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Neo Honou no Messenger

Karei/Neo SailorMars from Sailormoon Neo in an appearance on Sera Myu... I'm thinking that would be really cool if they made a Neo Myu....
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nice. i like this character
sailorprokris's avatar
This is a lovely edit, hun. ^^
Bologna's avatar
Ooh! This one is lovely, too. *.* I like that shadow... how did you do that?
Lady-Aucifer's avatar
I used Photoshop, merged all the layers and made it all black. Then I moved it.
RakaiThwei's avatar
You rock!! I seriously like this picture!!
Lady-Aucifer's avatar
Wow! Thank you!!
thechrist's avatar
I was a sailor moon manga fan for ages. As well as watched the show. I never got to see the last season on tv, stupid american censoring.
Lady-Aucifer's avatar
I know what you mean. And they really made the last season really childish... there were many times I wondered if Darien was gay... just because of the way the actor portrayed him...
thechrist's avatar
I got the gay vibe. It really is a pitty. That's why I liked the manga. It was a bit more mature.
Lady-Aucifer's avatar
Oh yeah. The manga was so much better! Also it was beautiful too...
kewl. I don't know a ton about that Sailormoon stuff, only saw one or two episodes years ago, but well done wiv the drawing! nice.
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Actually it's an edit from a coloring book blank.
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