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Okay, I couldn't sit on this anymore, plus I might be busy tomorrow we go! The fourth(three parts, originally? I was out of my mmmmind ^^; ) and final part of! :dummy:

And with that, Totally Unplanned Best Favourite Spider-Lady Month is over! And I can...write some other stuff for a bit! :D Hope everyone enjoyed all this! ^^
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And finally (almost half a year later...), I have finished it!  I don't know what took me so damn long.  I know you like to make the excuse for me that I'm so busy but I still feel ashamed it took me almost 6 MONTHS to complete this saga.

And it was an epic saga, you can definitely feel the admiration you have for these characters while reading.  Between the dialogue, the action sequences and of course the distressing, I dare say it's one of the best collection of stories of yours that I've read.  And keep in mind you've written some doozies, some of which include my character, but I still have no hesitation in saying this was one of my favorites!

My one ended it too soon! ;P  I would LOVE to see a follow up to this one, if nothing else to see a little play time between the two lovers! :D

But now that I've finally finished this amazing adventure, I want to get back to some of your other stories I've neglected.  I noticed you posted another story with one of my favorite tomb raiders which I am ALSO behind on...but I also noticed you've done quite a few with :iconsikstiks:'s characters.  I've been thoroughly enjoying his artwork and I'm excited to see your take on that eccentric bunch!

Great work as always Lady D! :hug: