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The Sea Witch Ch3 Illustration


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Snow Angels


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The Sea Witch - Cover Image

The Sea Witch Webnovel

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Buffy Angel

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Harry Potter

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Uchiha Sasuke


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Lady Flame's Monster (InuYasha)

  FILMED IN GLORIOUS TECHNICOLOUR!! (But on the budget of an old black & white B movie) *Camera pans in on a scary castle on top of a hill, lightning flashing all around, we zoom in on a room at the top of the highest tower, where a lab is situated... The camera does a close up of a short, stocky, eccentric looking scientist, with oval tinted glasses, and short spiky black hair, with scarlet streaks* LADY FLAME: "BWA HA HA HA HA... I, Lady Cara von Flame, 'ave discovered ze secret of life after death!!"  *strikes THE pose, one hand on hip, the other in the air, finger pointed, a la John Travolta, and we hear music 'Ah, Ah,

Ranma and Inuyasha

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The Tease

Yowamushi Pedal

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Snow Angels

Yuri on Ice

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Collab Sketch

Misc. Anime

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To The Winner Goes The Spoils

Crash Bandicoot

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The Sea Witch Ch3 Illustration


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The Sea Witch Ch3 Illustration

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Lady Flame Animated

Colour Gifts

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Cheerleader Usagi


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My First Digital Sketch


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