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Woot. I am trying out Blizzard's / Wow's new community groups thing. So I made a new group ! If you'd like to chat with me on WOW please join the group!…

Also please keep all discussions rated G. Thanks! :)
       OMG YES FINALLY !!!!! GOT MY WEREBEAR! Only took like 150 or so tries.  

Thanks so much to Krownleth for helping me and others on the forums and guild.

Macros are what save the day and lots of key bindings. And luck. Lots and lots of Luck. And over gearing. The more damage you do, the faster it goes and the less chances there are for something going wrong.
I don’t tank like ever, save for when I’m soloing around doing rares and elites. But none of that seems to prepare you for this challenge.

I’ll admit right out I am TERRIBLE at this. I’ve been watching videos, reading tutorials but then when I try nothing happens the same way as in the videos.

I’m having an impossible time staying healed without resorting to the orbs, I don’t have any extra damage trinkets or good extra healing legos or trinkets. The cool down and amount of healing you get from potions is abysmal. Frenzied Regeneration is a joke. I’m sure I’m using it wrong because I never seem to get much healing from it. Even if I hit it before I’m about to be pounced. I am constantly near 20 percent health.

If I follow the advice of people to stay moving, the Nether Horrors pounce Velen and he insta dies.

If I stay near him and swipe or roar taunt at them they pounce me and I near insta die. If I interrupt their cast (which is really hard to tell because there’s so much freaking going on) with Incapacitating roar that apparently makes them immune to damage? How the hell is everyone killing them so quickly? They seem to melt in the videos and when I swipe and thrash they are either too far apart, that I can’t kill them at once , or they just take forever to die and generally end up killing me more often than not.

Also if you can recommend an add on or a ui or something that can help me interrupt them at the right time that’d be great. I’m already using DBM Challenge but that isn’t helping any except to blow the horn when I need to interrupt Variss.

Aside getting lucky and getting Prydaz, is there any other trinket I can try to target with this freaking mess of RNG everything ? Tomorrow is reset so I figure I’ll try to do dungeons and raids in effort to pick up something that will help me do this before I run out of time.

I am currently using the luffa and the legs, but I do also have the chest., I am also using the bear tartar, potion of prolonged power, the drums, i've tried doing it while putting velen in the purple goo so he melees Variss, and with him far away from Variss, it doesn't seem to make a difference. My ilevel is around 933 or 936 depending upon gear.

Thanks for your suggestions!
If you like Transformers fan fic go check out Ralloonx's very awesome prose!

I'm pondering doing another traditonal marker or watercolor origional to auction off.  What would you all like to see done?

A werewolf female, an anthro unicorn female, a centaur female, or anthro tigress?

Thanks for your suggestions!
Please check out our auction!…

YCH FULL COLOR AUCTION ! by lady-cybercat
:iconralloonx: 's comic got nominated for a nifty TMNT fan award! Go check it out. It's listed under General : and then fan comics!…

Please go vote for her when they open the ballots!

READING PERIOD: March 31st -  April 30th

VOTING PERIOD: April 30th - May 20th

Go check out her art:

 :iconralloonx:  :iconralloonx:  :iconralloonx:  :iconralloonx:  :iconralloonx:  :iconralloonx:  :iconralloonx:  :iconralloonx:
U Decide Auction Full Color 'Adoptable' by lady-cybercat

Please check out my auction! there is one bid thus far!
Well crap. I haven't uploaded much to my youtube channel since last February. Oopse. And in that time it seems youtube has discontinued and removed it's video editor. The one I was using on my pc, is no longer supported by windows and it's acting funny.

Can any one recommend a free video editing software that can be used on windows 7?  I don't need anything super fancy, just something that can speed up the video and glue clips together.


Managed to uninstall some files that were being stubborn and went with another driver, this time the t_6.3.15-3   one. So far it's been stable through two start ups.

Photoshop CS is being a little slow but I'll take that over the tablet not working at all.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some work done today.

Thanks for everyone's patience.


I just spent the last hour and a half or so fighting with my Intuos 5 wacom driver. Over the last 6 months or so it's been erratically failing at start up giving me an error of 'tablet driver not running'. I've googled, I've spoken with wacom tech support. I've uninstalled, I've used CCleaner, I've tried using the component services trick, and I've tried the most recent drivers and currently I've resorted to using one from back in 2015. I'm running Win 7 64 bit, has any one had similar trouble and found a reliable solution to this issue?
Our Ginger crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. She was a good doggo and we will miss her.

MCGinger by lady-cybercat
Thanks to a donation in memory of another pet,  Brianna,  ( and two other pledges) the threshold amount has been met and I'll be able to draw and color the picture.

The total bill from the vet is just under $600.00 . While the vet was able to get some of the fluid from her lungs the prognosis isn't promising. Her heart has been weakened and she has no interest in eating. She's acting a little confused and I fear that the lack of oxygen has likely resulted in some mental issues.

We've brought her home and will make her as comfortable as we can. Thanks so much to those who've offered to help with this vet bill. It's greatly appreciated.

If you'd like to get a copy of the artwork I'm making I'm still accepting bids. Here's the link for more info:

 Dog at Vet Bill Cost Fund Auction by lady-cybercat
Vet wants to keep Ginger there likely til Friday. Found out it's going to be around 80 or so dollars a night plus all the other misc charges. So probably still going to be around 600 or so total unless something else happens.

If you'd like to help out with the vet bill and get some nifty art too the auction is still available here: Dog at Vet Bill Cost Fund Auction by lady-cybercat

Thanks to all who've offered to help!

I know ych ads don't really get +favs, but it's not getting many views and hasn't gotten any bids.

When I asked last month or so what people wanted to see more of, or what they enjoyed in art pieces they bought, one of the things mentioned several times were 'Pieces with Negative Emotion'.

So I need to ask, how did I miss the mark on this piece? Is this simply a matter of 'no one has money right now because of conventions / beginning of the month bills' or is it not graphic enough?

Is it too symbolic in nature?

I'm very bad at figuring out what other people enjoy, I need your input!  And please no comments of 'draw what you enjoy, I have for the last 20 years and it's not resonating enough with others.  With my inability to draw fast, I really need what I can manage to draw to be more desirable.
Help me find a word?! I can't remember it and it's driving me nuts! I think it came from a book like Wheel of Time, or maybe an anime similar to Lodoss War. It was used to describe a person who had a great deal of magical energy but no ability to actually cast spells, but was able to lend that energy to another who could. I'm having zero luck trying to google this out.
I need some help with inspiration! So it's time for another poll!

When you buy art that is NOT a commission or some kind of fan art, is it humorous or cute? Does it tell a story or illustrate an emotion? ( and if so what sort of emotion? )

Thanks for your support and suggestions!
I'm looking for ways to maximize my searchablility. Cany anyone recommend what tags or search words  you use often?

Is it just 'furry' or 'furry art'  or 'fantasy art' ?

Thanks for your help!
Thanks so much for the notes everyone. It's greatly appreciated!

I'll try to post more art soon!