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I used to post sketches and lineart before, when I used to draw traditionally in a sketchbook, ink, then scan into a computer for a digital colour. Now I'm completely digital I don't do any of that, but I do have a start process...

1. I usually have a pretty good idea in my head of the composition of the picture, however I am dyslexic, and work better from some sort of visual reference. So the first stage is finding a pose reference... I don't care what sex they are, whether they're clothed or naked, as long as they are in roughly the right pose. Though I will flip them if they are facing the wrong direction, this is an important point with my dyslexia. Sometimes, I will use more than one reference if needed. I've recently found out that you can get some great Japanese 'artist pose reference' photo-books from the J-list website.

2. With a blank white canvas on the left, and the reference on the right, I can start to draw in a new layer... but I NEVER draw the lines first!! Weird I know, but I'm dyslexic, and it works for me!! I choose a skin tone, either a pink or beige, and a hard brush of 19px (for fingers I usually go for 9px thick), and I draw the shape of the figure. The only time I use a 5px black line is for rough facial features, and to make a distinction between chin and neck, or anywhere that body parts overlap, then I go back and outline the whole thing. No matter whether the finished piece is clothed, or a nude, it will always start off as a skin tone manikin, and I usually draw the hair last, again just the rough shape in an appropriate colour.

3. Where the piece has more than one character, I will start with the character at the back first, then move forward, with each character having their own layer, and I will usually draw them in full, even the bits that I know will be obscured by anything in front, this is extremely useful if you decide to change the order of the layers later. The only time I do it differently is if there is a large difference in size/perspective, then I will draw the smaller person in a separate file, as it is usually easier making changes using 'image size', rather than using 'scale', as 'image size' constrains proportions, whereas 'scale' doesn't. I also recommend using this method when using digital tones, it is much easier to get the size of the pattern right, if you have both images on screen at 100%, but don't forget to match up your pixels per inch. I have a digital tone of flower patterned lace which I am very fond of, which I usually use at 50% opacity. Clothes are usually drawn on the layer above, using a similar method, then I will usually merge down after all the detail has been added, and I'm happy with it. The piece below was done using this method, Yuuto was drawn separately, then reduced in size, the ears and tail, and the bra were drawn on separate layers, and the lace digital tone was placed above the bra at 50%, and then erased into shape and merged down.
The Tease by Lady-Flame 

This is where the example in the screenshot is in the process, the reference as you can see is a woman, and she was in roughly the right pose, but I didn't want the arm over the head, and as they are sitting on the side of a pool/bath, I had the legs going down into the water instead of behind. Remember if you are using a woman as a reference for a man, men have squarer shoulders, and less defined waists.

Harry is Draco flipped, and moved down for the height difference, and I lengthened Draco's legs as well. For Harry's head I erased Draco's hair, then rotated the face to be tilted up to Draco's, then drew Harry's hair, and added his scar, but I didn't draw his glasses as he's taking a bath, and I don't know about you but I never wear my glasses when I'm having a shower. If you are using glasses, I recommend drawing them in a separate layer, because they can be a pain to get right on the face, it's also easier to draw the eyes properly on the lower layer, and then use fill at a low opacity for the lenses, you can also have great fun with coloured lenses this way!!

This pose isn't definitive, I think I will make it Draco's hand on Harry's waist, and have Draco's other hand on Harry's other arm... you'll have to wait and see how it turns out!!

4. Draw in the detail in your own style, even with fan art, make it your own... the only exception is with distinct details that define the character in some way.

Maki-chan from Yowamushi Pedal below is an example, his weird eyes and wide creepy smile define him, just as much as his green hair with red streaks, even if I chose to draw him as a demon in this piece. :D (Big Grin) Toudou's defining features are his headband, and the 3 pieces of hair that come over his face, as well as his favourite pointy finger pose.
Maki-Demon-Toudou-Kitty by Lady-Flame

I also recommend playing around with textures and SFX, in the 'filter' and 'layer style' menu, you can get some great effects, I had a real good play with textures in the piece below... the sky is render clouds, the mountains are render fibres, the shore is render grain, and the sea is dodged in swirls then 'plastic wrap' was used to get a lovely rippled water effect. Plastic wrap is probably my all time favourite SFX, I used it above as well on Maki-demon and Toudou-kitty's pants, depending on the intensity you can get the soft sheen of lycra, or the polished look of PVC rubber.
Stylized Landscape by Lady-Flame 

Hope this was some use to you, especially if you are dyslexic like me... don't let a disability get you down, as well as drawing, I write poetry and prose. Don't be afraid of using tutorials, references and 'how to' books, as well as great GOD 'Spellchecker'.=P (Razz)

Feel free to message me for a watch, I will always comment and critique if I know that's what you want, and I'm never cruel (though I might be rude in a nice way), and despite my nickname I won't flame you either!!

Oh, and as for how my art has improved just by going ALL digital, here's a comparison...
Showing Off by Lady-Flame Mistletoe Present by Lady-Flame
The one on the left is my traditional/digital style, and the one on the right is my new ALL digital style. I've also changed the way I draw eyes slightly, and I now dodge and burn pecs and abs, rather than outlining them like a used to.

Wine and Bubbles by Lady-Flame  Finished piece
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