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-Umbrella Corp. Wallpaper-

VOILA! It has been fineeshed! :faint:

Okay, so the faves got me motivated to finish the matching wallpaper to the activation screen.
Again this was loads of fun to do and I like to share it so everyone else can have it as well.
Credits be at the bottom.

:bulletred: Downloaded Image Demensions are 1920x1080 :bulletred:
Which means if it's too big for your screen, you can always....
right-click the desktop/personalize/click on desktop background/ and then there's a drop down menu thing so click that/then fit screen.
(Not sure how to do that on the Mac....this is just basic Win 7 instructions.)



Clock Work Brushes - :iconchrissy79:

'Mainframe' Tech Brush Set v. 4 - :iconz-design:

Grids - :iconsurfing-ant:

RIPEgrunge - :iconrazorice:

Etops Grid Set 2 - :iconwoseseltops:

Zelink's Soft Tech Grunge - :iconzelink:

The Umbrella Logo was found at ---> [link]

And the font used is from here ---> [link]
(The font I used for Umbrella was in the program I no linkie for that :( )


Enjoy it! :icongivemesmilesplz:
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© 2011 - 2021 Lady-Elizriel
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As A Linux User, I have started building a whole System Themed Layout for Resident Evil for my System, this is one of the best screens useable for a loginscreen I have seen yet, quite an amazing job.
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Thank you :D I'm thinking of doing another Umbrella one soon since I've gotten better at Photoshop.
UrzuZero's avatar
You totally should~
Mag-lev's avatar
Thank you, I just love Umbrella Co XD This picture is epic! What a co-lab work lol! GJ
Lady-Elizriel's avatar
Thank you so much :D I love your icon too by the way
KawaiiNekoRose's avatar
This is an awesome wallpaper! X3
Lady-Elizriel's avatar
Thank you! Nice icon by the way :D
Ashtonoir's avatar
Nice, now my Login and activation match!
Lady-Elizriel's avatar
yay! it was intended for the two to match so I'm glad you did that :hug:
Ashtonoir's avatar
Just a correction though, you say covred instead of covered.
TheIrritatedDog's avatar
Okay so I really extremely like this, it's impeccably great and I set it as my wallpaper. Buuut, even though I don't want to sound like the type of person who looks for errors I just merely noticed it, I think there was typo with the word covered at the Security Warning. But regardless of that I'm really fond of this.
Lady-Elizriel's avatar
Yup! I see it!! Thanks for pointing it out, i can't believe i did that xD I hope i saved the file
TheIrritatedDog's avatar
:lmao: What kind of puppy!? :la: And nah, that would be pointless to get angry at a typo, lol. It's a common mistake. xD
Lady-Elizriel's avatar
She's a blue heeler, but she's a mess at times. I've been fussed at before about typos, grammer nazis...blah xD
TheIrritatedDog's avatar
Oooh cute! Well they're grammar nazis then they're just pricks. I think whining about that would be more of a prick than a person who likes seeing literacy, seeing typos are common mistakes that are even made by grammar nazis themselves as well. xD
Lady-Elizriel's avatar
Yeah, exactly. I make typos alot when my hands are cold. My house usually drops temp alot so my hands get cold often and i make mistakes, because I'm human lol
TheIrritatedDog's avatar
Me no like cold. >.< My hands get cold and I can't play my games lol. xD But yeah, we're only human so you can only do so much lol.
Lady-Elizriel's avatar
I know how you feel, but i can't sleep unless it's cold either lol
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Yeah i think i made a Typo, but that's what happens when i get distracted by a new puppy :sweat: but I'm glad you like it nonetheless and glad you didn;t get angry with me about the typo. Where is it though? hopefully i can fix it.
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Yay! <3 Can't wait to get my new comp and set this as my bg! ^^
Lady-Elizriel's avatar
Hehe!! Glad you like it!
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