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Something a little out of nowhere, that I didn't really plan much of ahead of time, today, peeps! I was just kinda sitting there, working on something else, and...wham, my head was full of Spider-Woman! ^^; Couldn't get her off my mind, so, instead, I rolled with it, and decided it was time to do something epic with a character who has a rather special bit of history with me, I suppose.

Story time with Lady D! Okay, not just 'story time', I'm always posting stories, story time 'about' Lady D! :D

I don't share a lot about myself IRL, but I thought this deserved a bit of context, because it felt like a special set of circumstances. Going back a number of years, to when I was [redacted], quite a bit younger, not long before I joined DA, I was still a bit confused, geeky, meandering, working some things out about myself, that sort of time. A lot like now, but...smaller! XD I was vaguely aware, in an incomprehensible sort of way, that I was mildly fascinated with the idea of people, girls and boys, being tied up. Various scenes in cartoons, or on TV and such, would have a lasting impression, but I didn't really know why.

And then, one day, a little-er Lady D was at a car boot sale with her parents, and found a bunch of pretty old Spider-Man comics. And they had a run of the original Spider-Woman comics in them, as a supplement. And they had *that* particular issue in them.

The effect was rather sudden, unexpected, and...awkward, actually. ^^; I've never quite forgotten quite how strong an impression it had on me, and how quickly. The moment of private, embarrassing clarity left me a bit flustered, to say the least, made the rest of the day a bit awkward, too. But there it was. Practically an epiphany!

So, yes, Jessica Drew played a blindsidingly formative role in, about all this. It wasn't long after that I started doing 'research', delving into this kind of thing online, working out what it was all about, joining DA initially not long after...yeah, and the rest is history!

I suppose it's also worth mentioning that for a young Lady D who wasn't quite sure where she stood in some other ways, Jessica Drew tied up also played a rather key role in puzzling out her interest in girls, so...hey, she was hot! ^^;

Anyway, I guess I've rambled on long enough XD I hope you guys enjoy my sendup to a character veeeery special to me! :D Got a selection of her older villains, the odd reference to those rather infamous moments, lots of juicy Jessica in distress moments, and Captain Marvel, because she's awesome! Two more parts to follow! ^^

Oh, I'd also like to credit Skelebomb in some small way, if only partly for calling this the 'dorkiest sexual awakening story' he'd ever heard.
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Great start. Love your details