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I Cry
Why do I cry, you ask?
Because my ancient brothers and sisters are bleeding;
their bodies are broken. Their souls are weary. Their hearts are bruised.
I cry for them.
Their oppression weighs on my conscience.
For I now reap the harvest of what has come.
Of what their dispair and suffering has left for me.
I cry for them--
who cannot voice the misery of their existance.
The tragedy of their conquered spirits haunts me still
and leaves me crying.
Why do I cry, you ask?
Because the distant river is being drained.
The towering trees are being crushed.
And our highest skies are being darkened.
This is why I cry.
Atrocities committed by those I serve,
those I trust, those I love and I...
I cannot stop them.
I cry because I am too weak.
My hands are too small;
my arms are too frail--
My legs are not strong;
my mind is not wise.
The world around me is dying
and leaves me crying.
:iconlady-deloupe:lady-deloupe 1 3
Continuum by lady-deloupe Continuum :iconlady-deloupe:lady-deloupe 0 2
The Golden Girl
A girl of gold and manners discreet
dwells inside a crystal case.
Though velvet pillows cushion her feet,
tears run down her golden face.
Valued so high, she\'s zealously kept
Seltered in her home so rare.
To please you she smiles through tears unwept.
See the smashed hopes in her stare?
See the clouds of doubt as she
Dreams of things she\'ll never be?
She and I suffer through the same pain.
For, you see, we\'re one and the same.
:iconlady-deloupe:lady-deloupe 0 1
Relativity of Time by lady-deloupe Relativity of Time :iconlady-deloupe:lady-deloupe 0 2
Echoes of You
With echoed laughter in the wind,
Memories manifest in clouds.
Raindrops fall for those who have sinned,
While sorrow drops its nightly shroud.
Memories manifest in clouds,
Gossamer kisses haunt my skin.
While sorrow drops its nightly shroud,
Stars taunt me with their ghastly grin.
Gossamer kisses haunt my skin,
At night I call your name aloud,
Stars taunt me with their ghastly grin.
Your plane left on a summer cloud.
At night I call your name aloud.
Your lies were certainly clever!
Your plane left on a summer cloud--
You are lost to me forever!
Your lies were certainly clever!
Though your heart to mine is pinned,
You are lost to me forever,
With echoed laughter in the wind...
:iconlady-deloupe:lady-deloupe 1 5
On the Thames by lady-deloupe On the Thames :iconlady-deloupe:lady-deloupe 0 0
In a land of infinite sadness--
In the home of Lorelye;
Drowning in perpetual sorrow,
This young girl does naught but cry.
Her golden hair flies \'round her as the
Wind howls o\'er the precipice.
She glances down as she remembers
Long ago forgotten bliss.
Her tortured eyes cry shards of glass
From her shattered crystal-heart.
But that\'s the price you pay when lovers\'
Quarrels cause one\'s love to part.
She stares into the dark in torment.
One last prayer says Lorelye.
That she forever haunt her lover--
That he always see her die.
She glances up and wonders if
Doves with broken wings still fly.
At the bottom of the pit
Lies the lifeless Lorelye.
:iconlady-deloupe:lady-deloupe 2 4


Calamity of Touch by enayla Calamity of Touch :iconenayla:enayla 2,746 762 As the crows sing. by enayla As the crows sing. :iconenayla:enayla 5,879 1,209
Butterflies are Dying Today
I think
the butterflies are dying today
They scratch at my windows
with their tissue paper wings
Screaming into my dreams
Today is the day, I think they say
But in the morning the glass is silent
And all I see left are
fragments of kaleidoscopes
no hopes
Only powder stains
:iconmree:mree 97 81
Invader Zim - Got Milk by mree Invader Zim - Got Milk :iconmree:mree 2,624 570
Sleepers be wary as you go to war
Twixt phobious moonbeams lies echoes of scorn
Born \'gainst the wind from the dark of the mind
Came the reckoning fever to see past the blind
The birth of your fear brought new hope to the damned
As dreams turn to dust turn to gold turn to sand
In every corner surrounding your bed
Sits the spider queen placid and watchful and webbed
what lurks in the dark in this garden of nails
is hatched from the very hell t\'wards which we sail
A glimpse of the madness explodes in your eye
And the spider queen nightmare turns to genocide
Rampant at heart and asleep at the brain
The body will know what\'s beyond the insane
Frozen from head to below to within
You lie covered with spiders and covered in sin
Enslaved by the furious fearsome dismay
With nothing but dreams to keep shadows at bay
Walked on by millions of feet shaped as knives
You watch as the spider queen eats you alive
Dreamers awake through the carnal galore
Arachnious tales still are asking for more
:icondrakharim:drakharim 1 1
Pirenes Dawn by abe123 Pirenes Dawn :iconabe123:abe123 20 28 The Love Affair by welder The Love Affair :iconwelder:welder 37 45 A Night In Bath by cyaenn A Night In Bath :iconcyaenn:cyaenn 71 80
A thought made flesh
In toil, hands wrapped tight around the quill
Wades poetry, surrounded by the fray,
To crush the morn with heavy handed chill.
Adorned words, jewel dripped, heard with great dismay
Clutch at emotion, thirsting now to slay
With punctuation, meter terse and ripped.
Yet something wrong and strange causes delay;
A song, a thought made flesh from fresh drawn script.
Its coil of unkempt flight and fancy still
Weaves sound, unfounded, brazen, wild and fey.
A rush of scorn is left unvoiced until
Adorned words, jewel dripped, heard with great dismay,
Such notions muddles, burries with a stray
And complex wording, verses made of clipped,
And cryptic, long past rhymes try to decay
A song, a thought made flesh from fresh drawn script.
The soil from which sight through fingers spill
Does rest, untested by the poet\'s play.
For lush, the thorns of education\'s frill;
Adorned words, jewel dripped, heard with great dismay.
Touch nothing. Neath them unheard meanings lay
Forgotten, shunned and stunned,
:iconelenehn:elenehn 3 7
The melody of your demise by enayla The melody of your demise :iconenayla:enayla 12,351 1,842 S O L A C E by telegrafixs S O L A C E :icontelegrafixs:telegrafixs 10,336 1,293 Final copy - Inu-Yasha YM by mree Final copy - Inu-Yasha YM :iconmree:mree 3,589 1,057 Inu Yasha fun at Disneyworld by mree Inu Yasha fun at Disneyworld :iconmree:mree 1,259 265



Michelle Galaz
Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: eclectic. But mostly classic rock.
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: windows media player
Favourite cartoon character: Currently: Himura Kenshin
Personal Quote: Evil has infinite forms. Did you ever consider you might be one of them?
Wow, I guess I took the whole "dedicating myself to school" thing seriously.  I haven't been here in almost a year!  It's nice to see the site thriving, though...  Will try to pop in ever once in a while.


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