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Centaur Hunters

Hi guys,
just another piece. Not really much to say to this. Experimenting more, kinda love the colors in this, turned out pretty decent.

Poser , Photoshop, Tablet

EDIT: Changed the file, now for 1920 x 1200 desktop background!

Sunrise [link]§ion=&q=sunrise#/d1kafkv
Temple [link]§ion=&q=temple#/d8d7vd
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As I was going through my :+fav:s with the intention of rearranging them, I came across this one.

I feel bad for not posting a comment previously, but now that I have the chance...

As a guy in love with Centaurides, I can fully appreciate artwork that captures their beauty, grace, and strength all at once.  This one here definitely displays all 3.  Have you done any more work with Centaurides since this one?
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Hey there, thanks for taking the time to stop back by!

I appreciate your comment :)

I have not recently made another centaur, but now that you mention it, after the hippocampus I am currently working on, I could definitely have another go in the new style I recently developed :)
I love this! I wanted to make sure it was okay that I put this image on my website with credit leading directly to this page? She looks like the centaurs in a book I'm writing, and would love to have a visual for my site. I will NOT be making any profit off of it, as it will just be on a page on…
Let me know if you're cool with this; if not, I can take the image down.
Keep drawing!
I love your work! Do you sell your art as book covers? Are you interested in either selling me some of your art for my book cover, or creating a new one for me? Thanks!
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Yep, messaged you back :)
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"Pretty decent" is a horrible under-statement!
This pic blows everything else out of the water. It's astounding!! :D
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Outstanding work :wow:
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congrats and thanks for commenting my work, I appreciate your feedback. Hopefully it can be a regular thing. This piece is great too I love the expression in whats about to happen. The only crit I have is that we can't see what she is aiming for. Also, I think that the way the flower pods are so obviously duplicated and horizontally flipped, sort of takes away the awesomeness the piece could fully have. Just do the labor manually next time, it'll be worth it.
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Thanks I appreciate it. I have learned a lot since I made this piece... More work and time are put into my pieces nowadays :)
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Fantastic drama to this piece. Lighting makes it. Great work!
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you´re featured here [link]. :)
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aww thank you very much :)
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This is incredible! I really love the second centaur in the background. It really adds to the scene!
Congrats on the DD, too! Well deserved! :clap:
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You're very welcome!!
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Really cool, love it.
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How did I miss this!?!
Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful and powerful image; simply breathtaking!
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