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U.S.S. Fubuki Side view

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Published: January 24, 2010
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Named after the Fubuki Class Torpedo Destroyer (IJN WWII)

Tom :iconmarcus-hunter: designed a Federation Torpedo Destroyer and it was interesting enough that I felt like building it!

Starting sometime in 2008, I picked at the model off and on building and refining the ship's overall design as I went along. It wasn't until recently that I decided to finally give the ship a texture and bring it to life (as it were).

The ship is composed of a smaller Miranda style hull with an over-under engine configuration. The torpedo housing consists of 16 launchers: 8 Forward, 8 Aft. It's also armed with 24 phaser turrets positioned on the saucer and torpedo hull, and two fighter/shuttle bays in the aft section of the main hull.

Model and image © Liz Gibbs
All things Star Trek © Paramount
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She's an interesting design, but it seems odd that she would be more heavily armed than the Constitution-class heavy cruiser. The Constitution refit only had six twin-mount phaser banks in the primary hull, four single mounts in a battery on the bottom of the secondary hull, and two single mounts above the shuttle bay, for a total of 18 phasers and two torpedo launchers.

If Fubuki is meant to be a specialist torpedo ship (which would be a bit of an odd design profile for the era, considering DS9's Defiant was described by Sisko as Starfleet's first purpose-built warship) I don't think she should be carrying that heavy of a phaser armament on top of it.