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I can already see,
See the disgust in your eyes.
I can it see it doesn’t matter,
You’re always telling me
How much you love me,
That your love for me
Is unconditional
One phrase I can say
Will truly put
Your love to the test

“I like girls”

Look at your eyes fall,
Can you look me in the eye?
You’re crying now,
Please, please stop.
Don’t, no don’t, walk away

I like girls,
But I’m not gay
I like boys,
But I’m not straight

I never meant to hurt you
But I am who I am,
I never meant to disappoint you
But I love whom I love.

And I am Bisexual.
Written for mum, who took so long to accept me.

And for my dad, who will probably never know.

I'm bisexual, with a very very strong preference to women. Sometimes it's just easier to say lesbian.
© 2008 - 2021 Lady-DreamSoul
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This was a lovely poem and it relates to me so much it’s like you were reading my mind when you wrote it. If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind if I used it when I come out to my family/friends?
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I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I am bisexual. I’m absolutely terrified that my parents will find out before I’m ready to tell them. (I plan to tell them in about 5 years, for multiple reasons) My parents are not mean to anyone because of their sexuality, but they do not believe in it and it goes against their religion. I go to church and have read a good chunk of the Bible and I have never ONCE heard the Bible or the priest say that being in a same sex relationship is wrong. The first time I thought a girl was attractive, I freaked out. I had thought, “Wow, She’s really cute when she smiles like that.” And then had a panic attack. I raced to the bathroom and cried because I thought that I had done something wrong. Not knowing what gay or bi was at that time, I didn’t know that it was a real thing or that it was okay, and it made me feel like I was weird, a freak for thinking a girl was cute. My friend came in to check on me and I told her what happened and she explained that it was okay and that there was nothing wrong with me thinking a girl was cute. That was about a year and a half ago. Now, I have come to terms with my sexuality and have come out to two of my best friends irl and one close friend here.
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Jesus, I just posted my own poem about being bi and all I can say is "damn?" I'm sorry I don't know how to explain this without relating it to the last movie I went to.
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This... This I can relate to. Amen! 
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This is inspiring. It takes some courage to even form it into words especially if it's written for your mom that you know is having a hard time accepting. 
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Please. Please. Please. If you are bisexual, never think you have to tell anyone you're a lesbian. Even if you prefer women. You are who you are and anyone who can never accept you, even after some time, probably isn't worth your time. You can't completely shun out your family if they don't immediately accept you but, anyone would be horrible to completely judge you by your sexuality.
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:) Nice to see another soldier. I can't and won't accept the nightmare. I'm panromantic ace btw
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:) I'm pansexual and I have a lot of friends in the LGBT+ community, including 3 transgenders and one bisexual. It drives me insane that there are so many people who would rather have others hide from who they are. It's always nice to find others who are supportive as well.
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Awesome :) I do too. One of my best friends is pansexual and I have friends that are bi and trans. I totally agree with you. I also hate when people in the community invalidate the identities of others. Pride is for everyone in the LGBT, Have you been to one?
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No. I wish I had though. It's on my To-Do List.
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Same here. Did you make your icon?
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Same here. Been to one what?
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I'm heterosexual but that doesn't define who I am as a person.  Being bi, gay, lesbian, etc., should not be an issue.  It's nobody's business what you do behind closed doors but your own.  I personally don't care who loves who as long as they are loved.  There shouldn't be labels, especially in this day and age.  Be who you are because that's who you're meant to be. :) 
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From one bi to another: :hug:
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I realy hope you get exeptet ^w^ I am Bi too but I get exeptet from my family and I hope you will be too :)
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I wrote this 10 years ago now. I have been out and involved in my community for the last decade. I was accepted by my friends and family. And have found a wonderful partner. 
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:O oh!Thats wonderful! ^w^
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This is exactly how i felt when i came out as Bi. It's hard but eventually you will find the person who will accept who you are and love you just the same. 
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I have been out and active in my community for the last decade now. My friends and family are extremely supportive of who I am, and those who weren't are no longer a part of my life. And I have found a wonderful partner. 
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If your gonna come out, one week bring home a boy and tell them he's your boyfriend. Next week, bring a girl and then tell them she's your girlfriend. Worked for me.
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