shadows, and is bust working on her third book, When Shadows Fall. I'm working hard to finish this series along with several other books I have in progress. I write a little fan fiction on the side, mostly Labyrinth lately, and fiddle around with art on occasion, though I don't think I'm very good. I love anime, scifi, fantasy, and I enjoy cosplaying my favorite characters.


Jareth was lounging in Athena's room. The goddess was meeting with her family. When she returned, she looked worried. "What's the matter, love?" Jareth asked as he sat up.

"Father is furious," Athena said as she paced the room.

Jareth sighed. "What is he raving about now?"

"His latest affair has become known and the girl's father may punish her.


"Father, what's an affair?" Melody interrupted.

"Its... well," Jareth looked to his wife for help but she simply raised an eyebrow and smirked as she watched him squirm.

"Well, you see..." Jareth tried to choose his words carefully. "When a couple loves each other they get married, like your mother and I. And a married couple is known to create new life, as your mother and I have done three times..."

"You mean they have a baby?" Melody inquired.

"Yes, they have a baby." Jareth smiled, she was too smart for her own good sometimes. "Now sometimes a baby is made with someone other than the person they are married to."

"Father, did you make a baby with someone else?" Liam asked.

"No," Jareth didn't hesitate to answer. "Your mother is the only one I have ever or will ever have a baby with." He reached over and took her hand in his. "I want no one else by my side."

Sarah squeezed his hand and smiled. "What your father is trying to tell you is that Zeus had many children with people other than his wife Hera."

"He was a bad man." Melody stated.

"Yes, he was, sweetheart," Jareth said before kissing her head. "Now for our story, Zeus had had an affair with Danea, the daughter of King Acrisius of the Kingdom of Argos. Now Acrisiys was a jealous tyrant."

"What's that Father?" Liam asked.

"It means he didn't like people touching things he believed were his and he was cruel to anyone that did," Sarah explained.

"So he was upset that Zeus made a baby with his daughter?" Luke questioned.

"Well he was upset that she had a baby, he didn't know who the father was," Jareth explained. "Athena feared what the King was going to do, and worse what Zeus would do in response."


Jareth, disguised as Bubo the owl, sat on Athena's arm as she stroked his feathers. Worried about the safety of Danae and her child, Zeus sent Poseidon, god of the sea, to check on them and spy on the King. Everyone paced the room, waiting for him to return.

"She's his daughter." Jareth hooted to Athena. "Surely he wouldn't harm her."

The goddess shook her head and whispered, "but what of the child?"

"Does one human child really matter?" Jareth questioned.

"All lives matter," Athena whispered angrily.

"To you, but not to your father," Jareth answered.

Before Athena could respond, Aphrodite came over and started petting the owl on her sister's arm. "Poor Bubo, even he's worried about what will happen."

"Yes, he's agitated." Athena sighed. "What will Father do if he harms them?"

"I don't know, sister. It won't be good though." The goddess of love replied.

Eventually, a seagull flew in through the window and changed in Poseidon. "It is done." He bowed to his brother, Zeus. "As we feared, King Acrisius of Argos has abandoned his daughter and her child..." he hesitated, fearful of his brother's response. "to the sea."

"Then he will be punished." Zeus seemed oddly calm. "Cruel and ruthless crime! Blasphemy!" The room jumped at his exclamation. "How dare the tyrant pray to me to forgive his savage jealousy," he shook his head. "and cowardly revenge!"

"Acrisius has always shown devotion to the gods of Olympus!" Hera, Queen of the gods, spoke up. "He has built many temples and dedicated them to you," She glared at her husband, "great Zeus, father of the gods."

"A hundred good deeds cannot atone for one murder," Zeus argued. "A thousand temples or statues or
sanctuaries, whether dedicated to me, " paused to make eye contact with Hera. "Or to you, Hera, my wife." His eyes traveled to the goddess behind her. "Or to Thetis, lovely goddess of the sea." His gaze continued moving around the room as he spoke. "Or to you, Athena, ever wise and full of care. Or to Aphrodite, goddess of love." His gaze then returned to his wife. "Nothing can wipe out or forgive this one contemptible act of blood!"

"Does it matter?" Hera crossed her arms over her chest. "The death of a girl and her child?"

"Girl?" Zeus was fuming. "His daughter!"

"After a lifetime's respect and devotion..."

"Enough!" Zeus cut her off. "I've decided. Acrisius must be punished and his people with him." He gripped the arms of his throne and looked to his brother. "My lord, Poseidon, I command you to raise the wind and the sea." He paused long enough to stand. "Destroy Argos! And to make certain no stone stands, that no creature crawls." I command you to let loose the last of the Titans." Poseidon's eyes grew large as he realized Zeus's plan. "Let loose the Kraken! The kingdom of Acrisius must be destroyed!"

"As you command." Poseidon bowed and turned to leave.

"Yet, be certain," Zeus called after him as he stepped down from his throne, "no harm befalls young Danae or her son. Bring them safely to some remote and peaceful shore. Go now, swiftly." Zeus watched his brother leave and walked to the room where he kept his clay figures of all the humans. With these figures, the mighty Zeus could change and manipulate them.

"No pity, no mercy. Why?" Hera asked as she watched her husband.

"Zeus, your husband, loved the girl." Thetis, goddess of the Sea answered.

"Danae?" Hera inquired.

"She is very beautiful," Thetis responded. "So beautiful that Acrisius grew jealous and guarded her from men locked behind iron doors."

"But Zeus transformed himself into a shower of gold and visited her. Visited her and loved her." Aphrodite explained.

"Then why should I show compassion? Let her drown! With her child!" Hera shouted angrily.

"The child, Perseus, is Zeus' son. That is why he is to be saved," Thetis said as she watched Zeus grab the clay figure of Acrisius, "And why Argos is doomed."


"Father, did Zeus really destroy an entire city?" Luke asked.

"Not just a city, my boy. The Kraken destroyed the entire Kingdom. Not one person, animal, or building was spared." Jareth told them. "Argos would soon be a Kingdom of legend and stories would be told of its destruction and the poor Princess and her child that were cast into the sea."

"What happened to the baby?" Melody asked.

"Ah, yes, the babe. He's very important to our story." Jareth grinned as he stood, lifting his daughter into the air. "Young Danae and her son, Perseus, were delivered by Posideon safely to the island of Seriphos."

"Did he and his mom live happily ever after?"Melody asked.

Jareth sat her on his throne and picked up the mechanical owl. "For a time. Perseus grow to be a fine, strong, and handsome man. Zeus was quite proud of him and was often seen holding the clay figure of his son."

"So what happened?" Luke asked.

"Oh, you think there's more?" Jareth smirked.

"Well you still haven't gotten to the golden owl, and you said they lived happily for a time. So what happened?" Luke inquired.

"Clever boy." Jareth walked over and ruffled his sandy blonde hair. "First poor Danae died. Back then the live expectancy of a mortal was far shorter than it is now. While this saddened Perseus, it was the interference of a goddess that started the son of Zeus on his quest to find his destiny."
Owl of Destiny Chapter 4
Disclaimer: I don't own Jareth, wish I did, I just borrow him for a little fun

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Sarah woke up hours later feeling warm and content. Jareth's arms were wrapped securely around her and from the sound of his breathing, he was sound asleep. She snuggled closer, her ear resting on his chest just above his heart. The steady rhythm of it soothed her and she closed her eyes. She smiled to herself thinking back on all that had happened in a week's time.

Her thoughts then went to how little time they had left. Soon it would be Saturday and he would be leaving. Her stomach was in knots just thinking about it. She knew how she felt right then, how he made her feel. She was happier than she had been in a long time. She just couldn't bring herself to tell him.

Feeling him stir, she lifted her head to look at him. "Morning." She greeted him with a smile.

"Good morning, my love." Jareth hugged her and kissed her cheek. "I could definitely get used to this." He kissed her forehead. "Waking up, in bed, naked, with the woman I love."

Sarah chuckled and whispered some of the Gaelic he had taught her the night before. When he just stared at her she sat up. "Did I say it wrong?"

"No, no, not at all, Precious. I just didn't think you'd remember it so well this morning. I forgot you're a fast learner." He sat up and wrapped his arms around her. "So when do I need to have you back to campus?"

"I have class at 10, but I think I'm going to skip today and tomorrow," Sarah stated as she put her arms around his neck.

"Sarah," he said her name in a scolding tone. "I told you, I shall not be responsible for you missing your classes. Now let's get up and shower, we should have enough to grab a bite to eat on the way." He told her before kissing her softly. "Do you have your books or do we need to stop by your dorm?"

"They're at my dorm," Sarah said before she started nibbling on his ear. "How much time do we have?"

He chuckled and slowly pulled away from her. "Wicked girl, you are trying to tempt me." He stood and let his eyes wander over her naked body.

She moved to the edge of the bed and sat up on her knees so she could be eye level with him. "Is it working?" She asked as she tried to look innocent.

"Yes." He said before kissing her roughly. His tongue invaded her mouth as his hands grabbed and massaged her ass. Pulling back, he lifted her off the bed. "We'll have to be quick." Carrying her to the bathroom, he kissed along her neck and jaw. Once inside the bathroom, he sat her on the sink and kissed her lips. "My sweet Sarah."

Sarah watched as he left her and turned the shower on. When he turned around, she hopped off the sink and walked over, pushing him into the shower. As the warm water sprayed their naked bodies, Sarah pushed Jareth against the wall, her mouth covering his in a heated kiss. Their hands roamed the other's body as they kissed until they both had to come up for air. "Jareth." she moaned his name as his hands caressed her breasts.

"Precious…" it came out a groan as her hand wrapped tightly around his erection.

Before he could react, Sarah knelt in front of him, the water cascading down the back of her head and back. Slowly she took him in her mouth, inch by inch, causing a Jareth to close his eyes and lay his head back against the shower wall. "Oh, Sarah…"

She pulled back slowly, letting him slide out of her mouth with a pop. "While I'd love to tease you, we're short on time." She took him back in her mouth and worked her lips and tongue over his hard cock.

As his hands reached down and tangled into her dark, wet locks, Sarah quickened her pace. Her hands massaged his balls as her tongue rolled around his head. His fingers gripped her hair as he gently thrust his hips forward. "Sarah, Sarah…." he chanted her name as she pleasured him.

Before long he reached his climax and cried out her name as he came in her mouth. Sarah swallowed it and licked him clean before standing up. "Enjoy that, your majesty?" she teased as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Immensely." He replied before kissing her. "We really should actually wash up though." He grabbed the washcloth and body wash and after getting the cloth wet, he poured a little of the liquid soap on it and made a lather.

Before he could wash her, Sarah took the rag from him and began rubbing it all over his body. "Allow me." She grinned as she ran the soapy rag down his arm.

"You really are spoiling me today, Precious," Jareth mumbled as he watched her thoroughly clean his body. She scrubbed his chest, his stomach, both arms, and then she knelt in front of him and washed both legs. She motioned for him to turn around and he chuckled as he did. Slowly she washed the back of his legs and then stood up. She washed his butt, back and then she pressed her wet body against his as she reached around and rubbed the rag over his cock. She stroked him softly, teasing him. He groaned as she played with him. Sarah couldn't help but grin as she pulled away and watched him.

Jareth turned around to face her, his eyes dark with lust. "Your turn." He grabbed her and pulled her to him, pressing her soft body against his. He took the rag from her and added a bit more soap and lathered it some more. Slowly he ran the rag over her shoulders and down her arms. As he washed her breasts, he massaged and teased her, pinching her nipples gently. "Mmmmm." She moaned softly as he cleaned her. "Never knew bathing could be so erotic."

"If we had more time, I'd show you exactly how much fun showers can be." He said before kissing her. "But for now I better get you clean and then dried off, otherwise I may break my promise of not keeping you from class."

Sarah laughed lightly and kissed him. "You wouldn't hear me complain about that."

"Not today, love." He kissed her nose and quickly washed the rest of her body, and then they rinsed off. Drying off was a bit of a challenge. Sarah insisted on kissing the areas she dried until Jareth took the towel from her. He quickly dried himself and then her. Before she could protest, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to her to the other room. "What time is your last class over?"

"3:30." She replied as she dug in her bag for clothes. "I'm supposed to go to a study group this week, but I think I'll skip." She stood up and looked over at the half-naked Goblin King. "Before you even argue, its one study group. We usually spend more time goofing off than studying anyway. Plus you're leaving Saturday. I'd rather spend my evening with you."

Jareth walked over as he buttoned his shirt. "I'm flattered, love." He kissed her cheek and grabbed his slacks. "Hurry up or you'll have to go to class without eating."

Sarah shook her head and got dressed. "Are you always this bossy in the morning?"

"Only when it involves a beautiful woman hurrying up." he teased.

"Wow, can't wait to be rid of me huh?"

Jareth grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms. "Only so that you can hurry with what must be done so you can rush back to me." He covered her lips with his and kissed her tenderly. "Once your classes are over I shall show you exactly how much I don't wish to be rid of you." He kissed her again and then let her go.

Once they were dressed, Jareth drove her back to her dorm and then bought her a latte and bagel at the cafe. As she hurried off to class, Jareth watched her with a smile on his face. Turning to the library, he sighed. He was not looking forward to dealing with Mrs. White.

To his surprise, she wasn't there. The library was locked. After opening the place up and turning on all the lights, Jareth sat at the check out counter with a book, but he didn't read much. He was too busy thinking of Sarah. He had realized when he woke that morning that he had made a terrible error. In the heat of the moment, he had forgotten to use protection, multiple times throughout the evening. "Normally, I'd just use magic," he whispered to himself, but that wasn't an option this time. He just prayed Sarah wouldn't kill him for it later.

He then thought about what she whispered that morning. Had she even realized what she said? While he pleasured her the night before he had gotten her to repeat the words of bonding. He had told her in bits and pieces of what it meant in English, but he didn't tell her what it truly meant to say those words in Gaelic. "If only she really meant it."

He sighed and stood up. He had had her say the words for his own pleasure. He wanted nothing more than to be bonded to her in marriage, to wake up every morning like he had that day. But she had yet to even admit that she loved him. Sure she did incredible things with, and to him, but was that all she wanted from him? He vowed that he wouldn't push her, so he would wait as long as it took.

"Morning, Mr. Kingsley. You're here early."

Jareth turned to see Mrs. White entering the library. It caught him off guard that she actually greeted him. "Good morning, Mrs. White." He walked over and took her bag from her. "You're in a pleasant mood today." He carried her bag to the office and placed it on the desk while she removed and hung up her jacket.

"I am." she smiled. It was starting to freak him out a little.

"Has something happened?" He asked.

"Yes. The board has decided that I shall remain here as the librarian. Today is your last day working on this campus."
One Should Always Be Careful of Books Chapter 19
Disclaimer: I don't own Jareth, wish I did, just borrowing him for some fun

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Hearing the lock on the front door turning, Jareth grabbed Sarah and instantly they vanished in a cloud of glitter. They reappeared in her room and Sarah pulled away from him. "Jareth what are you doing?"

"I thought it best we avoid being seen."

"Irene or Daddy can see me. It's you that needs to stay out of sight." She shook her head. "I really hope that was Daddy."


"Yeah, he won't freak out about all the glitter."

Jareth sat on her bed laughing. "Precious, neither would see the glitter. Only those that believe in magic or have magic themselves will see it. I can assure you that neither of your parents will see it."


"I give you my word, Sarah," Jareth said as he reached out and took her hand, pulling her towards him. "Now come over here and relax." He wrapped his arms around her. "Or do you need to go check on Toby?"

"I should, especially if the goblins are with him."

Nodding, Jareth stood and kissed her softly. "Go see to your brother. I shall return to the castle."

"Come by after dinner?" Sarah asked.

"If that is what you wish, Precious." He smiled. "Perhaps I can carry you off for a while."

"Sounds good to me." Sarah wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him soundly. "I'll see you tonight."

"I'll be waiting patiently for your call." Jareth pulled away and exited the room in his usual way.

Sarah watched him leave and then headed to Toby's room. In the hall, she passed her stepmother, who said nothing to her. Shrugging, she continued down the hall. The door to Toby's room was closed and she could hear him playing inside. Knocking on the door, she called out to him. "Tobes, I'm coming in."

When she walked in, the goblins were nowhere to be seen. "Hi, Sarah." He brother grinned. "Did you come to play?"

"Sure, bud." Sarah closed the door behind her and sat on the floor with her baby brother and soon they were playing a very difficult game of monopoly.


Back at the Castle beyond the Goblin City, Jareth found his unwanted castle guests were lounging in his private gardens. "I hope you were not informed by any of my subjects that this is my private garden, otherwise I may have to break my promise to my sweet Sarah."

"And just what did you promise the Lady Sarah, cousin?" Alastair asked.

"That I wouldn't bog any of you," Jareth responded with a glare.

"Come now, little brother." Jaxel chuckled. "That threat will only work so many times."

"Shall I drop you in it and leave you there?" The Goblin King asked as he summoned a crystal.

"Jareth, you wouldn't!" Heidi protested.

"You three are trying my patience," Jareth stated as he juggled the crystal. "Now why are you in my garden?"

"I simply wanted to show Heidi the roses you have here," Alastair admitted. "You've never had an issue with my being here before."

"Its one thing if I bring you here, it's another to just walk in here without my permission." Jareth circled the three of them. "I have this area tended to night and day. I only allow a few select people to even see this garden. Do you know what this garden is called?"

Heidi shook her head while the other two avoided making contact with Jareth. "This is the Queen's garden. Those roses are for my Sarah and her alone. Now I ask that you leave this area and not return."

Without hesitation or a single word, Alastair and Jaxel returned to the castle. Heidi watched Jareth for a moment and then walked by him, whispering a quiet, "I'm sorry."

Jareth lingered in the garden after the others left. The garden was one of his places of solitude. He would have to make sure it was harder to get to and warn the goblins not to simply let anyone out there. Brushing his hand over one of the roses, he sighed. "At least I was able to show it to Sarah before they came tramping through here." He turned and went back inside, heading straight for his study.


At the High Queen's palace, Ta'leena was in the throne room, pacing by the window. The healers were in with her husband, the High King, and it didn't sound good. Ta'leena stopped pacing when she heard Bardo, the top healer, enter the room. "How is he?"

"It's not good your majesty. His condition is deteriorating. I'm afraid he doesn't have a lot of time left." Bardo responded sadly.

"Is there nothing you can do?" Ta'leena pleaded.

"The only thing that will help is removing the iron, but I fear only a human can do that."

"No," She shook her head. "No filthy human is ever getting near him ever again."

Bardo bowed his head. "Understood majesty. I would call for your sons. He should see them before its too late."

Ta'leena dismissed the healer and returned to pacing the room. Sighing she walked to the room she used to share with the High King. Since he was poisoned, Ta'leena had only entered the room a handful of times. She couldn't bring herself to see him in such a hopeless state. When she entered, the healers bowed and left the room. The High King looked up and gave her a smile. "Ta'leena, my dove, I had hoped you would visit me."

"Forgive me, my love," she said as she walked over and took his hand in hers. He felt colder than normal and it was all she could do to not let go and leave the room. "Things have been chaotic."

"So I hear." He chuckled lightly and it turned into a full-blown coughing fit. Ta'leena helped him sit up a bit and placed a pillow behind him. "I hear Jareth is engaged at last."

"Yes, but I fear it won't last."

"Because she's human?" Seeing the shocked look on his wife's face, Talonas smirked. "My healers do keep me updated on what's going on in my Kingdom."

"What else have they told you?"

"That you tried to kill the poor girl. Ta'leena, you must let your hatred go. Not all humans are evil." He patted her hand. "I'm certain Bardo has given you the bad news." Ta'leena nodded. "I have a request to ask of you."

"Anything. All you have to do is ask it, my love." Ta'leena told him as she lifted his hand to her lips and kissed it softly.

"Call for my sons. I want to see them." Talonas stated.

"Of course." Ta'leena started to leave but he grabbed her arm.

"I'd also like to meet my future daughter in law."


Later that night, after Sarah's father returned home and they had eaten dinner, Sarah went up to her room and locked the door. Opening the window she called for Jareth. Almost as she as she said his name, the barn owl flew in and Sarah felt strong arms wrap around her. "Hi." She smiled as she leaned into his embrace.

"Hello, Precious," Jareth replied before kissing her neck. "Are you ready for me to whisk you away for a night of romance?"

"Remember I do have to be home before morning."

Kissing along her neck, Jareth chuckled. "Fear not, I shall have you home long before anyone can miss you." He pulled her closer and kissed her cheek. "Close your eyes."

Sarah did as he asked and soon felt the familiar swirl of magic around her as he transported them to the castle. When he released her, Sarah opened her eyes and couldn't believe what she was seeing. Jareth had transported them to the gardens and it was filled with fireflies. Everywhere she looked the tiny bugs were flying around and lighting up the area. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. As she took it all in, Jareth took a step back to watch her. The awe in her eyes along with the soft glow the fireflies created on her face made his heart melt. She was so beautiful and perfect, and having her with him made him happier than words could describe. Sarah looked over and saw him starring. "What is it?" She asked as she tucked her hair behind her ear.

"I was just admiring you," Jareth answered as he reached out and took her hands. "My lovely, Sarah."

Sarah wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled. "So what did you have in mind for our romantic night?"

Smirking, he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Well I thought we could enjoy the garden a while, perhaps some dancing, I've got a nice selection of wines…"

"I'm not old enough to drink yet," Sarah told him as he swayed back and forth softly. "I'll stick to juice or water."

"Very well." He kissed her forehead. "We could sit by the fire and enjoy one another's company. Or perhaps you'd like another bath and massage?" He suggested before kissing her softly.

Sarah returned his kiss and ran her fingers through his hair, her nails gently scraping his scalp. "Sitting by the fire sounds nice." She stated when they separated.

Jareth nodded and before Sarah could react, she felt the world shift around her as Jareth took them to his chambers. He swept her off her feet and carried her to the fireplace. "Would you like a blanket or is the rug good enough?"

Sarah traced his jaw with her finger. "The floor is fine by me as long as you're with me."

"Oh Precious thing…" He placed her softly on the rug by the fireplace and quickly joined her there.

He reached for her hands, but she stopped him. "Gloves." She said plainly.

"Ah, yes I have forgotten once again, haven't I." Jareth nodded as he removed his gloves and sat them on the floor. "Better?" He asked as he reached for her once again.

"Much better." She took his hands in hers and caressed them gently. "Now how about we pick up where we left off when we were in my room earlier."

"Sounds like a splendid idea," Jareth replied as he moved closer, his hands snaking around her. As their lips met for a passionate kiss, there was a knock on the door. Jareth groaned but pulled Sarah closer and hoped whoever it was would go away.

The second knock earned a groan from Sarah. "I won't say a word if you bog them." She said when Jareth pulled away.

Laughing lightly, Jareth brushed her hair from her face. "I was actually debating giving them to the dragon." He kissed her softly.

"We always seem to get interrupted." Sarah sighed when there was a third knock. "You better see who it is."

Jareth stood and made his way to the door. As he opened the door, he made his displeasure known. "This had better be important or someone is going to find themselves swimming in the bog and them playing tag with a dragon."

"It's of the utmost importance, brother," Jaxel said as he held a letter out to Jareth. "A messenger arrived with letters for both of us. It's about father."

Jareth snatched the letter from Jaxel's hand and opened it quickly. Seeing his reaction, Sarah got up and made her way over to the door. "Is everything alright?"

"Lady Sarah," Jaxel bowed to her. "Its a pleasure to see you again."

"Pleasure to see you as well, majesty," Sarah replied as she bowed.

"Oh, please. No need to bow, my Lady." Jaxel assured her. "We are family. You're free to call me Jaxel."

"I take it you've read this?" Jareth said as he balled up the letter and tossed it aside.

"I read my letter, which I assume was the same as yours," Jaxel stated. "You'll go with me in the morning, correct?"

"No, I won't go." Jareth turned his back on his brother.

"What?!" Jaxel couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Why?"

"Jareth, what's going on?" Sarah asked as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

Jareth placed a hand over hers and gave it a gentle squeeze. "It's our father. He's getting worse and he's asked to see us."

"I don't understand. If your father is asking for you, why won't you go?" Sarah questioned.

"Yes, brother, why won't you?" Jaxel pushed.

"Because he doesn't want me to come alone," Jareth replied.

"Well of course not, we'd be going…"

"I'm not talking about you!" Jareth shouted interrupting what his brother was saying.

"Then who?"

"He wants to meet Sarah." Jareth ran his fingers through his hair. "I can't take her there. I can't protect her at Ta'leena's palace."

Jaxel covered his eyes with his hand. Shaking his head he walked inside the room and paced. "Are you thinking this is a trick? Mother trying to lure us all there?"

"I don't know," Jareth answered.

"Would she do something like that? Use your father's condition to lure us into a trap?" Sarah couldn't believe anyone would do such a thing.

"I honestly don't know, Precious." Jareth wrapped his arms around her. "I honestly don't know." He kissed her forehead. "But no matter what, I will keep you safe. I promise."

"But what if it's not a trick?" Jaxel inquired. "Father could be dying."

"He is dying," Jareth argued. "We've known that for centuries. Nothing can be done to change that."

"There is. If Mother would just.."

"She won't." Jareth walked to the window and looked out at the night sky. "She would never agree to letting a human near our father, that's why I can't believe this is anything but a trap."

"I don't understand. You told me she hates humans but you never explained why." Sarah went to sit on the couch and looked back and forth between the two brothers.

"You haven't told her?" Jaxel was astounded.

"No, I wasn't concerned with giving her a detailed history of our family," Jareth stated.

"Or telling me who your family even is," Sarah commented. "I found out right before the New Year's ball that the High Queen is your mother."

"Jareth, are you ashamed of being part of our family?" Jaxel sounded hurt.

"Do I have reason to celebrate being in this family?" Jareth argued. "Mother treated me like a half breed even though she gave birth to me. I rarely saw Father, even before he was poisoned. You were busy being groomed to be High King and I was supposed to just sit back and do as I was told. Even when I beat the Labyrinth and gained my own Kingdom, Mother had reasons to be unhappy. She claimed I shouldn't do such things without her permission. I remained in the court to appease her but still, she wasn't happy. I'm forced to attend those pointless meetings and now that I've found the love of my life, she wants to kill her!"

Sarah stood and went to his side. "Jareth." She hugged him and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Jaxel, would you excuse us. I'd like to speak with Sarah alone." Jareth requested.

Nodding, Jaxel headed for the door. "Very well brother. We'll speak later."

He watched his brother leave, and then Jareth turned his attention to Sarah. Kissing her cheek, Jareth held her close. "Forgive me, Precious."

"For what?"

"Not telling you about my past and family. I'm asking you to become the most important part of my life and family, yet I've kept my actually family away from you as much as I could." Jareth explained.

"With good reason, from what I've seen." She kissed his cheek. "You just wanted to keep me safe."

Jareth walked her back to the couch and sat down with her. "I think its time I told you everything. Why my mother hates humans, why my father is dying, and why I have such a strong dislike of most of my family."
To Court a Queen Chapter 31
Disclaimer: I don't own Jareth, wish I did, I just borrow him and his subjects for a little fun now and then.



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