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The cool morning air was refreshing, as it blew over the city. A stiff breeze, shy of cold. Cool.

This was Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman's, favourite time of the day. Perched on the vertical face of a towering building, feet adhering easily to the surface, while she rested her elbows on her knees. Her long, silky raven hair hung down her back, over her shoulders, some blown across her face, over her mask.

...second favourite, maybe. Probably. Actually, she mused, as she glanced sideways at her companion. Recently she'd had to revise that opinion.

Maybe companion wasn't the right word any more, she thought, as she took a moment to enjoy Carol Danver's 'profile' against the glow of the morning sun, as she hovered easily, at her shoulder. The shape of her broad shoulders, under her leather jacket. Defined muscle in her chest, and torso. The power in those legs, those thighs, under that suit of hers...

You can go, y'know.” Jessica said, prompting more than suggesting, if only to distract herself.

...she didn't have to just imagine what was under that suit, anymore. She'd seen it. Twice.

Carol, Captain Marvel, looked at her, hands in the pockets of her leather bomber jacket, over her costume, blonde hair pulled into a short ponytail, strands of it coming loose, across her brow. Caught her 'looking'. She smiled.

Friends? They'd been friends for a while. Jessica didn't make a lot of friends. Her pheromones tended to draw unwanted, helpless attention from men, and undue hostility from women, if she didn't focus on keeping them in check. Typically she wore a kind of...'perfume', nullifying the effect, but she had been learning ways to try and curb them herself. And constantly having to do that was a tiring drain on her limited social graces.

Carol either didn't seem to mind, or made such an effort to ignore them, she had hardly seemed bothered by them at all. They were...friends. A novel experience, for Jessica. But even that felt a little short of what they'd been getting up to lately.

I know.” Carol shrugged. “I just thought...we should talk about this, shouldn't we?” She shrugged, fumbling for words.

Seeing the typically strong, decisive, determined heroine stammer was an odd sight. But cute. And Jessica found it all the sweeter because she was the cause of it.

I know.” Jessica replied, indulging in a thin smile of her own, lip curled at the corner of her mouth, looking out over the city. “But you've got some...avenging to do, right? Some rookies to boss about. Probably some unimaginable world-threatening disasters to deal with. You can go.”

She caught Carol 'looking' back, out of the corner of her eye. That gave her a little thrill.

If you need any help with your...problem with...Grimm, was it?” Carol floated from her side, drifting in front of her, so she couldn't look away. “...if you need any help, is all...I can-” She started, hesitantly, holding out one of her hands.

I don't need protecting.” Jessica said, firmly. “A...partner, would be nice, though.” And she let that hang in the air, careful choice of wording and everything.

Carol actually looked a little flushed. Cute.

It was funny, Jessica Drew simply wouldn't know how to deal with this sort of conversation. Not a clue. She'd be a bigger bag of nerves than Carol seemed to be. But as was funny. The mask gave a kind of confidence. Carol was Captain Marvel, she didn't wear a mask these days. But Jessica liked having somewhere to hide.

That still seemed to make Carol the braver one, to her mind.

Besides.” She added, trying to put Carol a little more at ease, after that. “The Brothers Grimm are just two Brother Grimms, these days. They've had a falling out, I heard. And one at a time, they're a joke.” She chuckled, easily.

Still, it meant she could do things like...this. And she reached out, took Carol's hand in one of her own, pulled her down quickly, still hovering, and planted a quick kiss on her lips.

...well...” Carol blinked, pulling back, surprised, but gently smiling.

We'll talk.” Jessica said, letting Carol go, so she could float back again, looking more surprised and flushed than ever. “Later, okay? Now...go do your thing, ma'am.” She mock saluted, badly.

What are you, Jess?” Carol smirked back, shaking her head in disbelief, letting herself drift off, backwards, through the air.

Jessica gave her a little, playful wave, as the woman turned, and rocketed off, her passage leaving a rushing whoosh, in the air, and she was gone.

Time to go to work.” She patted her thighs, and launched herself off the side of the building.

She spread her arms, the 'wings' of her suit, under her arms, catching the strong drafts this high up with ease, and she started to glide. Wind rushed around her body, over her suit, clinging to her skin, through her long hair. There was no sensation quite like it.

Well, maybe one other, she mused, with a smile, and glancing the way Carol had gone.

She landed gracefully, atop a street lamp, feet touching down atop the horizontal bar. She dropped into a crouch, her hands reached down, grabbing it beneath her, though she hardly needed the added balance. Her powers supplied that for her.

It was an independent research lab of some sort. The front door was caved in, unconscious security guard she could make out just inside. A place like this would probably only have the one, when the lab wasn't being used.

Jessica let herself fall backward. She released her hold on the lamppost, stretched out her hands, and body, and dropped to the street below. Hit the pavement with her hands, pushing up gently with them, to cushion her fall, and flipped back onto her feet, landing directly in front of the smashed doors.

Not very subtle, Grimm. But at least that tip had borne out.

Padding inside, warily, Jessica quickly took stock. Lights were out, and the place was quiet. She stooped beside the fallen guard, only long enough to check he was okay.

He'd have a headache later, but otherwise he was fine. Jessica reached for the buzzer on his belt and set off the alarm on it, cops would be by in twenty minutes or so.

She'd have Grimm in hand by then, and be gone. Cops never seemed to be her biggest fans. They got along better when she tried to keep out of their way.

What the hell was Grimm up to here, anyway? This didn't strike her as the usual quick and easy score the overdressed hood was normally into. Him or his 'brother'.

Jessica wended through empty, quiet corridors, heavy with stillness. There was nobody around. Nobody she could see, hear, nobody she could feel. Had Grimm even brought backup?

She pushed through a set of double doors, finding herself on the main lab floor. Desks, tables, equipment stations stretched out ahead, and around her. Technical machinery lined the walls. But-

Something moved, in the stuffy, charged silence, just behind her.

-just in time, Jessica jerked forward, throwing herself over the nearest desk, twisting in mid-air. Grimm still managed to catch her, a glancing blow with something heavy on the back of her shoulder. She landed in a roll, tucked into a crouch behind the desk.

She peered up, slowly, rubbing her shoulder, rolling her arm sorely.

Spider-Woman!” Grimm, the skull-masked, black-clad criminal snarled, and unloaded on her with the assault rifle in his arms.

She threw herself to the side, as the stream of gunfire ripped into the desk she'd been behind, and through it. She pushed herself to her feet, quickly, breaking into a rapid sprint, going straight for Grimm before he could.

The rifle swung her way again, spitting another relentless cascade of bullets.

Damn it!” She had no choice but to throw herself upward, catching the ceiling with her hands, and swinging her feet up, adhering to the surface, upside down.

Spider-Woman!” Grimm roared again, aiming up at her again.

Something, about him. She just...wasn't sure what.

And she had no time to find out, as the assault rifle rattled again, gunfire flashing.

Jessica vaulted off the ceiling, landing on a desk and somersaulting off it, onto the next. Grimm pursued her, doggedly, never letting up with the rifle. It was taking all her concentration just to keep ahead of the bullets.

Didn't that thing run out of ammunition or what?

Dodging, weaving, slipping between the desks and workstations in the lab, keeping just ahead, just out of Grimm's line of sight, with that damn weapon. She needed to find some space to breathe, outmanoeuvre him. Some way to get around him and crack that dumb skull mask, with a well placed fist.

Spider-Woman!” Grimm howled, and bullets slammed into the computer she'd taken cover behind, temporarily, forcing Jessica to hurl herself up and onto the one behind it.

What the hell is eating you, Grimm!” Jessica demanded, glaring back at him, landing atop it in a crouch.

Her only answer was another round of gunfire from the assault rifle.

Jessica vaulted backward, as the computer was torn to shreds, in a shower of blinding, hot sparks.

Her senses were on edge. Something wasn't right. She was doing all she could to stay out of his way, but it was starting to feel like Grimm wasn't 'trying' to hit her.

Was he...herding her somewhere?

She had no time to dwell on that thought.

Running out of room, she was at the rear end of the main lab now. There was a window, at the back, through which she could see a loading bay, piles of boxes, shelves packed with crates, and a heavy ridged metal door, for trucks making deliveries.

Spider-Woman!” Grimm roared, again, almost drowned out by his own gunfire.

Jessica took off at a run, leaping from desk to desk, and threw herself headfirst at the glass, shielding with her arms. She crashed through, tucked, rolled, landed, in a shower of broken, twinkling glass. She turned, with some room to move, as Grimm came after, struggling through the broken window after her.

Now was her chance, she thought, raising her fists, readying herself for a quick fight. Now-

There was a resounding, dull 'boom'. Jessica turned, surprised, just in time to see the tall metal shelves behind her, loaded with heavy boxes, shake violently, totter, and fall over, onto her her, in a rending of metal and splintering of wood.

She had no time, it all came down on her in a thundering crash, burying her, knocked flat on her face.

What the...hell...” Jessica forced wrecked metal and wood off of her back, as she strained to lift herself, on her hands and knees. “...what...” She managed, shaking her head, coughing, struggling unsteadily up again.

She hurt all over, and she was exhausted. She had no idea what had just happened, but-

Spider-Woman!” Grimm snapped.

But it wasn' was from behind her! Jessica was barely on her feet again, holding herself up, hands on her knees, turned in time to see the other brother, of the Brothers Grimm, holding some kind of contraption in his arms. Some kind of...weapon?

It made a noise, like a low, building thrum. Then it boomed again. Jessica was hit by an overwhelming wave of...force, sound, and catapulted bodily through the air, hitting the wall behind her hard.

Unngh!” She grunted, the back of her head bashing into the wall, hard.

She fell forward, onto her hands and knees. Tried to totter back onto her feet, clinging onto the wall for support, but her...her own body weight was.

...unnnhhh...” Jessica clutched her head, the fuzzy block of it too much to bear.

Her knees shook, legs wobbled. She flopped down again, onto her knees first, then face forward, sprawled out onto the floor.

Nnuuunnhhh...” She could only groan, fumbling out with her hands, trying to crawl forward, unable to do even that.

She felt so weak, numb all over. Her head was ringing, splitting, in agony. She was so dizzy, shaky, no energy left, none of her muscles seemed to work. Her arms, her legs, none of her body seemed to want to move.

Some sort of...sonic, sound-based device? Amplifying soundwaves...? Something the lab had been working on, maybe? She could hardly move...hardly think, even...her head...

Either they'd got lucky, or someone had done them a favour. Toxins, chemicals, drugs, none of these things worked on Jessica, her powers left her immune. But there were other ways to bring her down, render her helpless.

The Brothers Grimm met and started crunching through debris toward her. Jessica could barely lift her head as they came closer. Why had they stopped shooting? They had about as good a shot at finishing her off now as they'd ever get. They could get the hell out with that...thing, that weapon, or whatever they'd wanted breaking into here, she wasn't going to be stopping them right now.

Wh...wha...” Jessica could only mumble, lamely, as she saw both the assault rifle and the sonic device clattered to the floor, near her head.

Without warning, as she fumbled to find some purchase, with her hands, prop herself up, her wrists were suddenly snatched in one of their hands, pulled away and behind her back. The other crunched around behind her, and grabbed her ankles.

Wh...wha...t...are doing?” Jessica tried to focus her failing consciousness, tried to lift her head.

She could barely move, but she managed a weak tug on her wrists, pinned tightly together behind her, by one of the Grimms.

What were they doing? Why were they doing this to her?

Her answer came when she was rolled over, and the two Grimms wrapped their other arms around her chest and body, and her legs, and lifted her easily off the floor, between them.

They were...taking her? Why were they taking her?

Sirens sounded, far-off, back through the lab. The sound of boots, running, echoed their way. The police.

Jessica had one shot, she wasn't getting away on her own, in this state, much as it stung to admit it.

Help!” She managed to cry, weakly. “Help! Heeel-mmmpppph?” She managed, as a thickly gloved hand clamped over her mouth, muffling her cries.

She desperately tried to struggle against the Grimms, but her body wouldn't respond. She was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. That weapon had done a number on her, she was so woozy, the desire to just...slip into the numbness of the rest of her body was overwhelming.

Hhllmmpph!” She cried again, trying to shake her head free of the hand clamped over her mouth.

Spider-Woman.” One Grimm muttered, under his mask, and the other nodded.

Then, as one, they moved off, quickly, bundling her along with them, away from the lab, toward the loading bay doors.

Mrrrmmpph!” Jessica gasped, in surprise, trying to look around. “Mmmph...nnmmppph!” She demanded, weakly.

She could only hang limp, in their arms, as they carried her down to the loading bay, between them. Squirming in their grip, helplessly.

They were...taking her? What...what for? Why? She was being kidnapped, and she had no idea why!

The Brothers Grimm were just two-bit hoods, small scores, robberies, what were they taking her for?!

Hllmmmpph!” Jessica cried again, hearing the sounds of the police getting closer. “Hhmmrrpphh!” She tried, fought to squirm, wriggle free of her captors, but it was no use!

The heavy bay doors ground open, as the Grimms approached, carrying her with them, revealing an unmarked, dark truck, outside.

Mmppph!” She moaned, wearily, trying to get their attention again, but both continued to ignore her, as they bundled her outside.

Jessica tried to think...but it was so hard. This was supposed to be a robbery, and the Grimms had split, was what she'd last heard, Some kind of...trap, for her? The Grimms didn't have the intelligence to pull this off on their own!

Mmppph!” Jessica struggled desperately to stay awake, every part of her simply wanting to shut down, to relax.

The back of the truck opened, and the Brothers Grimm tossed her carelessly into the back, limp as a ragdoll. She landed with a soft thud, on the floor, on her back.

Nnhh...nnnuuuhh...” Jessica tried to roll over.

She couldn't feel a thing, anywhere. The weariness was overcoming her.

Police offers rushed out of the labs, into the bay. Yelling at them, guns drawn. One of the Grimms vanished, around the front of the truck. The other hauled himself up into the back with her.

Helmmppphh!” Jessica tried again, fighting to drag herself toward the open doors, only for Grimm to clamp his hand over her mouth again, and drag her to him, one arm around her chest.

Mmmpph!” She mumbled, under the palm. “Hhrrmpph! She managed to barely wriggle, under his grip.

Spider-Woman.” Grimm snarled, dragging her back further into the truck, as the engine started.

The cops opened fire. Grimm hauled her down flat onto the floor. She heard tape ripping. In the next moment, as she tried to push him off, pull herself free, she felt the thick, heavy tape being wound around her upper arms and chest, looped over and over, binding them to her sides.

The truck jolted, wheels screeched, and they tore off, away from the lab, the doors swinging, slamming shut, sealing them inside.

They had her.

Mmrrppmph!” Jessica grumbled, as her hands were pulled behind her back, and bound with more tape, tightly.

His hand came away from her mouth, as he rolled her onto her back. Only long enough for him to press a wide strip of tape over her mouth, smoothing it over her lips. Grimm plastered another strip, and another, over that, covering most of her lower face.

Spider-Woman.” Grimm muttered, pressing the last strip of tape to her lips.

Hhmmpph!” Jessica mumbled, dizzily.

Why...did they keep saying that? What was...was...wrong with them? Why were they doing this? What...what did they want to kidnap her for? Why...

Grimm got up, checking the doors were secure. Then he came back, and took more tape, winding it around her ankles, taping them securely together too.

Mmmm...mmmpphh...” Jessica could only mumble, wearily, now.

She tried to stay alert, watching Grimm as he bound her with more tape. But she could barely lift her head anymore. The rhythmic, dull pounding, and her senseless body, still so...tired...

Grimm stood up, grabbing her taped ankles and dragging her toward the front end of the truck, bundling her into a corner, curled on her side. Then he stood, without another look her way, joining the other Grimm out front.

The sound of the truck driving, muted on the inside, soothing...and all she could do was lay here, taped up.

Where were they...taking her?

Hhrrmmpph.” Jessica blinked, her muddled head filled with too many questions, and too much dull, steady pounding. “Mmpprrhh...hhhrrmmpp...” She moaned, under the tape, her head falling against the side, and her eyes falling shut, as sleep took her.

Something a little out of nowhere, that I didn't really plan much of ahead of time, today, peeps! I was just kinda sitting there, working on something else, and...wham, my head was full of Spider-Woman! ^^; Couldn't get her off my mind, so, instead, I rolled with it, and decided it was time to do something epic with a character who has a rather special bit of history with me, I suppose.

Story time with Lady D! Okay, not just 'story time', I'm always posting stories, story time 'about' Lady D! :D

I don't share a lot about myself IRL, but I thought this deserved a bit of context, because it felt like a special set of circumstances. Going back a number of years, to when I was [redacted], quite a bit younger, not long before I joined DA, I was still a bit confused, geeky, meandering, working some things out about myself, that sort of time. A lot like now, but...smaller! XD I was vaguely aware, in an incomprehensible sort of way, that I was mildly fascinated with the idea of people, girls and boys, being tied up. Various scenes in cartoons, or on TV and such, would have a lasting impression, but I didn't really know why.

And then, one day, a little-er Lady D was at a car boot sale with her parents, and found a bunch of pretty old Spider-Man comics. And they had a run of the original Spider-Woman comics in them, as a supplement. And they had *that* particular issue in them.

The effect was rather sudden, unexpected, and...awkward, actually. ^^; I've never quite forgotten quite how strong an impression it had on me, and how quickly. The moment of private, embarrassing clarity left me a bit flustered, to say the least, made the rest of the day a bit awkward, too. But there it was. Practically an epiphany!

So, yes, Jessica Drew played a blindsidingly formative role in, about all this. It wasn't long after that I started doing 'research', delving into this kind of thing online, working out what it was all about, joining DA initially not long after...yeah, and the rest is history!

I suppose it's also worth mentioning that for a young Lady D who wasn't quite sure where she stood in some other ways, Jessica Drew tied up also played a rather key role in puzzling out her interest in girls, so...hey, she was hot! ^^;

Anyway, I guess I've rambled on long enough XD I hope you guys enjoy my sendup to a character veeeery special to me! :D Got a selection of her older villains, the odd reference to those rather infamous moments, lots of juicy Jessica in distress moments, and Captain Marvel, because she's awesome! Two more parts to follow! ^^

Oh, I'd also like to credit Skelebomb in some small way, if only partly for calling this the 'dorkiest sexual awakening story' he'd ever heard.
© 2019 - 2021 Lady-Distracto
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Esanchez3's avatar
Great start. Love your details
Lady-Distracto's avatar

Thanks! Glad you liked it ^^

excellent story!

Lady-Distracto's avatar

Thank you for reading ^^

steverogers5's avatar
Nice choice with the weapon. Very true to the comics, as this would be one of the few types that could be used on her repeatedly. As I do remember how she had that resistance to drugs.

Or at least after their first use, when her body eventually readjusts her immunity to them. So the bad guys would always only have one good shot at her with whatever chemical compound they were using.. And after that if they didn't have her securely bound, then it was on their head....But no such problems with a sonic weapon!
Lady-Distracto's avatar
I did try to come up with a relatively lore-friendly way of having her first captured, yeah ;) I knew a bit about the chemical immunity thing, so I thought about the next best thing, I guess! Glad you enjoyed it! :D
Rob66's avatar
Wonderful capture and taping! Even with the redaction, I have to agree that this is one of my favorites. I'll definitely be reading the follow ups over the next few days.  
Lady-Distracto's avatar
Let me assure you, it's all downhill from here! :D

...well, for Jessica anyway :P I'm glad you enjoyed it, rambling overshare included ^^;
Rob66's avatar
Downhill is good  lol   I have added them as favorites and will be looking forward to reading the rest of your saga  :)
Lady-Distracto's avatar
Yes, a saga, it's exactly like one of those old Norse epics. Long, winding, exhausting... XD
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
I also hope you don't mind free advertisement. :)
Lady-Distracto's avatar
Not at all! I mean, I still have no notion what to do with a lot of the attention I seem to get these days, it's all incredibly flattering, but I still get stuck on thinking of myself as just another little DID/GID kink writer in my own quiet corner of DA ^^; I won't pretend it's not gratifying, but I'm really just happy if a few people like the random flotsam of content I try to throw out each week ^^ Thank you, though, it's very kind of you!
Midnightxpress's avatar
Fantastic. Your Reign as the Queen of DID fiction on this site continues. 
Lady-Distracto's avatar
My what? No, no, noooo! ^^; I'm really happy you enjoy my work but I have to bow out any sort of title like that XD
Midnightxpress's avatar
Oh, your writing is really great IMHO. I always appreciate how you let the tale breathe before going to the DID meat of the story.

Plus, we probably have similar tastes in comic book heroines, so there's always that :)

if you ever do story commissions, I'd certainly be amoug the first customers... 
Lady-Distracto's avatar
Ah yeah, I do get asked, sometimes. I have often thought about it, but for various, numerous reasons, I always decide not to, in the end ^^; I really do appreciate your kind words, and I'm so happy you're enjoying this! ^^ But commissions are something, for now, I don't think I'm prepared to undertake for the time being.

But yes, thank you for taking the time to read my work, and leave some thoughts ^^
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Your awakening sounds so similar to my own, thanks for sharing!
Lady-Distracto's avatar
I can imagine I'm not the only one XD Thanks for reading! ^^
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Lady Distracto Begins! :dummy:

Now onto The Distracto Rises! 

Seriously great story! XD I can only wonder what happens in part 2??? :P
Lady-Distracto's avatar
I know right? Who could possibly hazard a guess?! D:
erikson1's avatar
I predict...Spider-Woman gets free and never gets in peril again through the remainder of the series! :dummy:
erikson1's avatar
If you want to keep surprising me! XD
Lady-Distracto's avatar
Jessica ties up everybody else! :dummy:
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